Course: Scientific Presentation

  • Datum: 03.07.2024
  • Ort: TBA
Course: Scientific Presentation

Whether networking at a conference, presenting a poster or delivering a talk, being able to
communicate clearly and confidently is a necessity for researchers. With a few fundamental
strategies, presentation of complex data can be made simple, interesting and relevant. This
workshop concentrates on creating an audience tailored presentation, from structure and
storyline, to figure and slide design. Additionally, voice and body language exercises will
provide participants with the skills to present confidently.

Intended learning outcomes
At the end of the workshop participants will:
- learn how to build an interesting story from their data
- understand the fundamentals of professional slide design
- discover strategies for managing stage fright
- learn to effectively present online
- gain confidence in presenting through body language training
- improve their communication skills using voice exercises
Trainer-input and lecture coupled with practical exercises and group work.
All students will be recorded giving a short presentation which will be made available at end
of the workshop

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