Neuropsychiatric Imaging

The Research Group on Neuropsychiatric Imaging focuses on high-field MR imaging of diagnostic and prognostic features in psychiatry. Our main aim is to understand the susceptibility for (ongoing) psychiatric illnesses and our focus is on cognitive-emotional integration, resting state functional MRI and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

Systems Biology of Alcohol Addiction

The clinical study named “The role of brain structure, metabolites and function in alcohol dependence” is implemented within an EU project. The aim is to establish the basis for cross sectional, large scale analyses of structural, functional and metabolic information of alcohol addicted patients and heavy drinkers.

Initially, a secure online data sharing interface will be implemented and then used to collect and distribute human MRI scans acquired at different sites. Structural data submitted to the neuroimaging data platform will be checked for homogeneity between sites by comparing healthy control subjects.

Following the implementation of the data sharing platform, 30 heavy drinkers (HD) and 30 age and sex-matched healthy controls (HC), will undergo an MRI scan to acquire whole brain structural and functional information as well as magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the insula and anterior cingulate cortex.

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