Only completed applications will be evaluated.

The selection procedure has three parts:

  1. online application → 1st shortlist
  2. subject test (in Tübingen, in Germany or world-wide) → 2nd shortlist
  3. interviews (in Tübingen or via Skype) → final selection and offer

First, complete applications will be checked for background, academic records and grades, resulting in an intial shortlist of eligible applicants.

Second, shortlisted applicants will be invited to take a subject test either in Tübingen or elsewhere in Germany or at selected locations in their home countries (e.g., DAAD Offices, Goethe Institutes, with colleagues at universities, etc.). The subject test allows students to be selected whose skills best match the specific course requirements of the different MSc programs.

The subject test covers various topics, depending on the master´s program of choice:

Neural & Behavioural Sciences: Physics - chemistry, maths - statistics, psychology - cognitive science - brain imaging, cell biology - neurobiology.
Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience: Chemistry – biochemistry - molecular biology - cell biology - and neurobiology.
Neural Information Processing: maths (linear algebra / analysis) - statistics - elementary probability theory – physics - programming skills in at least one language.

Third, based on the results of the subject tests, a final shortlist will be compiled. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited for interviews to Tübingen or will be interviewed via Skype. Travel expenses will be covered for those who come to Tübingen. Based on the interviews, applicants: (1) will get an offer for a place on a course; (2) will be placed on the waiting list for the 5-year program; (3) will be offered a place on the regular two year MSc program (but without funding); or (4) will not be further considered.

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