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New publication in Accounts of Chemical Research

In this Account article, Goran has summarized the most recent and exciting progress in the field of bioresponsive MRI contrast agents, particularly highlighting the latest reports in preparation and validation of macromolecular...[more]


New publication in Inorganic Chemistry

We performed a detailed study of the solution structure and water exchange rate of a previously reported Eu(III) complex and its analogue. The chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) spectra were recorded at different...[more]


Paper highlight in the ACS Virtual Issue

Our paper published in Biomacromolecules 2016 together with our collaborators from Torino has been featured together with 30 other articles in the ACS Virtual Issue on ‘Next Generation MRI Contrast Agents’. This collection...[more]


Exchange PhD student in the group MR Neuroimaging Agents

Rosa Pujales-Paradela, a PhD student in the group of Prof. Carlos Platas-Iglesias from University of Coruna, has joined our group for next 3 months. During this period, she is going to perform detailed studies on a series of...[more]


DFG research grant to Priv.-Doz. Dr. Goran Angelovski

Goran has received the research grant from the German Research Foundation (DFG) in amount of 205 000 € for next two years. The project is focused on development of a new class of multimeric and nanoscale bioresponsive contrast...[more]


New postdoc in the group MR Neuroimaging Agents

Dr. Yulia Borozdina has joined the group as postdoctoral researcher.  Dr. Borozdina has ample experience with the chemistry of organic radicals – her knowledge will be great asset to the group in developing new MRI contrast...[more]


Group retreat AG Angelovski and AG Noori

The research groups MR Neuroimaging Agents (Goran Angelovski) and Neuronal Convergence (Hamid Noori) organized a joint lab retreat last week at a peaceful venue nearby Freudenstadt. All participants enjoyed the exciting...[more]


New publication - Tutorial Review in Chemical Society Reviews

In this article, Goran and his long-term collaborator, Éva Tóth, introduce the current and potential chemistry approaches in molecular fMRI that allow direct imaging of neurotransmitters. This interdisciplinary Tutorial Review...[more]


Video article published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)

We published a protocol which describes the preparation and characterization of a dendrimeric MRI contrast agent. Additionally to the step-by-step recipe, this article is accompanied with the video clip in which we demonstrate...[more]


New PhD student in the group MR Neuroimaging Agents

Gaoji Wang has joined the group as the fellow of China Scholarship Council (CSC).  We greatly appreciate the CSC support and wish luck to Gaoji in his PhD project ![more]


New publication in Chemical Communications

We report the preparation of a chelator that serves as platform for multicontrast MRI. Namely, its paramagnetic complexes can be utilized as T1-weighted, paraCEST or 19F MRI contrast agents. They exhibit interesting properties...[more]


New publication in Angewandte Chemie

In this Minireview, Goran briefly summarizes the design principles for preparation of bioresponsive contrast agents for MRI. Their description is followed by the list of practical issues and challenges related to the...[more]


New publication in ACS Sensors

Here we introduce a new approach which could be used for detection of MR signal changes produced by bioresponsive MRI agents. We developed a nanosized, Ca-sensitive dendrimeric probe that changes T1 and T2 relaxation times with...[more]


New publication in Dalton Transactions

We prepared three new bismacrocyclic Ln(III) complexes as potential chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) MRI contrast agents. We investigated their CEST effects in presence of Ca(II), and analyzed their properties by...[more]


New publication in Biomacromolecules

In this work, we report the preparation of the new class of liposome-based, Ca-sensitive MRI agents. We prepared a novel amphiphilic ligand which was incorporated into the liposome bilayer. A remarkable increase of ~420% in...[more]


ACS Select Virtual Issue on Emerging Investigators in Bioinorganic Chemistry

Goran has been featured an emerging investigator in bioinorganic chemistry, together with 16 other young scientists.  This ACS Select Virtual Issue highlights the exciting work of these researchers which has recently...[more]


New publication in Inorganic Chemistry

We connected a DO3A unit for Ln(III) complexation to a NO2A moiety through a N-propylacetamide linker and prepared  respective Tb(III) and  Gd(III) complexes. The luminescence emission experiments and density functional...[more]


DAAD fellowship to Tanja Savić

Tanja continues her studies within the group as the PhD fellow of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) . We greatly appreciate the financial support of the DAAD! [more]


New PhD students in the group MR Neuroimaging Agents

Liam and Djordje joined the group this summer as PhD students.  Their projects concentrate on further development of responsive MRI contrast agents to monitor neural activity.  The initial results of their research are...[more]


New publication in Small

The ultrasmall and rigid nanoplatforms (USRPs) were coupled to calcium-responsive/smart contrast agents (SCAs). The resulting nanosized probes (SCA-USRPs) were validated in vitro and in vivo. Their longitudinal relaxivity...[more]


New publication in Chemistry - A Europeal Journal

We prepared and investigated a set of neurotransmitter-responsive MRI agents. They possess an azacrown ether appended to the macrocyclic chelate for selective interaction with the amino group of neurotransmitter. A wide range of...[more]


New publication in ChemPlusChem

A nanosized target-specific bimodal and multivalent contrast agent (CA) has been prepared and characterized. This dendrimeric CA bears the ligand biotin and allows dual modal readout by means of magnetic resonance and optical...[more]


New publication in Chemical Communications

We have prepared the first example of dendrimeric calcium-responsive MRI agent. Despite structural changes, its Ca-triggered longitudinal relaxivity response is still very high. The in vivo MRI studies in rat cerebral cortex...[more]


New publication in ACS Chemical Neuroscience

We created a synthetic molecular platform with appropriate recognition moieties for zwitterionic neurotransmitters that generate an MR signal change upon neurotransmitter binding. The gadolinium complex we report offers ditopic...[more]


New publication in Tetrahedron Letters

This invited review is intended for both the beginners and experts in the field of MRI contrast agents. We provide a brief overview of synthetic strategies to prepare DOTA, DO3A and DO2A derivatives, with the aim to familiarize...[more]


New publication in Chemistry - A Europeal Journal

We have developed a set of dual-frequency calcium-responsive MRI agents. These are paramagnetic, fluorine-containing complexes that produce remarkably high MRI signal changes at the proton and fluorine frequencies at varying...[more]


New publication in ACS Chemical Neuroscience

We have studied our calcium-sensitive contrast agent in cellular model systems and investigated its feasibility for use as a smart molecular probe in new type of fMRI. The smart contrast agent exhibits relaxometric response in a...[more]

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