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Multiphoton imaging allows unambiguous access to cortical populations located well below the cortical surface with single cell accuracy and can be used to record neuronal spiking activity with single action potential (AP) accuracy. We use this approach to extract APs simultaneously from populations of neurons in the awake, head fixed animal.

We have also been pursuing techniques to take functional multiphoton to the deeper cortical layers, as to date, multiphoton imaging of activity in populations of neuronal somata has been restricted to superficial cortical layers. InOpens external link in new window this project we showed that functional signals (Ca2+ transients) can be recorded from somata and apical dendrites of cortical L5b neurons in adult mouse somatosensory cortex in vivo, using a method combining regenerative amplification multiphoton microscopy (RAMM) with sparse labeling of deep neurons using the recently developed genetically encoded calcium indicator GCaMP3.
Last updated: Thursday, 05.07.2012