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Prof. Dr. Matthias Bethge
Prof. Dr. Matthias Bethge
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Secretary: Heike König
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QICA - quantitative independent component analysis

All computations described in the paper can be reproduced with the Matlab® code provided. The code itself can be downloaded as (b)zipped archive below. Additionally you need the Bristol Hyperspectral Images Database to reproduce the results of the paper. The QICA-code is based on a pre-processed version, where multi-spectral data has been converted to LMS-values and the whitebalance standard is cut out.  An appropriate .mat-file can be downloaded here (10 MB) and should be placed in the sub-dir <code>/data/</code>.  The LMS-converted data was kindly provided by Thomas Wachtler.

extract with:
<code>tar -xjf QICA.tbz</code>
Example of Fig. 6
For reproducing the results of the paper without training the model, you can download the trained models for color and gray values.

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