Head of the Magnetic Resonance Center

Prof. Dr. Klaus Scheffler


Secretary: Tina Schröder
Phone: +49 7071 601-701
Fax: +49 7071 601-702


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Educational Club Schedule

When ?    Fridays 10:30 am
Where ?   MR seminary room


21.6. Paul

MR Systems II: Gradient & B0 shim system

5.7. Thomas

Parallel RX I: SENSE

19.7. Philip

Parallel RX II: GRAPPA (& SMASH)

2.8. Ioannis

Metabolism I: Cell organelles and major metabolic pathways; detailed insight into energy metabolism

16.8. Milan

Metabolism II: Neuroanatomy and Neurotransmission (synaptic, axons)

30.8. Andreas H

Metabolism III: MRS detectable brain metabolites; detailed insight into membrane turnover and myeline sheets (choline, ethalonamine, myo-inositol)

13.9. Niklaus

RF pulse design I: Basics of RF pulse design (matrix form of Bloch equations versus spinors; formulation of optimization problem for excitation, refocusing, inversion pulses in both forms; universal rotation pulses versus point-to-point rotation; frequency & slice selective RF pulses)

27.9. Nikolai

RF pulse design II: Adiabatic and non-adiabatic frequency and/or gradient modulated RF pulses; Composite RF pulses (advantages in pulse duration, bandwidth, peak power requirements, B1 robustness, comparison to simple block and sinc-gauss design approaches for adiabatic RF pulses; BIR 4; Binomial composite RF pulses

11.10. Anke

RF pulse design III: Shinnar-Le-Roux approach & Iterative root inversion

26.10. Paul

RF pulse design IV: Optimal Control Theory – analytical and numerical approach

9.11.   Tingting

Parallel TX I: excitation versus reception k-space; TX SENSE; spectral-spatial RF pulses (principle & application; inner volume excitation / localization / FOV reduction MRI / MRS, B1 homogenization)

23.11. Jens

Parallel TX II: STA (small tip angle approximation); SPOKES; SPINS; k-t points & spirals; B1 and SAR contraints in parallel TX pulse design

7.12.   Ariane

Parallel RX & TX: Non-linear gradients for encoding and RF pulse design (PATLOC, O- space)

21.12. Patrik

B1 mapping I: Saturation bases methods (AFI/dual-TR; Stollberger/Brunner dual/multi-flip angle; slice profile and B0 correction; dynamic range; single channel B1+ mapping / interferometry)

10.1.   Andreas P

B1 mapping II: Bloch-Siegert; DREAM; localized PO – STEAM/SE (SAR, speed, optimized RF pulses, phase unwrapping, accuracy)

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