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Zhao M Person, Hayward WG and Bülthoff I Person (December-2014) Holistic processing, contact, and the other-race effect in face recognition Vision Research 105 61–69.
Lee I-S , Lee A-R , Lee H , Park H-J , Chung S-Y , Wallraven C Person, Bülthoff I Person and Chae Y (December-2014) Psychological distress and attentional bias toward acne lesions in patients with acne Psychology, Health & Medicine 19(6) 680-686.
Rauscher I , Bender B , Grözinger G , Luz O , Pohmann R Person, Erb M , Schick F and Martirosian P (November-2014) Assessment of T1, T1ρ, and T2 values of the ulnocarpal disc in healthy subjects at 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging 32(9) 1085–1090.
Herz DM , Florin E Person, Christensen MS , Reck C , Barbe MT , Tscheuschler MK , Tittgemeyer M , Siebner HR and Timmermann L (November-2014) Dopamine Replacement Modulates Oscillatory Coupling Between Premotor and Motor Cortical Areas in Parkinson's Disease Cerebral Cortex 24(11) 2873-2883.
Olivari M Person, Nieuwenhuizen F Person, Bülthoff HH Person and Pollini L (November-2014) Pilot Adaptation to Different Classes of Haptic Aids in Tracking Tasks Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics 37(6) 1741-1753.

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