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Dr. Ksander de Winkel

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April 3, 2018
New publication in Scientific Reports:
- de Winkel KN, Katliar M, Diers D, Bülthoff HH (2018) Causal Inference in the Perception of Verticality
(Opens external link in new window10.1038/s41598-018-23838-w)
July 25, 2017
Updated Group Overview page: research goals, methods, results and publications for the period 2015-2017.
February 13, 2017
Two new papers published in PLoS ONE:
 - Nesti A, de Winkel KN, Bülthoff HH (2017) Accumulation of Inertial Sensory Information in the Perception of Whole Body Yaw Rotation.
(Opens external link in new windowPLoS ONE 12(1): e0170497)
 - de Winkel KN, Katliar M, Bülthoff HH (2017) Causal Inference in Multisensory Heading Estimation.
(Opens external link in new windowPLoS ONE 12(1): e0169676)
 January 30, 2017
Opens external link in new window27th Oculomotor Meeting - Program
The Program of the 27th Oculomotor meeting (3-4 Feb) is now available for download.

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Five most recent Publications

Nooij SAE, Pretto P and Bülthoff HH (November-2018) More vection means more velocity storage activity: a factor in visually induced motion sickness? Experimental Brain Research 236(11) 3031-3041.
Hinterecker T, Pretto P, de Winkel KN, Karnath H-O, Bülthoff HH and Meilinger T (October-2018) Body-relative horizontal–vertical anisotropy in human representations of traveled distances Experimental Brain Research 236(10) 2811-2827.
de Winkel KN, Kurtz M and Bülthoff HH (October-2018) Effects of visual stimulus characteristics and individual differences in heading estimation Journal of Vision 18(11:9) 1-17.
Drop FM, Olivari M, Geluardi S, Katliar M and Bülthoff HH (September-19-2018) Model predictive motion cueing for a helicopter hover task on an 8-DOF serial robot simulator, 44th European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF 2018), -.
Drop FM, Olivari M, Katliar M and Bülthoff HH (September-7-2018) Model Predictive Motion Cueing: Online Prediction and Washout Tuning, 17th Driving Simulation & Virtual Reality Conference & Exhibition (DSC 2018 Europe VR), -.

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Beykirch, Karl Research Technician
Bloch, Marten Intern
de Stigter, Sebastiaan Project Leader
Diers, Daniel Research Scientist
Grottoli, Marco Guest Scientist
Gütschow, Jakob Intern
Kraft, Ann-Kathrin Intern
Kurtz, Max Intern
Lächele, Johannes PhD Student
Losert, Martin Undergraduate Research Assistant
Nesti, Alessandro Research Scientist
Pool, Daan Research Scientist
Pretto, Paolo, Dr. Group Leader
Soyka, Florian, Dr. Research Scientist
Symeonidou, Evangelia-Regkina PhD Student
van der Ploeg, Joost Master Student
van Leeuwen, Tim Master Student
Venrooij, Joost, Dr. ir. Project Leader
Yüksel, Burak Guest Scientist
Zhang, Mengying Master Student
Zijlstra, Joost Intern
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