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Dr. Lewis Chuang
Phone: +49 7071 601-608
Fax: +49 7071 601-616

Recent news


[Paper] We have a new paper on how steering decreases involuntary attention Opens internal link in current window[more]

[Paper] We have a new paper on eye-movements to moving targets Opens internal link in current window[more]

[Thesis] Ms. Silke Wittkowski has completed her Masters thesis in Neural and Behavioral Sciences titled,"The influence of environmental sounds during steering." Opens internal link in current window[more]

[Funding] Dr. Lewis Chuang has been jointly awarded, with Konstanz and Stuttgart Universities, a DFG-Sondersforschungbereich grant—'Quantitative Methods for Visual Computing'. Opens internal link in current window[more]

Five most recent Publications

Janssen CP, Boyle LN, Kun AL, Ju W and Chuang L (July-2018) A Hidden Markov Framework to Capture Human-Machine Interaction in Automated Vehicles International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction . in press
Chuang LL (November-5-2015) Invited Lecture: Beyond Steering in Human-Centered Closed-Loop Control, Institute for Neural Computation: INC Chalk Talk Series, San Diego, CA, USA.
Scheer M, Bülthoff HH and Chuang LL (October-2015) On the influence of steering on the orienting response In: Trends in Neuroergonomics, , 11. Berliner Werkstatt Mensch-Maschine-Systeme, Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 24.
Chuang L (September-16-2015) Invited Lecture: Non-obtrusive measurements of attention and workload in steering, DSC 2015 Europe: Driving Simulation Conference & Exhibition, Tübingen, Germany.
Glatz C, Bülthoff HH and Chuang LL (September-1-2015) Attention Enhancement During Steering Through Auditory Warning Signals, Workshop on Adaptive Ambient In-Vehicle Displays and Interactions In conjunction with AutomotiveUI 2015 (WAADI'15), 1-5.

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