27th Oculomotor meeting

Date: 3-4 February 2017
Venue: Max Planck Guest House Tübingen, Lecture hall

We are happy to announce that the 27th "Okulomotoriktreffen" (also known as the MüTüZü) will be held at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen, Germany. 
The meeting will give neurophysiologists, clinicians, and all scientists in multisensory perception, vestibular and oculomotor research the possibility to share and discuss their work in a very informal setting. We especially encourage PhD students to contribute with an oral or poster presentation.
The meeting venue will be the Max Planck Guesthouse, located at the Max Planck Campus in the north of Tübingen. The campus hosts a range of unique research facilities, including two state of the art motion simulators and a panoramic projection dome, that will be demonstrated during the meeting. In addition, the old city center of Tübingen with the picturesque Neckar front is certainly worth a visit.
We look forward to meeting you in Tübingen,
Chairs of the organizing committee,
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Bülthoff and Dr. Suzanne Nooij
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