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Colic L, Li M, Demenescu LR, Li S, Müller I, Richter A, Seidenbecher CI, Speck O, Schott BH, Stork O and Walter M (May-2018) GAD65 promoter polymorphism rs2236418 modulates harm avoidance in women via inhibition/excitation balance in the rostral ACC Journal of Neuroscience 38(22) 5067-5077.
Göksu C, Hanson LG, Siebner HR, Ehses P, Scheffler K and Thielscher A (May-2018) Human in-vivo brain magnetic resonance current density imaging (MRCDI) NeuroImage 171 26-39.
Celicanin Z, Manasseh G, Petrusca L, Scheffler K, Auboiroux V, Crowe LA, Hyacinthe JN, Natsuaki Y, Santini F, Becker CD, Terraz S, Bieri O and Salomir R (May-2018) Hybrid ultrasound-MR guided HIFU treatment method with 3D motion compensation Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 79(5) 2511-2523.
Schindler A and Bartels A (May-2018) Integration of visual and non-visual self-motion cues during voluntary head movements in the human brain NeuroImage 172 597-607.
Kumar VR, Grissom NM, McKee SE, Schoch H, Bowman N, Havekes R, Kumar M, Pickup S, Poptani H, Reyes TM, Hawrylycz M, Abel T and Nickl-Jockschat T (May-2018) Linking spatial gene expression patterns to sex-specific brain structural changes on a mouse model of 16p11.2 hemideletion Translational Psychiatry 8(1:109) 1-13.


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12388. Leitão J, Thielscher A, Tuennerhoff J and Noppeney U (August-2017) Comparing TMS perturbations to occipital and parietal cortices in concurrent TMS-fMRI studies: Methodological considerations PLoS ONE 12(8) 1-20.
CiteID: LeitaoTTN2017
12387. Foo JC, Noori HR, Yamaguchi I, Vengeliene V, Cosa-Linan A, Nakamura T, Morita K, Spanagel R and Yamamoto Y (August-2017) Dynamical state transitions into addictive behaviour and their early-warning signals Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 284(1860) 1-8.
CiteID: FooNYVCNMSY2017_2
12386. Angelovski G (August-2017) Heading toward Macromolecular and Nanosized Bioresponsive MRI Probes for Successful Functional Imaging Accounts of Chemical Research 50(9) 2215–2224.
CiteID: Angelovski2017
12385. Bakouie F, Pishnamazi M, Zeraati R and Gharibzadeh S (August-2017) Scale-freeness of dominant and piecemeal perceptions during binocular rivalry Cognitive Neurodynamics 11(4) 319-326.
CiteID: BakouiePZG2017
12384. Brooks J and Thaler A (August-2017) The sensorimotor system minimizes prediction error for object lifting when the object's weight is uncertain Journal of Neurophysiology 118(2) 649-651.
CiteID: BrooksT2017
12383. Noori HR, Schöttler J, Ercsey-Ravasz M, Cosa-Linan A, Varga M, Toroczkai Z and Spanagel R (July-2017) A multiscale cerebral neurochemical connectome of the rat brain PLoS Biology 15(7) 1-23.
CiteID: NooriSECVTS2017
12382. Schuenke P, Koehler C, Korzowski A, Windschuh J, Bachert P, Ladd ME, Mundiyanapurath S, Paech D, Bickelhaupt S, Bonekamp D, Schlemmer H-P, Radbruch A and Zaiss M (July-2017) Adiabatically prepared spin-lock approach for T1ρ-based dynamic glucose enhanced MRI at ultrahigh fields Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 78(1) 215-225.
CiteID: SchuenkeKKWBLMPBBSRZ2016
12381. Sweeney-Reed CM, Zaehle T, Voges J, Schmitt FC, Buentjen L, Borchardt V, Walter M, Hinrichs H, Heinze H-J, Rugg MD and Knight RT (July-2017) Anterior Thalamic High Frequency Band Activity Is Coupled with Theta Oscillations at Rest Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 11(358) 1-13.
CiteID: SweeneyReedZVSBBWHHRK2017_2
12380. Perdikis D, Volhard J, Müller V, Kaulard K, Brick TR, Wallraven C and Lindenberger U (July-2017) Brain synchronization during perception of facial emotional expressions with natural and unnatural dynamics PLoS ONE 12(7) 1-23.
CiteID: PerdikisVMKBWL2017
12379. Reichert CF, Maire M, Gabel V, Viola AU, Götz T, Scheffler K, Klarhöfer M, Berthomier C, Strobel W, Phillips C, Salmon E, Cajochen C and Schmidt C (July-2017) Cognitive brain responses during circadian wake-promotion: evidence for sleep-pressure-dependent hypothalamic activations Scientific Reports 7(5620) 1-9.
CiteID: ReichertMGVGSKBSPSCS2017
12378. Müller-Lutz A, Cronenberg T, Schlaich C, Wickrath F, Zaiss M, Boos J and Wittsack H-J (July-2017) Comparison of glycosaminoglycan chemical exchange saturation transfer using Gaussian-shaped and off-resonant spin-lock radiofrequency pulses in intervertebral disks Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 78(1) 280-284.
CiteID: MullerLutzCSWZBW2016
12377. Saulton A, Bülthoff HH and de la Rosa S (July-2017) Conceptual biases explain distortion differences between hand and objects in localization tasks Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 43(7) 1444-1453.
CiteID: Saultond2017
12376. Fichtner ND, Henning A, Zoelch N, Boesch C and Kreis R (July-2017) Elucidation of the downfield spectrum of human brain at 7 T using multiple inversion recovery delays and echo times Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 78(1) 11-19.
CiteID: FichtnerHZBK2016_2
12375. Njemanze PC, Kranz M, Amend M, Hauser J, Wehrl H and Brust P (July-2017) Gender differences in cerebral metabolism for color processing in mice: A PET/MRI Study PLoS ONE 12(7) 1-22.
CiteID: NjemanzeKAHWB2017
12374. Zhao M and Bülthoff I (July-2017) Holistic Processing of Static and Moving Faces Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 43(7) 1020-1035.
pdfCiteID: ZhaoB2016_4
12373. de Winkel KN, Nesti A, Ayaz H and Bülthoff HH (July-2017) Neural correlates of decision making on whole body yaw rotation: an fNIRS study Neuroscience Letters 654 56–62.
CiteID: deWinkelNAB2017
12372. Cakić N, Tickner B, Zaiss M, Esteban-Gómez D, Platas-Iglesias C and Angelovski G (July-2017) Spectrally Undiscerned Isomers Might Lead to Erroneous Determination of Water Exchange Rates of paraCEST Eu(III) Agents Inorganic Chemistry 56(14) 7737–7745.
CiteID: CakiTZEPA2017
12371. Weber M, Stelzer J, Saucan E, Naitsat A, Lohmann G and Jost J (July-2017) Curvature-based Methods for Brain Network Analysis - . submitted
CiteID: WeberSSNLJ2017
12370. Noori HR, Mücksch C, Mukhtasimova N, Takahashi T, Vengeliene V, Spanagel R, Mosqueia M, Fink R, Sine S and Urbassek HM (July-2017) Molecular mechanisms of ethanol-induced Deficits in Muscle Strength Nature . submitted
CiteID: NooriMMTVSMFSU2017
12369. Noori HR, Fritze S, Staudenmaier S, Gruhlke B, Durmus Ö, Schabel HH, Egenrieder L and Spanagel R (July-2017) Neurochemical fingerprints of psychiatric drugs Nature Reviews Drug Discovery . submitted
CiteID: NooriFSGDSES2017
12368. Fademrecht L, Bülthoff I and de la Rosa S (June-2017) Action recognition is viewpoint-dependent in the visual periphery Vision Research 135 10–15.
CiteID: FademrechtBd2017
12367. Mueller K, Lepsien J, Möller HE and Lohmann G (June-2017) Commentary: Cluster failure: Why fMRI inferences for spatial extent have inflated false-positive rates Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 11(345) 1-3.
CiteID: MuellerLML2017_3
12366. Rajappa S, Bülthoff HH and Stegagno P (June-2017) Design and implementation of a novel architecture for physical human-UAV interaction International Journal of Robotics Research 36(5-7) 800–819.
CiteID: RajappaBS2017
12365. Korshoej AR, Hansen FL, Thielscher A, von Oettingen GB and Hedemann Sørensen JC (June-2017) Impact of tumor position, conductivity distribution and tissue homogeneity on the distribution of tumor treating fields in a human brain: A computer modeling study PLoS ONE 12(6) 1-21.
CiteID: KorshoejHTvH2017
12364. Cocchi L, Yang Z, Zalesky A, Stelzer J, Hearne LJ, Gollo LL and Mattingley JB (June-2017) Neural decoding of visual stimuli varies with fluctuations in global network efficiency Human Brain Mapping 38(6) 3069–3080.
CiteID: CocchiYZSHGM2017
12363. Takemura H, Pestilli F, Weiner KS, Keliris GA, Landi SM, Sliwa J, Ye FQ, Barnett MA, Leopold DA, Freiwald WA, Logothetis NK and Wandell BA (June-2017) Occipital White Matter Tracts in Human and Macaque Cerebral Cortex 27(6) 3346-3359.
CiteID: TakemuraPWKLSYBLFLW2016
12362. Chung S, Jeong J-H, Ko S, Yu X, Kim Y-H, Isaac JTR and Koretsky AP (June-2017) Peripheral Sensory Deprivation Restores Critical-Period-like Plasticity to Adult Somatosensory Thalamocortical Inputs Cell Reports 19(13) 2707–2717.
CiteID: ChungJKYKIK2017
12361. Cleij D, Venrooij J, Pretto P, Katliar M, Bülthoff HH, Steffen B, Hoffmeyer FW and Schöner H-P (May-2017) Comparison between filter- and optimization-based motion cueing algorithms for driving simulation Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour Epub ahead.
CiteID: CleijVPKBSHS2017
12360. Schindler A and Bartels A (May-2017) Connectivity Reveals Sources of Predictive Coding Signals in Early Visual Cortex during Processing of Visual Optic Flow Cerebral Cortex 27(5) 2885-2893.
CiteID: SchindlerB2016_2
12359. Lee AS, Azmitia EC and Whitaker-Azmitia PM (May-2017) Developmental Microglial Priming in Postmortem Autism Spectrum Disorder Temporal Cortex Brain, Behavior, and Immunity 62 193–202.
CiteID: LeeAW2017
12358. Burch M, Chuang LL, Duchowski A, Weiskopf D and Kroner R (May-2017) Eye Tracking and Visualization: Introduction to the Special Thematic Issue of the Journal of Eye Movement Research Journal of Eye Movement Research 10(5:1) 1-4.
CiteID: BurchCDWK2017
12357. Amidfar M, Kim YK, Colic L, Arbabi M, Mobaraki G, Hassanzadeh G and Walter M (May-2017) Increased levels of 5HT2A receptor mRNA expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with major depression: correlations with severity and duration of illness Nordic Journal of Psychiatry 71(4) 282-288.
CiteID: AmidfarKCAMHW2017
12356. Kullmann S, Heni M, Veit R, Scheffler K, Machann J, Häring H-U, Fritsche A and Preissl H (May-2017) Intranasal insulin enhances brain functional connectivity mediating the relationship between adiposity and subjective feeling of hunger Scientific Reports 7(1627) 1-10.
CiteID: KullmannHVSMHFP2017
12355. Pfrommer A and Henning A (May-2017) On the Contribution of Curl-Free Current Patterns to the Ultimate Intrinsic Signal-to-Noise Ratio at Ultra-High Field Strength NMR in Biomedicine 30(5) 1-16.
CiteID: PfrommerH2017
12354. Minjoli S, Saturnino GB, Blicher JU, Stagg CJ, Siebner HR, Antunes A and Thielscher A (May-2017) The impact of large structural brain changes in chronic stroke patients on the electric field caused by transcranial brain stimulation NeuroImage: Clinical 15 106–117.
CiteID: MinjoliSBSSAT2017
12353. Spetter MS, Malekshahi R, Birbaumer N, Lührs M, van der Veer AH, Scheffler K, Spuckti S, Preissl H, Veit R and Hallschmid M (May-2017) Volitional regulation of brain responses to food stimuli in overweight and obese subjects: a real-time fMRI feedback study Appetite 112 188–195.
CiteID: SpetterMBLvSSPVH2017
12352. Besserve M, Shajarisales N, Schölkopf B and Janzing D (May-2017) Group invariance principles for causal generative models - . submitted
CiteID: BesserveSSJ2017
12351. Saulton A, Bülthoff HH, de la Rosa S and Dodds TJ (April-2017) Cultural differences in room size perception PLoS One 12(4) 1-12.
CiteID: SaultonBdD2017
12350. Nestmeyer T, Robuffo Giordano P, Bülthoff HH and Franchi A (April-2017) Decentralized simultaneous multi-target exploration using a connected network of multiple robots Autonomous Robots 41(4) 989–1011.
CiteID: NestmeyerRBF2016
12349. Liu C-H, Ma X, Yuan Z, Song LP, Jing B, Lu HY, Tang LR, Fan J, Walter M, Liu CZ, Wang L and Wang CY (April-2017) Decreased Resting-State Activity in the Precuneus Is Associated With Depressive Episodes in Recurrent Depression Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 78(4) e372–e382.
12348. Wallis TSA, Tobias S, Bethge M and Wichmann FA (April-2017) Detecting distortions of peripherally presented letter stimuli under crowded conditions Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 79(3) 850–862.
CiteID: WallisTBW2017
12347. Kornfeld J, Benezra SE, Narayanan RT, Svara F, Egger R, Oberlaender M, Denk W and Long MA (April-2017) EM connectomics reveals axonal target variation in a sequence-generating network eLIFE 6(3) 1-20.
CiteID: KornfeldBNSEODL2017
12346. Harsan Ma HJ, Zhou J, Jang M, Liu Y, Zheng SW, Zhou WX, Zhang LC, Venkatesan T, Feng YP and Ariando (April-2017) Giant crystalline anisotropic magnetoresistance in nonmagnetic perovskite oxide heterostructures Physical Review B 95(15) 155314/1-155314/12.
CiteID: HarsanMaZJLZZZVFA2017
12345. Nooij SAE, Wentink M, Smaili H, Zaichik L and Groen EL (April-2017) Motion Simulation of Transport Aircraft in Extended Envelopes: Test Pilot Assessment Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics 40(4) 776-788.
CiteID: NooijWSZG2016
12344. Brozzo C (April-2017) Motor Intentions: How Intentions and Motor Representations Come Together Mind & Language 32(2) 231–256.
CiteID: Brozzo2015
12343. Lord AR, Li M, Demenescu LR, van der Meer J, Borchardt V, Krause AL, Heinze H-J, Breakspear M and Walter M (April-2017) Richness in Functional Connectivity Depends on the Neuronal Integrity within the Posterior Cingulate Cortex Frontiers in Neuroscience 11(184) 1-9.
CiteID: LordLDvBKHBW2017
12342. Vengeliene V, Bespalov A, Rossmanith M, Horschitz S, Berger S, Relo AL, Noori HR, Schneider P, Enkel T, Bartsch P, Schneider M, Behl B, Hansson AC, Schloss P and Spanagel R (April-2017) Towards trans-diagnostic mechanisms in psychiatry: Neurobehavioral profile of rats with a loss of function point mutation in the dopamine transporter gene Disease Models & Mechanisms 10(4) 451-461.
CiteID: VengelieneBRHBRNSEBSBHSS2017
12341. Nooij SAE, Pretto P, Oberfeld D, Hecht H and Bülthoff HH (April-2017) Vection is the main contributor to motion sickness induced by visual yaw rotation: Implications for conflict and eye movement theories PLoS ONE 12(4) 1-19.
CiteID: NooijPOHB2017
12340. Demenescu LR, Colic L, Li M, Safron A, Biswall B, Metzger CD, Li S and Walter M (March-2017) A spectroscopic approach toward depression diagnosis: local metabolism meets functional connectivity European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience 267(2) 95–105.
CiteID: DemenescuCLSBMLW2016
12339. Hong A, Lee DG, Bülthoff HH and Son HI (March-2017) Multimodal feedback for teleoperation of multiple mobile robots in an outdoor environment Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces 11(1) 67–80.
CiteID: HongLBS2016
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