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Articles (9):

Heck D (March-1999) Sequential stimulation of rat and guinea pig cerebellar granular cells in vitro leads to increasing population activity in parallel fibers Neuroscience Letters 263(2-3) 137-140.
CiteID: 193

Contributions to books (1):

Bonnet C and Wehrhahn C: What has the psychology of human perception learned from animal studies?, 143-156. In: Animal models of human emotion and cognition, (Ed) M. Haug, American Psychological Association, Washington, DC, USA, (September-1999).
CiteID: 329

Posters (2):

Wehrhahn C, Li W and Thier P (May-1999): Late responses from non-specific stimulation of regions outside the receptive field of neurons in monkey V1, Annual Meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO 1999), Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 40(4).
CiteID: 328
Kammer T, Lehr L and Kirschfeld K (February-1999): Zeitliche Dispersion im Sehsystem des Menschen, 2. Tübinger Wahrnehmungskonferenz (TWK 99), Tübingen, Germany.
CiteID: 304

Theses (1):

Hentschke H: NMDA- und GABAA-Rezeptor-vermittelte Modulation spontaner Aktivitätsmuster in Neokortex, Thalamus und Kleinhirn der Ratte in vitro, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Germany, (1999). PhD thesis
CiteID: 461


Articles (10):

Kammer T and Nusseck H-G (November-1998) Are recognition deficits following occipital lobe TMS explained by raised detection thresholds? Neuropsychologia 36(11) 1161-1166.
pdfCiteID: 238
Hauske G and Kirschfeld K (November-1998) Editorial Biological Cybernetics 79(6) 443-444.
CiteID: 234
Kirschfeld K, Feiler R and Vogt K (July-1998) Evidence for a sensitizing pigment in the ocellar photoreceptors of the fly (Musca, Calliphora) Journal of Comparative Physiology A 163(4) 421-423.
CiteID: 1312
Kautz D and Wagner H (July-1998) GABAergic inhibition influences auditory motion-direction sensitivity in barn owls Journal of Neurophysiology 80(1) 172-185.
CiteID: 240
Kammer T, Saleh F, Oepen G, Manschreck T, Seyyedi S, Kanwisher N and Spitzer M (July-1998) Repetition blindness in schizophrenic patients European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience 248(3) 136-140.
pdfCiteID: 239
Preissl H, Cruse H, Luksch H, Malaka R, Neumann TR, von Sengbusch G, Warzecha AK, König P, Oram M, Wagner H, Vollmer G, Mayer-Kress G, Egelhaaf M and Pfeifer R (July-1998) The behavior of natural and artificial systems: Solutions to functional demands Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C 53(7-8) 765-769.
CiteID: 1205
Engelmann W and Antkowiak B (July-1998) Ultradian rhythms in Desmodium Chronobiology International 15(4) 293-307.
CiteID: 153
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