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Articles (3):

Kirschfeld K (February-1986) Linsen- und Komplexaugen: Grenzen ihrer Leistung Der Augenspiegel 32(2) 30-49.
CiteID: 3760

Conference papers (1):

Kirschfeld K (1986) Activation of visual pigment: Chormophore structure and function In: The Molecular Mechanism of Photoreception, , Dahlem Workshop on the Molecular Mechanism of Photoreception 1984, Springer, Berlin, Germany, 31-49, Series: Dahlem Workshop Reports ; 34.
CiteID: 3761


Articles (2):

Kirschfeld K and Vogt K (July-1985) The contribution of different colour receptors to a motor output in the fly Journal of Comparative Physiology A 157(4) 417-421.
CiteID: 3758
Ribi WA (April-1985) The first optic ganglion of the bee VI: A sexually dimorphic receptor-cell axon Cell and Tissue Research 240(1) 27–33.
CiteID: Ribi1985

Conference papers (2):

Kirschfeld K (June-1985) Die Rolle photostabiler Pigmente in Augen und Lichtsinneszellen In: Verhandlungen der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft 1985, , 78. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft, Fischer, Stuttgart, Germany, 101-117.
CiteID: 3759
Kirschfeld K (1985) Sensitizing pigments and their significance for vision In: Neurobiology: Current Comparative Approaches, , 1st International Congress of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry 1984, Springer, Berlin, Germany, 375-386, Series: Proceedings in Life Sciences.
CiteID: 3757


Articles (8):

Stavenga DG, Franceschini N and Kirschfeld K (November-1984) Fluorescence of housefly visual pigment Photchemistry and Photobiology 40(5) 653-659.
CiteID: 3756
Kirschfeld K (September-1984) Linsen und Komplexaugen: Grenzen ihrer Leistung Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau 37(9) 352-364.
CiteID: 3755
Ribi WA (June-1984) The first optic ganglion of the bee V: Structural and functional characterization of centrifugally arranged interneurones Cell and Tissue Research 236(3) 577–584.
CiteID: Ribi1984
Vogt K and Kirschfeld K (April-1984) Chemical identity of the chromophores of fly visual pigment Naturwissenschaften 71(4) 211-211.
CiteID: 3754
Minke B and Kirschfeld K (March-1984) Non-local interactions between light induced processes in Calliphora photoreceptors Journal of Comparative Physiology A 154(2) 175-187.
CiteID: 3751
Hardie RC (March-1984) Properties of photoreceptors R7 and R8 in dorsal marginal ommatidia in the compound eyes ofMusca andCalliphora Journal of Comparative Physiology A 154(2) 157–165.
CiteID: Hardie1984
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