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Articles (4):

Götz KG, Hengstenberg B and Biesinger R (November-1979) Optomotor control of wing beat and body posture in drosophila Biological Cybernetics 35(2) 101–112.
CiteID: GotzHB1979
Cook R (October-1979) The courtship tracking of Drosophila melanogaster Biological Cybernetics 34(2) 91-106.
CiteID: Cook1979
Buchner E, Buchner S and Hengstenberg R (August-1979) 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Maps Movement-Specific Nervous Activity in the Second Visual Ganglion of Drosophila Science 205(4407) 687-688.
pdfCiteID: 1258
Bülthoff HH and Götz KG (April-1979) Analogous motion illusion in man and fly Nature 278(5705) 636-638.
pdfCiteID: 865

Posters (1):

Buchner E, Buchner S and Hengstenberg R (September-1979): Deoxyglucose maps movement-specific activity in visual ganglion of Drosophila, Third European Neuroscience Meeting, Roma, Italy, Neuroscience Letters, Supplement 3 S132.
pdfCiteID: 1259


Articles (3):

Buchner E, Götz KG and Straub C (December-1978) Elementary detectors for vertical movement in the visual system of Drosophila Biological Cybernetics 31(4) 235-242.
CiteID: 512
Götz KG and Buchner E (December-1978) Evidence for one-way movement detection in the visual system of Drosophila Biological Cybernetics 31(4) 243-248.
CiteID: 513
Götz KG (June-1978) The effect of VLF-magnetic fields on progeny yield and sex ratio in Drosophila melanogaster Drosophila Information Service 53 167.
CiteID: 1186

Patent (1):

Götz KG: Mechanoelektrischer Messumformer, 23 61 385, (1978).
CiteID: 1174


Articles (2):

Hengstenberg R (November-1977) Spike responses of "non-spiking" visual interneurones Nature 270(5635) 338-340.
pdfCiteID: 1257
Götz KG (January-1977) Normale Entwicklung der Fliege Drosophila in niederfrequenten Magnetfeldern Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C 32(1-2) 125-132.
CiteID: 511

Conference papers (2):

Poggio T, Bizzi E, Eckmiller RE, Graybiel AM, Götz KG, Ito M, Land MF, Miles FA, Reichardt WE, Robinson DA, Sandemann DC, Schiller PH and Westheimer G (March-1977) Virtually guided movements: Group report In: Function and formation of neural systems, , Dahlem Workshop on Function and Formation of Neural Systems, Abakon, Berlin, Germany, 309-327.
CiteID: 1083
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