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Articles (1):

Schuster S, Strauss R and Götz KG (September-2002) Virtual-Reality Techniques Resolve the Visual Cues Used by Fruit Flies to Evaluate Object Distances Current Biology 12(18) 1591-1594.
CiteID: 1932


Articles (3):

Strauss R, Götz KG and Renner M (October-2001) Task-specific association of photoreceptor systems and steering parameters in Drosophila Journal of Comparative Physiology A 187(8) 617-632.
CiteID: 869
Krapp HG, Hengstenberg R and Egelhaaf M (February-2001) Binocular Contributions to Optic Flow Processing in the Fly Visual System Journal of Neurophysiology 85(2) 724-734.
CiteID: 43
Callaerts P, Leng S, Clements J, Benassayag C, Cribbs D, Kang YY, Walldorf U, Fischbach K-F and Strauss R (February-2001) Drosophila Pax-6/eyeless is essential for normal adult brain structure and function Journal of Neurobiology 46(2) 73-88.
CiteID: 33

Posters (2):

Berndt I, Wascher E, Franz VH, Götz KG and Bülthoff HH (December-2001): The effect of mirrored visual feedback on the EEG correlates of pointing direction, First Annual Meeting of the Vision Sciences Society (VSS 2001), Sarasota, FL, USA, Journal of Vision, 1(3) 318.
pdfCiteID: 1163
Berndt I, Wascher E, Franz VH, Götz KG and Bülthoff HH (March-2001): Lateralisierung der hirnelektrischen Aktivität während Zielbewegungen mit gespiegeltem Blickfeld, 4. Tübinger Wahrnehmungskonferenz (TWK 2001), Tübingen, Germany.
pdfCiteID: 57


Theses (1):

Leng S: Histologische und verhaltensphysiologische Untersuchungen zur Funktion der Protocerebralbrücke in normalen und erblich gestörten Fliegen (Drosophila melanogaster)., (1999). PhD thesis
CiteID: 462


Articles (5):

Hengstenberg R (April-1998) Biological sensors: Controlling the fly's gyroscopes Nature 392(6678) 757-758.
CiteID: 235
Krapp HG, Hengstenberg B and Hengstenberg R (April-1998) Dendritic structure and receptive-field organization of optic flow processing interneurons in the fly. Journal of Neurophysiology 79(4) 1902-1917.
CiteID: 241
Strauss R and Pichler J (April-1998) Persistence of orientation toward a temporarily invisible landmark in Drosophila melanogaster Journal of Comparative Physiology A 182(4) 411-423.
CiteID: 258
Hengstenberg R (March-1998) Visual processing: How to know where to go Nature 392(6673) 231-232.
CiteID: 236
Armstrong JD, de Belle JS, Wang Z and Kaiser K (1998) Metamorphosis of the mushroom bodies; large scale rearrangements of the neural substrates for associative learning and memory in Drosophila. Learning & Memory 5 102-114.
CiteID: 147
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