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Dwarakanath A, Safavi S, Kapoor V, Logothetis NK and Panagiotaropoulos T (November-23-2015) Abstract Talk: Temporal Regimes of State-Dependent Correlated Variability in the Macaque Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex, 16th Conference of Junior Neuroscientists of Tübingen (NeNa 2015), Schramberg, Germany 18.
Denfield G, Ecker A and Tolias A (October-19-2015) Abstract Talk: Correlated variability in population activity: noise or signature of internal computations?, 45th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2015), Chicago, IL, USA(372.05).
Papanikolaou A (October-15-2015) Invited Lecture: Functional organization of human visual areas following lesions of the primary visual cortex, Neurocolloquium, Tübingen, Germany.
Evrard H (October-14-2015) Invited Lecture: Insular cortex: a neuroanatomical insight into interoception, emotion and "self-awareness", Stem-Cell and Brain Research Institute, Lyon, France.
Logothetis NK (October-8-2015) Keynote Lecture: NET-fMRI of Large-Scale Brain Networks: Mapping Dynamic Connectivity during Epochs of Synaptic and System Consolidation, Federation of European Neuroscience Society Featured Regional Meeting (FFRM 2015), Thessaloniki, Greece.
Logothetis NK (September-23-2015) Keynote Lecture: NET-fMRI of Large-Scale Brain Networks: Mapping Dynamic Connectivity in Epochs of Synaptic and System Consolidation, International Conference on System Level Approaches to Neural Engineering (ICSLANE 2015), Barcelona, Spain.
Logothetis NK (September-18-2015) Keynote Lecture: NET-fMRI of large-scale brain networks: mapping dynamic connectivity in epochs of synaptic and system consolidation, 19th Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCOP 2015), Paphros, Cyprus.
Keliris G (July-7-2015) Invited Lecture: fMRI responses to dynamic checkerboards reveal average single neuron receptive fields in early visual cortex, 9th IBRO World Congress on Neuroscience (IBRO 2015), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Logothetis NK (June-23-2015) Invited Lecture: NET-fMRI of large-scale brain networks: mapping dynamic connectivity in epochs of synaptic and system consolidation, Brainy Days in Jerusalem: an Interdisciplinary Celebration, Jerusalem, Israel.
Zaldivar D (June-3-2015) Invited Lecture: Laminar Differences in Neural Activity During Positive and Negative BOLD Conditions, and the Effect of Neuromodulation, McGovern Institute for Brain Research: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA.
Pais Roldán P, Singh A, Merkle H, Schulz H and Yu X (June-3-2015) Abstract Talk: Sensing the high magnetic field: Fusion of otoliths in zebrafish larvae entails a hint, 23rd Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2015), Toronto, Canada(0695).
Zaldivar D, Logothetis NK and Goense J (June-2-2015) Abstract Talk: Laminar Differences in Neural Activity During Positive and Negative Bold Conditions, 23rd Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2015), Toronto, Canada(0357).
He Y, Merkle H and Yu X (June-2-2015) Abstract Talk: Single Venule Multi-Echo Line-Scanning fMRI (MELS-fMRI), 23rd Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2015), Toronto, Canada(0361).
Molaei-Vaneghi F, Bause J, Ehses P, Scheffler K and Bartels A (June-1-2015) Abstract Talk: Encoding Self-Motion and External Motion during Pursuit Eye Movement, A Study at 9.4T, 23rd Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2015), Toronto, Canada(0139).
Evrard H (May-5-2015) Invited Lecture: The insular cortex in primates, neuroanatomical insights into interoception and emotion, Université de Gèneve: Brain and Cognition Seminar, Gèneve, Switzerland.
Eschenko O (April-29-2015) Invited Lecture: The role of Locus Coeruleus for sensory processing within mesocortical dopaminergic pathway, SFB 874 / IGSN Conference: Cortical and Subcortical Representation of Sensory and Cognitive Memory, Bochum, Germany.
Logothetis NK (April-13-2015) Invited Lecture: The neural orchestration of memory consolidation, 23rd Colloque Médecine et Recherche of the Fondation IPSEN: Micro-, meso-, and macro-dynamics of the brain, Paris, France.
Gatys LA, Ecker AS, Tchumatchenko T and Bethge M (March-16-2015) Abstract Talk: Synaptic unreliability facilitates information transmission in balanced cortical populations, 79. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft und DPG-Frühjahrstagung, Berlin, Germany.
Zaldivar D (January-13-2015) Invited Lecture: Neurophysiological correlates of fMRI signals and the effects of neuromodulation at shaping neurovascular coupling relationship, Institute of Neurobiology: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Querétaro, México.


Articles (33):

Zaldivar D, Rauch A, Whittingstall K, Logothetis NK and Goense J (December-2014) Dopamine-Induced Dissociation of BOLD and Neural Activity in Macaque Visual Cortex Current Biology 24(23) 2805–2811.
Sim N, Pal R, Parker D, Engelmann J, Mishra A and Gottschalk S (December-2014) Magnetic resonance and optical imaging probes for NMDA receptors on the cell surface of neurons: synthesis and evaluation in cellulo Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 12(46) 9389-9404.
Reinl M and Bartels A (November-2014) Face processing regions are sensitive to distinct aspects of temporal sequence in facial dynamics NeuroImage 102(2) 407–415.
Palm G, Knoblauch A, Hauser F and Schüz A (October-2014) Cell Assemblies in the Cerebral Cortex Biological Cybernetics 108(5) 559-572.
Liewald D, Miller R, Logothetis NK, Wagner H-J and Schüz A (October-2014) Distribution of axon diameters in cortical white matter: an electron-microscopic study on three human brains and a macaque Biological Cybernetics 108(5) 541-557.
Balla DZ, Sanchez-Panchuelo RM, Wharton SJ, Hagberg GE, Scheffler K, Francis ST and Bowtell R (October-2014) Functional quantitative susceptibility mapping (fQSM) NeuroImage 100 112–124.
Barbieri F, Mazzoni A, Logothetis NK, Panzeri S and Brunel N (October-2014) Stimulus Dependence of Local Field Potential Spectra: Experiment versus Theory Journal of Neuroscience 34(44) 14589-14605.
van Hemmen JL, Schüz A and Aertsen A (October-2014) Structural aspects of biological cybernetics: Valentino Braitenberg, neuroanatomy, and brain function Biological Cybernetics 108(5) 517-525.
Onken A, Karunasekara PPCR, Kayser C and Panzeri S (October-2014) Understanding neural population coding: information-theoretic insights from the auditory system Advances in Neuroscience 2014(907851) 1-14.
Bahmani H, Murayama Y, Logothetis NK and Keliris GA (September-2014) Binocular Flash Suppression in the Primary Visual Cortex of Anesthetized and Awake Macaques PLoS ONE 9(9) 1-8.
Safavi S, Kapoor V, Logothetis NK and Panagiotaropoulos TI (September-2014) Is the frontal lobe involved in conscious perception? Frontiers in Psychology 5(1063) 1-2.
Huber L, Goense J, Kennerley AJ, Ivanov D, Krieger SN, Lepsien J, Trampel R, Turner R and Möller HE (August-2014) Investigation of the neurovascular coupling in positive and negative BOLD responses in human brain at 7 T NeuroImage 97 349–362.
Schmid MC and Keliris GA (July-2014) Filling-in versus filling-out: patterns of cortical short-term plasticity Trends in Cognitive Sciences 18(7) 342–344.
Zaretskaya N and Narinyan M (July-2014) Introspection, attention or awareness? The role of the frontal lobe in binocular rivalry Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8(527) 1-2.
Klein C, von der Behrens W and Gaese BH (July-2014) Stimulus-Specific Adaptation in Field Potentials and Neuronal Responses to Frequency-Modulated Tones in the Primary Auditory Cortex Brain Topography 27(4) 599-610.
Kadjane P, Platas-Iglesias C, Boehm-Sturm P, Truffault V, Hagberg GE, Hoehn M, Logothetis NK and Angelovski G (June-2014) Dual-Frequency Calcium-Responsive MRI Agents Chemistry: A European Journal 20(24) 7351–7362.
Ecker AS and Tolias AS (June-2014) Is there signal in the noise? Nature Neuroscience 17(6) 750-751.
Froudarakis E, Berens P, Ecker AS, Cotton RJ, Sinz FH, Yatsenko D, Saggau P, Bethge M and Tolias AS (June-2014) Population code in mouse V1 facilitates readout of natural scenes through increased sparseness Nature Neuroscience 17(6) 851–857.
Priesemann V, Wibral M, Valderrama M, Pröpper R, Le Van Quyen M, Geisel T, Triesch J, Nikolić D and Munk MHJ (June-2014) Spike avalanches in vivo suggest a driven, slightly subcritical brain state Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 8(108) 1-17.
Marzo A, Totah NK, Neves RM, Logothetis NK and Eschenko O (June-2014) Unilateral electrical stimulation of rat locus coeruleus elicits bilateral response of norepinephrine neurons and sustained activation of medial prefrontal cortex Journal of Neurophysiology 111(12) 2570-2588.
Angelovski G, Gottschalk S, Milošević M, Engelmann J, Hagberg GE, Kadjane P, Andjus P and Logothetis NK (May-2014) Investigation of a Calcium-Responsive Contrast Agent in Cellular Model Systems: Feasibility for Use as a Smart Molecular Probe in Functional MRI ACS Chemical Neuroscience 5(5) 360–369.
Remedios R, Logothetis NK and Kayser C (April-2014) A role of the claustrum in auditory scene analysis by reflecting sensory change Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 8(44) 1-8.
Gleiss S and Kayser C (April-2014) Acoustic Noise Improves Visual Perception and Modulates Occipital Oscillatory States Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 26(4) 699-711.
Musall S, von Pföstl V, Rauch A, Logothetis NK and Whittingstall K (April-2014) Effects of neural synchrony on surface EEG Cerebral Cortex 24(4) 1045-1053.
Papanikolaou A, Keliris GA, Papageorgiou TD, Shao Y, Krapp E, Papageorgiou E, Stingl K, Bruckmann A, Schiefer U, Logothetis NK and Smirnakis SM (April-2014) Population receptive field analysis of the primary visual cortex complements perimetry in patients with homonymous visual field defects Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111(16) E1656–E1665.
Ecker AS, Berens P, Cotton RJ, Subramaniyan M, Denfield GH, Cadwell CR, Smirnakis SM, Bethge M and Tolias AS (April-2014) State Dependence of Noise Correlations in Macaque Primary Visual Cortex Neuron 82(1) 235–248.
Cavallari S, Panzeri S and Mazzoni A (March-2014) Comparison of the dynamics of neural interactions between current-based and conductance-based integrate-and-fire recurrent networks Frontiers in Neural Circuits 8(12) 1-23.
Panagiotaropoulos TI, Kapoor V and Logothetis NK (March-2014) Subjective visual perception: From local processing to emergent phenomena of brain activity Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society London B 369(1641) 1-13.
Perrodin C, Kayser C, Petkov CI and Logothetis NK (February-2014) Auditory and Visual Modulation of Temporal Lobe Neurons in Voice-Sensitive and Association Cortices Journal of Neuroscience 34(7) 2524-2537.
Mishra A, Mishra R, Gottschalk S, Pal R, Sim N, Engelmann J, Goldberg M and Parker D (February-2014) Microscopic Visualization of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors on the Surface of Living Cells Using Bifunctional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Probes ACS Chemical Neuroscience 5(2) 128–137.
Hagberg G, Mamedov I, Power A, Beyerlein M, Merkle H, Kiselev VG, Dhingra K, Kubìček V, Angelovski G and Logothetis NK (January-2014) Diffusion properties of conventional and calcium-sensitive MRI contrast agents in the rat cerebral cortex Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging 9(1) 71–82.
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