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Employees Department Physiology of Cognitive Processes

NamePositionRoom numberPhone

+49 7071 601


Bannert, Michael Postdoctoral Fellow 7071 29 89031
Schindler, Andreas PhD Student
Bartels, Andreas, Dr. Project Leader 656
Hertl, Marcel Undergraduate Research Assistant
Fedorov, Leonid Postdoctoral Fellow
Chavez, Gianfranco Master Student
Safaei, Negar Undergraduate Research Assistant
Ergül, Didem Undergraduate Research Assistant
Razzaghpanah, Zeynab Bachelor Student
Ginnan, Gregory Master Student
Vasilev, Dmitrii
Shao, Kaidi Lab Rotation
Grassi, Pablo Rodrigo PhD Student
Altan, Gizem PhD Student 7071 29 88912
Schauer, Georg PhD Student
Ann, Nirzari Undergraduate Research Assistant
Martius, Anna, Dr. Guest Scientist
Levina, Anna, Dr. Guest Scientist (see also Anna Martius)
Sadeghi, Mahdi PhD Student
Zeraati, Roxana Master student
Schlüsener, Fabienne Master Student
Happ, Katharina Undergraduate Research Assistant
Hasanpour, Mehrdad PhD Student
Beyerlein, Michael Research Technician -1.B.05.c 698
Fernandez-Ruiz, Antonio Guest Scientist -1B.05c
Douay, Pedro, Dr. Research Technician 119 1625
Weiler, Elke, Dr. Senior Research Scientist 119 1660
Noori, Hamid 119 654
Moya, Conchy Secretary 120 651/165
Logothetis, Nikos, Prof. Dr. Director 121 651
Werner, Joachim IT Staff 132 677
Guddeti, Gayathri Undergraduate Research Assistant 133
Watanabe, Masataka, Dr. Research Scientist 133 670
Yang, Mingyu PhD Student 133 670
Dwarakanath, Abhilash PhD Student 133 1696
Mei, Hao PhD Student 133 670
Vedoveli, Ana Master Student 2.A.03b
Evrard, Henry, Dr. Postdoctoral Fellow 2.B.09 1724 (1
Klein, Carsten Guest Scientist 2.B.09 695
Saleh, Tatianna Research Technician 2.B.09 1729
Smuda, Jennifer PhD Student 2.B.10 1726
Schüz, Almut, Prof. Dr. Project Leader 2.B.11 544
Horn, Felicitas PhD Student 2.B.11 721
Hartig, Renee PhD Student 2.B.12 706
Schnabel, Michael IT Staff 215 1608
Iwai, Ryo PhD Student 222
Zouridis, Ioannis PhD Student 222
Vinogradov, Oleg PhD Student 224
Shi, Dongmei Guest Scientist 227
Soltanpour, Morteza PhD Student 227
Bokharaie, Vahid, Dr. Research Scientist 227 1644
Bagher, Maryam, Dr. Research Scientist 227 675
Ocak, Brian PhD Student 227 1656
Krampe, Eduard Research Technician 228 680
Kalya, Katalin Undergraduate Research Assistant 229 1679
Eschenko, Oxana, Dr. Group Leader 230 1679
Kapoor, Vishal, Dr. Postdoctoral Fellow 230 697
Pascual, Luis Miguel Research Assistant 230 1605
Bahmani, Hamed VW Project Leader 232 1673
Jain, Naman Hiwi 232 1701
Bohraus, Yvette PhD Student 232 1701
Safavi, Shervin Phd Student 232 1683
Kimura, Rui Postdoctoral Fellow 232
das Gupta, Amrita Hiwi 232
Totah, Nelson, Dr. Group Leader 233 1677
Li, Qinglin Guest Scientist 234 1645
Besserve, Michel, Dr. Postdoctoral Fellow 236 541
Zaldivar, Daniel PhD Student 252 1639
Oeltermann, Axel Research Technician 253 679
Steudel, Thomas Research Technician 253 669
Murayama, Yusuke, Dr. Research Scientist 253 663
Pourriahi, Paria Undergraduate Research Assistant 3.A.01
Kallinger, Mariana Technical Staff L010 690
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