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Posters (24):

Chang Y-C, Eschelbach M, Scheffler K and Henning A (May-12-2014): Hybrid Digital Phase-Locked Loop and Moving Average Filtering Improves SNR in Spatio-Temporal Field Monitoring, Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014, Milano, Italy.
Goense J, Beyerlein M, Hoffmann J, Shajan G, Steudel T, Scheffler K, Logothetis NK and Merkle H (May-12-2014): Novel RF-Coil Assembly to Simultaneously Investigate fMRI and Electrophysiology in Non-Human Primates in a Large Bore Vertical Magnet, Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014, Milano, Italy.
Zhu J, Klarhöfer M, Santini F, Scheffler K and Bieri O (May-12-2014): Relaxation Measurements in Brain Tissue at Field Strengths Between 0.35T and 9.4T, Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014, Milano, Italy.
Zivkovic I and Scheffler K (April-2014): Frequency Reconfigurable Box Shaped Narrowband Monopole Antenna, 8th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2014), Den Haag, The Netherlands.
Reichenbach A, Bresciani J-P, Bülthoff HH and Thielscher A (April-2014): Reaching with the sixth sense: vestibulomotor control in the human right parietal cortex, 24th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neural Control of Movements (NCM 2014), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Talks (7):

Handwerker J, Hoffmann A, Eschelbach M, Scheffler K, Ortmanns M and Anders L (October-9-2014) Abstract Talk: A distributed active NMR sensor array for artifact correction in ultra high field MRI applications, 48th Annual Conference of the German Society for Biomedical Engineering (BMT 2014), Hannover, Germany, Biomedical Engineering / Biomedizinische Technik, 59(Supplement 1) S530.
Scheffler K (June-28-2014) Invited Lecture: The Use of High Magnetic fields in Neuroimaging, 6th International Conference on Brain and Cognitive Engineering (BCE 2014), Tübingen, Germany.
Scheffler K (June-20-2014) Invited Lecture: About the Inescapability of Field Strengths Larger than 7.0 T: Early Experience with MRI at 9.4 T, 5th Annual Scientific Symposium on Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance: Clinical Needs, Research Promises and Technical Solutions, Berlin, Germany.
Shajan G, Mirkes C, Hoffmann J, Scheffler K and Pohmann R (May-14-2014) Abstract Talk: A Three-Layered Coil Arrangement for Sodium Imaging of the Human Brain at 9.4T, Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014, Milano, Italy(0620).
Avdievich NI, Pfrommer A, Hoffmann J, Chadzynski GL, Scheffler K and Henning A (May-14-2014) Abstract Talk: Tranceive Phased Array with High Transmit Performance for Human Brain Application at 9.4 T, Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014, Milano, Italy(0622).
Hoffmann J, Mirkes C, Shajan G, Scheffler K and Pohmann R (May-13-2014) Abstract Talk: A 3-Port Traveling-Wave Antenna in Combination with TIAMO for the Acquisition of Void-Free Brain Images at 9.4 Tesla, Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014, Milano, Italy(0399).
Heule R, Bär P, Mirkes C, Scheffler K, Trattnig S and Bieri O (May-13-2014) Abstract Talk: Fast B1-insensitive T2 relaxometry of the human brain at high to ultra-high fields, Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014, Milano, Italy(0335).


Articles (34):

Ganter C, Settles M, Dregely I, Santini F, Scheffler K and Bieri O (December-2013) B1+-mapping with the transient phase of unbalanced steady-state free precession Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 70(6) 1515–1523.
Loktyuschin A, Nickisch H, Pohmann R and Schölkopf B (December-2013) Blind Retrospective Motion Correction of MR Images Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 70(6) 1608–1618.
Schindler A, Herdener M and Bartels A (December-2013) Coding of Melodic Gestalt in Human Auditory Cortex Cerebral Cortex 23(12) 2987-2993.
Balla DZ, Gottschalk S, Shajan G, Ueberberg S, Schneider S, Hardtke-Wolenski M, Jaeckel E, Hoerr V, Faber C, Scheffler K, Pohmann R and Engelmann J (December-2013) In vivo visualization of single native pancreatic islets in the mouse Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging 8(6) 495-504.
Herdener M, Esposito F, Scheffler K, Schneider P, Logothetis NK, Uludag K and Kayser C (December-2013) Spatial representations of temporal and spectral sound cues in human auditory cortex Cortex 49(10) 2822–2833.
Haller S, Kopel R, Jhooti P, Haas T, Scharnowski F, Lovblad K-O, Scheffler K and Van De Ville D (November-2013) Dynamic reconfiguration of human brain functional networks through neurofeedback NeuroImage 81 243–252.
Hagberg GE and Scheffler K (November-2013) Effect of r1 and r2 relaxivity of gadolinium-based contrast agents on the T1-weighted MR signal at increasing magnetic field strengths Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging 8(6) 456–465.
Deligianni X, Bär P, Scheffler K, Trattnig S and Bieri O (November-2013) High-resolution Fourier-encoded sub-millisecond echo time musculoskeletal imaging at 3 Tesla and 7 Tesla Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 70(5) 1434–1439.
Blumhagen JO, Ladebeck R, Fenchel M and Scheffler K (October-2013) MR-based field-of-view extension in MR/PET: B0 homogenization using gradient enhancement (HUGE) Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 70(4) 1047–1057.
Gottschalk S, Engelmann J, Rolla GA, Botta M, Parker D and Mishra A (September-2013) Comparative in vitro studies of MR imaging probes for metabotropic glutamate subtype-5 receptor targeting Organic & Biomolecular Chemistryi 11(36) 6131-6141.
Gambino G, Engelmann J, Tei L, Botta M, Logothetis NK and Mamedov I (September-2013) Multimodal contrast agents for in vivo neuroanatomical analysis of monosynaptic connections Biomaterials 34(29) 7135–7142.
Placidi MP, Botta M, Kálmán FK, Hagberg GE, Baranyai Z, Krenzer A, Rogerson AK, Tóth I, Logothetis NK and Angelovski G (August-2013) Aryl-Phosphonate Lanthanide Complexes and Their Fluorinated Derivatives: Investigation of Their Unusual Relaxometric Behavior and Potential Application as Dual Frequency 1H/19F MRI Probes Chemistry - A European Journal 19(35) 11644–11660.
Choli M, Blaimer M, Breuer FA, Ehses P, Speck O, Bartsch AJ and Jakob PM (August-2013) Combined acquisition technique (CAT) for high-field neuroimaging with reduced RF power Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine 26(4) 411-418.
Zhu X-H, Zhang Y, Wiesner HM, Ugurbil K and Chen W (August-2013) In vivo measurement of CBF using 17O NMR signal of metabolically produced H217O as a perfusion tracer Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 70(2) 309–314.
Sim N, Gottschalk S, Pal R, Engelmann J, Parker D and Mishra A (August-2013) Responsive MR-imaging probes for N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors and direct visualisation of the cell-surface receptors by optical microscopy Chemical Science 4(8) 3148-3153.
Bailey DL, Barthel H, Beyer T, Boellaard R, Gückel B, Hellwig D, Herzog H, Pichler BJ, Quick HH, Sabri O, Scheffler K, Schlemmer HP, Schwenzer NF and Wehrl HF (August-2013) Summary Report of the First International Workshop on PET/MR Imaging, March 19–23, 2012, Tübingen, Germany Molecular Imaging and Biology 15(4) 361-371.
Zivkovic I, Mahou R, Scheffler K and Wandrey C (July-2013) Candidate for Tissue Mimicking Material Made of an Epoxy Matrix Loaded with Alginate Microspheres Progress in Electromagnetics Research C 41 227-238.
Crooijmans HJA, Ruder TD, Zech W-D, Somaini S, Scheffler K, Thali MJ and Bieri O (July-2013) Feasibility of quantitative diffusion imaging of the heart in post-mortem MR Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging 1(3) 124–128.
Bieri O and Scheffler K (July-2013) Fundamentals of balanced steady state free precession MRI Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 38(1) 2–11.
Hoffmann J, Shajan G, Budde J, Scheffler K and Pohmann R (May-2013) Human brain imaging at 9.4 T using a tunable patch antenna for transmission Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 69(5) 1494–1500.
Petrusca L, Cattin P, De Luca V, Preiswerk F, Celicanin Z, Auboiroux V, Viallon M, Arnold P, Santini F, Terraz S, Scheffler K, Becker CD and Salomir R (May-2013) Hybrid Ultrasound/Magnetic Resonance Simultaneous Acquisition and Image Fusion for Motion Monitoring in the Upper Abdomen Investigative Radiology 48(5) 333-340.
Zivkovic I and Scheffler K (April-2013) A new inovative antenna concept for both narrow band and UWB applications Progress in Electromagnetics Research 139 121-131.
Leitão J, Thielscher A, Werner S, Pohmann R and Noppeney U (April-2013) Effects of Parietal TMS on Visual and Auditory Processing at the Primary Cortical Level: A Concurrent TMS-fMRI Study Cerebral Cortex 23(4) 873-884.
Windhoff M, Opitz A and Thielscher A (April-2013) Electric field calculations in brain stimulation based on finite elements: An optimized processing pipeline for the generation and usage of accurate individual head models Human Brain Mapping 34(4) 923–935.
Pohmann R, Shajan G, Hoffmann J, Budde J, Hagberg G, Bieri O, Bisdas S, Ernemann U, Weigel M, Ehses P, Hennig J, Chadzynski G and Scheffler K (April-2013) Imaging and Spectroscopy at 9.4 Tesla: First Results on Patients and Volunteers MAGNETOM Flash 2013(2) 58-67.
Seelig E, Keller U, Klarhöfer M, Scheffler K, Brand S, Holsboer-Trachsler E, Hatzinger M and Bilz S (April-2013) Neuroendocrine Regulation and Metabolism of Glucose and Lipids in Primary Chronic Insomnia: A Prospective Case-Control Study PLoS ONE 8(4) 1-8.
Pohmann R and Scheffler K (March-2013) A theoretical and experimental comparison of different techniques for B1 mapping at very high fields NMR in Biomedicine 26(3) 265–275.
Papassotiropoulos A, Stefanova E, Vogler C, Gschwind L, Ackermann S, Spalek K, Rasch B, Heck A, Aerni A, Hanser E, Demougin P, Huynh K-D, Luechinger R, Klarhöfer M, Novakovic I, Kostic V, Boesiger P, Scheffler K and de Quervain DJ-F (February-2013) A genome-wide survey and functional brain imaging study identify CTNNBL1 as a memory-related gene Molecular Psychiatry 18(2) 255–263.
Cavusoglu M, Pohmann R, Burger HC and Uludag K (February-2013) Regional effects of magnetization dispersion on quantitative perfusion imaging for pulsed and continuous arterial spin labeling Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 69(2) 524–530.
Vibhute SM, Engelmann J, Verbić T, Maier ME, Logothetis NK and Angelovski G (February-2013) Synthesis and characterization of pH-sensitive, biotinylated MRI contrast agents and their conjugates with avidin Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 11(8) 1294-1305.
Bungert A, Espenhahn S and Thielscher A (January-2013) Applying electric field modeling to TMS motor mapping Neurophysiologie Clinique / Clinical Neurophysiology 43(1) 78–79.
Ehses P, Seiberlich N, Ma D, Breuer FA, Jakob PM, Griswold MA and Gulani V (January-2013) IR TrueFISP with a golden-ratio-based radial readout: Fast quantification of T1, T2, and proton density Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 69(1) 71–81.
Joshi R, Feldmann V, Koestner W, Detje C, Gottschalk S, Mayer HA, Sauer MG and Engelmann J (January-2013) Multifunctional silica nanoparticles for optical and magnetic resonance imaging Biological Chemistry 394(1) 125–135.
Hong S-T and Pohmann R (January-2013) Quantification issues of in vivo 1H NMR spectroscopy of the rat brain investigated at 16.4 T NMR in Biomedicine 26(1) 74–82.

Conference papers (4):

Handwerker J, Ortmanns M, Anders J, Eschelbach M, Chang P, Henning A and Scheffler K (November-2013) An active TX/RX NMR probe for real-time monitoring of MRI field imperfections, IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS 2013), IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 194-197.
Eschelbach M and Scheffler K (September-2013) NMR Field Probes for MRI at 9.4 T, 16. Jahrestagung Deutschen Sektion der ISMRM e.V. (DS ISMRM 2013), 69-70.
Balla DZ, Ehses P, Pohmann R, Budde J, Mirkes C, Shajan G, Bowtell R and Scheffler K (July-2013) Functional QSM at 9.4T with single echo gradient-echo and EPI acquisition, 2nd International Workshop on MRI Phase Contrast & Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM 2013), 1-4.
Scheffler K (April-21-2013) Spoiled & Balanced Gradient-Echo Sequences, 21st Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2013), IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 430-433.
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