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Articles (10):

Spetter MS, Malekshahi R, Birbaumer N, Lührs M, van der Veer AH, Scheffler K, Spuckti S, Preissl H, Veit R and Hallschmid M (May-2017) Volitional regulation of brain responses to food stimuli in overweight and obese subjects: a real-time fMRI feedback study Appetite 112 188–195.
Song H, Ruan D, Liu W, Stenger VA, Pohmann R, Fernandez Seara MA, Nair T, Jung S, Luo J, Motai Y, Ma J, Hazle JD and Gach HM (April-2017) Respiratory motion prediction and prospective correction for free-breathing arterial spin labeled perfusion MRI of the kidneys Medical Physics 44(3) 962–973.
Weick S, Völker M, Hemberger K, Meyer C, Ehses P, Polat B, Breuer FA, Blaimer M, Fink C, Schad LR, Sauer OA, Flentje M and Jakob PM (February-2017) Desynchronization of Cartesian k-space sampling and periodic motion for improved retrospectively self-gated 3D lung MRI using quasi-random numbers Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 77(2) 787–793.
Avdievich NI, Hoffmann J, Shajan G, Pfrommer A, Giapitzakis IA, Scheffler K and Henning A (February-2017) Evaluation of transmit efficiency and SAR for a tight fit transceiver human head phased array at 9.4 T NMR in Biomedicine 30(2) 1-12.
Schuenke P, Paech D, Koehler C, Windschuh J, Bachert P, Ladd ME, Schlemmer H-P, Radbruch A and Zaiss M (February-2017) Fast and Quantitative T1ρ-weighted Dynamic Glucose Enhanced MRI Scientific Reports 7(42093) 1-10.
Kumar VJ, van Oort E, Scheffler K, Beckmann CF and Grodd W (February-2017) Functional Anatomy of the Human Thalamus at Rest NeuroImage 147 678–691.
Goerke S, Milde KS, Bukowiecki R, Kunz P, Klika KD, Wiglenda T, Mogk K, Wanker EE, Bukau E, Ladd ME, Bachert P and Zaiss M (January-2017) Aggregation-induced changes in the chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) signals of proteins NMR in Biomedicine 30(1) 1-9.
Loureiro JR, Hagberg GE, Ethofer T, Erb M, Bause J, Ehses P, Scheffler K and Himmelbach M (January-2017) Depth-dependence of visual signals in the human superior colliculus at 9.4 T Human Brain Mapping 38(1) 574–587.
Amidfar M, Kim YK, Colic L, Arbabi M, Mobaraki G, Hassanzadeh G and Walter M (January-2017) Increased levels of 5HT2A receptor mRNA expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with major depression: correlations with severity and duration of illness Nordic Journal of Psychiatry Epub ahead.
Hagberg GE, Bause J, Ethofer T, Ehses P, Dresler T, Herbert C, Pohmann R, Shajan G, Fallgatter A, Pavlova MA and Scheffler K (January-2017) Whole brain MP2RAGE-based mapping of the longitudinal relaxation time at 9.4T NeuroImage 144(Part A) 203–216.

Posters (2):

Hagberg G, Keliris A, Srinivas M, Schulz H, Engelmann J, Schmehl J, Bantleon R, Mannheim J, Fuchs K, Pichler B, van der Linden A and Scheffler K (April-6-2017): 19F MRI-based detection of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) labelled with fluorinated-PLGA nanoparticles, 12th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Molecular Imaging (EMIM 2017), Köln, Germany.
Saturnino G, Siebner H, Madsen K and Thielscher A (March-2017): Fundamental limitations of focal transcranial weak current stimulation, 6th International Conference on Transcranial Brain Stimulation (TBS 2016), Göttingen, Germany, Clinical Neurophysiology, 128(3) e45–e46.

Talks (5):

Khawaldeh S, Elsharnouby M, Alchalabi AE, Pervaiz U, Aleef T and Minh VH (June-2017) Abstract Talk: Taxonomic Classification for Living Organisms Using Convolutional Neural Networks, 19th International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics (ICMLC 2017), London, UK, International Journal of Cybernetics and Systems Engineering, 4(6).
Zaiss MW (April-23-2017) Invited Lecture: CEST Theory, Exchange, T1p, T2 Relationship, 25th Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2017), Honolulu, HI, USA.
Bause J (April-23-2017) Invited Lecture: Construction of Rx Arrays, 25th Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2017), Honolulu, HI, USA.
Avdievitch NI (April-23-2017) Invited Lecture: Multi-Tuned Coils, 25th Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2017), Honolulu, HI, USA.
Meding K, Loktyushin A and Hirsch M (March-7-2017) Abstract Talk: Automatic Detection of Motion Artifacts in MR Images using CNNS, 42nd IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2017), New Orleans, LA, USA.


Articles (36):

Sahib AK, Mathiak K, Erb M, Elshahabi K, Klamer S, Scheffler K, Focke NK and Ethofer T (December-2016) Effect of temporal resolution and serial autocorrelations in event-related functional MRI Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 76(6) 1805–1813.
Groeschel S, Hagberg GE, Schultz T, Balla DZ, Klose U, Hauser T-K, Nägele T, Bieri O, Prasloski T, MacKay AL, Krägeloh-Mann I and Scheffler K (November-2016) Assessing White Matter Microstructure in Brain Regions with Different Myelin Architecture Using MRI PLoS ONE 11(11) 1-23.
Chadzynski GL, Bause J, Shajan G, Pohmann R, Scheffler K and Ehses P (November-2016) Fast and efficient free induction decay MR spectroscopic imaging of the human brain at 9.4 Tesla Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Epub ahead.
Fomina T, Lohmann G, Erb M, Ethofer T, Schölkopf B and Grosse-Wentrup M (November-2016) Self-regulation of brain rhythms in the precuneus: a novel BCI paradigm for patients with ALS Journal of Neural Engineering 13(6:066021) 1-14.
Rosendal Korshoej A, Bicalho Saturnino B, Kirkegaard Rasmussen L, von Oettingen G, Hedemann Sørensen JC and Thielscher A (October-2016) Enhancing Predicted Efficacy of Tumor Treating Fields Therapy of Glioblastoma Using Targeted Surgical Craniectomy: A Computer Modeling Study PLoS ONE 11(10) 1-25.
Bisdas S, Chadzynski GL, Braun C, Schittenhelm J, Skardelly M, Hagberg GE, Ethofer T, Pohmann R, Shajan G, Engelmann J, Tabatabai G, Ziemann U, Ernemann U and Scheffler K (October-2016) MR spectroscopy for in vivo assessment of the oncometabolite 2-hydroxyglutarate and its effects on cellular metabolism in human brain gliomas at 9.4T Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 44(4) 823–833.
Strauch H, Engelmann J, Scheffler K and Mayer HA (September-2016) A simple approach to a new T8-POSS based MRI contrast agent Dalton Transactions 45(38) 15104-15113.
Heise K-F, Kortzorg N, Bicalho Saturnino G, Fujiyama H, Cuypers K, Thielscher A and Swinnen SP (September-2016) Evaluation of a Modified High-Definition Electrode Montage for Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) of Pre-Central Areas Brain Stimulation 9(5) 700–704.
Hoffmann J, Henning A, Giapitzakis IA, Scheffler K, Shajan G, Pohmann R and Avdievich NI (September-2016) Safety testing and operational procedures for self-developed radiofrequency coils NMR in Biomedicine 29(9) 1131–1144.
van Oort ESB, Mennes M, Kumar VJ, Grodd W and Beckmann CF (September-2016) Human brain parcellation using time courses of instantaneous correlations - . submitted
Schuenke P, Koehler C, Korzowski A, Windschuh J, Bachert P, Ladd ME, Mundiyanapurath S, Paech D, Bickelhaupt S, Bonekamp D, Schlemmer H-P, Radbruch A and Zaiss M (August-2016) Adiabatically prepared spin-lock approach for T1ρ-based dynamic glucose enhanced MRI at ultrahigh fields Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Epub ahead.
Opitz A, Falchier A, Yan C-G, Yeagle EM, Linn GS, Megevand P, Thielscher A, Deborah AR, Milham MP, Mehta AD and Schroeder CE (August-2016) Spatiotemporal structure of intracranial electric fields induced by transcranial electric stimulation in humans and nonhuman primates Scientific Reports 6(31236) 1-11.
Hove MJ, Stelzer J, Nierhaus T, Thiel SD, Gundlach C, Margulies DS, Van Dijk KRA, Turner R, Keller PE and Merker B (July-2016) Brain Network Reconfiguration and Perceptual Decoupling During an Absorptive State of Consciousness Cerebral Cortex 26(7) 3116-3124.
Scheffler K and Ehses P (July-2016) High-resolution mapping of neuronal activation with balanced SSFP at 9.4 tesla Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 76(1) 163–171.
Beck Lidén C, Krüger O, Schwarz L, Erb M, Kardatzki B, Scheffler K and Ethofer T (July-2016) Neurobiology of knowledge and misperception of lyrics NeuroImage 134 12–21.
Cakić N, Savić T, Stricker-Shaver J, Truffault V, Platas-Iglesias C, Mirkes C, Pohmann R, Scheffler K and Angelovski G (July-2016) Paramagnetic Lanthanide Chelates for Multicontrast MRI Chemical Communications 52(59) 9224-9227.
Mirkes C, Shajan G, Chadzynski G, Buckenmaier K, Bender B and Scheffler K (June-2016) 31P CSI of the human brain in healthy subjects and tumor patients at 9.4 T with a three-layered multi-nuclear coil: initial results Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine 29(3) 579-589.
Gündüz S, Savić T, Pohmann R, Logothetis NK, Scheffler K and Angelovski G (June-2016) Ratiometric Method for Rapid Monitoring of Biological Processes Using Bioresponsive MRI Contrast Agents ACS Sensors 1(5) 483–487.
Lohmann G, Stelzer J, Zuber V, Buschmann T, Margulies D, Bartels A and Scheffler K (June-2016) Task-Related Edge Density (TED): A New Method for Revealing Dynamic Network Formation in fMRI Data of the Human Brain PLoS ONE 11(6) 1-22.
Tse DH, Wiggins CJ, Ivanov D, Brenner D, Hoffmann J, Mirkes C, Shajan G, Scheffler K, Uludağ K and Poser BA (June-2016) Volumetric imaging with homogenised excitation and static field at 9.4 T Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine 29(3) 333–345.
Wiesner HM, Balla DZ, Shajan G, Scheffler K, Ugurbil K, Chen W, Uludag K and Pohmann R (May-2016) 17O relaxation times in the rat brain at 16.4 tesla Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 75(5) 1886–1893.
Pais-Roldán P, Singh AP, Schulz H and Yu X (April-2016) High magnetic field induced otolith fusion in the zebrafish larvae Scientific Reports 6(24151) 1-11.
Kuehn E, Mueller K, Lohmann G and Schuetz-Bosbach S (April-2016) Interoceptive awareness changes the posterior insula functional connectivity profile Brain Structure and Function 221(3) 1555-1571.
Cakić N, Verbic T, Jelić TŽ, Platas-Iglesias C and Angelovski G (April-2016) Synthesis and characterisation of bismacrocyclic DO3A-amide derivatives: an approach towards metal-responsive PARACEST agents Dalton Transactions 45(15) 6555-6565.
Di Pietro G, Capuani S, Manenti G, Vinicola V, Fusco A, Baldi J, Scimeca M, Hagberg G, Bozzali M, Simonetti G and Tarantino U (March-2016) Bone Marrow Lipid Profiles from Peripheral Skeleton as Potential Biomarkers for Osteoporosis: A 1H-MR Spectroscopy Study Academic Radiology 23(3) 273–283.
Benkert T, Ehses P, Blaimer M, Jakob PM and Breuer FA (March-2016) Fast isotropic banding-free bSSFP imaging using 3D dynamically phase-cycled radial bSSFP (3D DYPR-SSFP) [Schnelle isotrope bandingfreie bSSFP Bildgebung mit 3D dynamisch phasenzykliertem radialem bSSFP (3D DYPR-SSFP)] Zeitschrift für Medizinische Physik 26(1) 63–74.
Bause J, Ehses P, Mirkes C, Shajan G, Scheffler K and Pohmann R (March-2016) Quantitative and functional pulsed arterial spin labeling in the human brain at 9.4 t Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 75(3) 1054–1063.
Mirkes C, Shajan G, Bause J, Buckenmaier K, Hoffmann J and Scheffler K (March-2016) Triple-quantum-filtered sodium imaging at 9.4 Tesla Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 75(3) 1278–1289.
Mian OS, Li Y, Antunes A, Glover PM and Day BL (February-2016) Effect of head pitch and roll orientations on magnetically induced vertigo Journal of Physiology 594(4) 1051–1067.
de la Rosa S, Schillinger FL, Bülthoff HH, Schultz J and Uludag K (February-2016) fMRI adaptation between action observation and action execution reveals cortical areas with mirror neuron properties in human BA 44/45 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10(78) 1-10.
Pohmann R, Speck O and Scheffler K (February-2016) Signal-to-noise ratio and MR tissue parameters in human brain imaging at 3, 7, and 9.4 tesla using current receive coil arrays Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 75(2) 801–809.
Shajan G, Mirkes C, Buckenmaier K, Hoffmann J, Pohmann R and Scheffler K (February-2016) Three-layered radio frequency coil arrangement for sodium MRI of the human brain at 9.4 Tesla Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 75(2) 906–916.
Hoffmann J, Mirkes C, Shajan G, Scheffler K and Pohmann R (January-2016) Combination of a multimode antenna and TIAMO for traveling-wave imaging at 9.4 Tesla Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 75(1) 452–462.
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