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Mölbert SC, Thaler A, Mohler BJ, Streuber S, Romero J, Black MJ, Zipfel S, Karnath H-O and Giel KE (July-2017) Assessing body image in anorexia nervosa using biometric self-avatars in virtual reality: Attitudinal components rather than visual body size estimation are distorted Psychological Medicine Epub ahead.
Perdikis D, Volhard J, Müller V, Kaulard K, Brick TR, Wallraven C and Lindenberger U (July-2017) Brain synchronization during perception of facial emotional expressions with natural and unnatural dynamics PLoS ONE 12(7) 1-23.
Reichert CF, Maire M, Gabel V, Viola AU, Götz T, Scheffler K, Klarhöfer M, Berthomier C, Strobel W, Phillips C, Salmon E, Cajochen C and Schmidt C (July-2017) Cognitive brain responses during circadian wake-promotion: evidence for sleep-pressure-dependent hypothalamic activations Scientific Reports 7(5620) 1-9.

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420. Deán-Ben XL, Stiel AC, Jiang Y, Ntziachristos V, Westmeyer GG and Razansky D (October-2015) Light fluence normalization in turbid tissues via temporally unmixed multispectral optoacoustic tomography Optics Letters 40(20) 4691-4694.
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419. Safaai H, Neves R, Eschenko O, Logothetis NK and Panzeri S (October-2015) Modeling the effect of locus coeruleus firing on cortical state dynamics and single-trial sensory processing Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112(41) 12834–12839.
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418. Papanikolaou A, Keliris GA, Lee S, Logothetis NK and Smirnakis SM (October-2015) Nonlinear population receptive field changes in human area V5/MT + of healthy subjects with simulated visual field scotomas NeuroImage 120 176–190.
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412. Krimmel M, Breidt M, Bacher M, Müller-Hagedorn S, Dietz K, Bülthoff HH, Reinert S and Kluba S (October-2015) Three-Dimensional Normal Facial Growth from Birth to the Age of 7 Years Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 136(4) 490e-501e.
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411. Gajdošík M, Chadzynski GL, Hangel G, Mlynarik V, Chmelík M, Valkovic L, Bogner W, Pohmann R, Scheffler K, Trattnig S and Krššák M (October-2015) Ultrashort-TE stimulated echo acquisition mode (STEAM) improves the quantification of lipids and fatty acid chain unsaturation in the human liver at 7 T NMR in Biomedicine 28(10) 1283–1293.
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410. Moussaron A, Vibhute S, Bianchi A, Gündüz S, Kolb S, Sancey L, Motto-Ros V, Rizzitelli S, Crémillieux Y, Lux F, Logothetis NK, Tillement O and Angelovski G (October-2015) Ultrasmall Nanoplatforms as Calcium-Responsive Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Small 11(37) 4900–4909.
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409. Gatys LA, Ecker AS and Bethge M (October-2015) A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style Nature Communications . submitted
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