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Fichtner ND, Giapitzakis I-A, Avdievich N, Mekle R, Zaldivar D, Henning A and Kreis R (October-2017) In vivo characterization of the downfield part of 1H MR spectra of human brain at 9.4T: Magnetization exchange with water and relation to conventionally determined metabolite content Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Epub ahead.
Rojas-Piloni G, Guest JM, Egger R, Johnson AS, Sakmann B and Oberlaender M (October-2017) Relationships between structure, in vivo function and long-range axonal target of cortical pyramidal tract neurons Nature Communications 8(870) 1-11.
Nonnenmacher M, Behrens C, Berens P, Bethge M and Macke JH (October-2017) Signatures of criticality arise from random subsampling in simple population models PLoS Computational Biology 13(10) 1-23.

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431. Papanikolaou A (October-15-2015) Invited Lecture: Functional organization of human visual areas following lesions of the primary visual cortex, Neurocolloquium, Tübingen, Germany.
CiteID: Papanikolaou2015_2
430. Evrard H (October-14-2015) Invited Lecture: Insular cortex: a neuroanatomical insight into interoception, emotion and "self-awareness", Stem-Cell and Brain Research Institute, Lyon, France.
CiteID: Evrard2015
429. Yang M, Logothetis NK and Eschenko O (October-10-2015) Abstract Talk: A gating role of mediodorsal thalamus for ripple-associated hippocampal-cortical information transfer, Federation of European Neuroscience Society Featured Regional Meeting (FFRM 2015), Thessaloniki, Greece.
CiteID: YangLE2015_2
428. Antoniou R, Safavi S, Kapoor V, Logothetis NK and Panagiotaropoulos T (October-9-2015): Perceptual modulation of pupillary reflex in macaque monkeys, Federation of European Neuroscience Society Featured Regional Meeting (FFRM 2015), Thessaloniki, Greece.
CiteID: Antoniou2015
427. Logothetis NK (October-8-2015) Keynote Lecture: NET-fMRI of Large-Scale Brain Networks: Mapping Dynamic Connectivity during Epochs of Synaptic and System Consolidation, Federation of European Neuroscience Society Featured Regional Meeting (FFRM 2015), Thessaloniki, Greece.
CiteID: Logothetis2015_2
426. Bülthoff HH (October-5-2015) Invited Lecture: Man-Machine Systems: Cognition and Control, Korea University, Department of Brain and Cognitive Engineering, Seoul, South Korea.
CiteID: Bulthoff2015_3
425. Kerr J (October-5-2015) Invited Lecture: Turning calcium transients into spikes and watching the animal in action, 4th International Frontiers in Neurophotonics Symposium (FINS 2015), Québec, Canada 39.
CiteID: Kerr2015_2
424. Braun D (October-2-2015) Invited Lecture: Model uncertainty in sensorimotor learning and decision-making, IROS 2015 2nd Workshop on The Role of Human Sensorimotor Control in Surgical Robotics, Hamburg, Germany 10.
CiteID: Braun2015_2
423. Imura M, Figueroa P and Mohler BJ: International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence and Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments: ICAT-EGVE 2015, 25th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence and the 20th Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments (ICAT-EGVE 2015), 190, Eurographics Association, Aire-la-Ville, Switzerland, (October-2015).
CiteID: ImuraFM2015
422. Totah NK, Logothetis NK and Eschenko O (October-2015) Atomoxetine accelerates attentional set shifting without affecting learning rate in the rat Psychopharmacology 232(20) 3697-3707.
CiteID: TotahLE2015
421. Genewein T, Leibfried F, Grau-Moya J and Braun DA (October-2015) Bounded rationality, abstraction and hierarchical decision-making: an information-theoretic optimality principle Frontiers in Robotics and AI 2(27) 1-24.
CiteID: GeneweinLGB2015
420. Raffin E, Pellegrino G, Di Lazzaro V, Thielscher A and Siebner HR (October-2015) Bringing transcranial mapping into shape: Sulcus-aligned mapping captures motor somatotopy in human primary motor hand area NeuroImage 120 164–175.
CiteID: RaffinPDTS2015
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