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Eschenko O, Mello-Carpes PB and Hansen N (November-2017) New Insights into the Role of the Locus Coeruleus-Noradrenergic System in Memory and Perception Dysfunction Neural Plasticity 2017(4624171) 1-3.
Scully C, Rudd A, Mezincescu A, Wilson H, Srinivasan J, Horgan G, Broadhurst P, Newby DE, Henning A and Dawson DK (November-2017) Persistent Long-Term Structural, Functional, and Metabolic Changes After Stress-Induced (Takotsubo) Cardiomyopathy Circulation Epub ahead.
Jung W, Bülthoff I and Armann RGM (November-2017) The contribution of foveal and peripheral visual information to ensemble representation of face race Journal of Vision 17(13:11) 1-12.

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467. Egger R, Schmitt AC, Wallace DJ, Sakmann B, Oberlaender M and Kerr JND (November-2015) Robustness of sensory-evoked excitation is increased by inhibitory inputs to distal apical tuft dendrites Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112(45) 14072–14077.
CiteID: EggerSWSOK2015
466. Madsen KH, Ewald L, Siebner HR and Thielscher A (November-2015) Transcranial magnetic stimulation: An automated procedure to obtain coil-specific models for field calculations Brain Stimulation 8(6) 1205–1208.
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465. Azadbakht H, Parkes LM, Haroon HA, Augath M, Logothetis NK, de Crespigny E, D'Arceuil HE and Parker GJM (November-2015) Validation of High-Resolution Tractography Against In Vivo Tracing in the Macaque Visual Cortex Cerebral Cortex 25(11) 4299-4309.
CiteID: AzadbakhtPHALdDP2015
464. Odelga M, Stegagno P, Bülthoff HH and Ahmad A (November-2015) A Setup for multi-UAV hardware-in-the-loop simulations, 3rd Workshop on Research, Education and Development of Unmanned Aerial Systems (RED-UAS 2015), IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 204-210.
pdfCiteID: OdelgaSBA2015
463. Mirkes C, Shajan G, Hoffmann J, Bause J, Buckenmaier K and Scheffler K (November-2015) Natrium MRT bei 9,4 Tesla, 18. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Sektion der ISMRM e.V. (DS ISMRM 2015), 23-27.
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462. Sanz D, Ahmad A and Lima P (November-2015) Onboard robust person detection and tracking for domestic service robots In: Robot 2015: Second Iberian Robotics Conference, , Second Iberian Robotics Conference (ROBOT'2015), Springer, Cham, Switzerland, 547-559, Series: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing ; 418.
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460. Macke J (October-29-2015) Invited Lecture: Correlations and signatures of criticality in neural population models, Institut d'Etudes de la Cognition (IEC) at the Ecole Normale Supérieure: Group for Neural Theory, Paris, France.
CiteID: Macke2015_4
459. Fischer DB, Boes A, Demertzi A, Evrard HC, Laureys S, Edlow B, Saper CB, Pascual-Leone A, Fox MD and Geerling JC (October-21-2015): A human brain network linking arousal to awareness, 45th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2015), Chicago, IL, USA.
CiteID: FischerBDELESPFG2015
458. Takemura H, Pestilli F, Weiner KS, Keliris GA, Landi S, Sliwa J, Ye FQ, Barnett M, Leopold DA, Freiwald WA, Logothetis NK and Wandell BA (October-21-2015): Occipital vertical fiber system in human and macaque, 45th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2015), Chicago, IL, USA.
CiteID: TakemuraPWKLSYBLFLW2015
457. Papanikolaou A, Keliris GA, Lee S, Logothetis NK and Smirnakis SM (October-21-2015): Population receptive field changes in hV5/MT+ of healthy subjects with simulated visual field scotomas, 45th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2015), Chicago, IL, USA.
CiteID: PapanikolaouKLLS2015_2
456. Lohmann G, Stelzer J, Buschmann T, Zuber V, Margulies D, Bartels A and Scheffler K (October-21-2015): Task-induced edge density as a marker for dynamic network formation in fMRI, 45th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2015), Chicago, IL, USA.
CiteID: LohmannSBZMBS2015
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