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Mölbert SC, Klein L, Thaler A, Mohler BJ, Brozzo C, Martus P, Karnath H-, Zipfel S and Giel KE (November-2017) Depictive and metric body size estimation in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa: A systematic review and meta-analysis Clinical Psychology Review 57 21–31.
Van Grootel TJ, Meeson A, Munk MHJ, Kourtzi Z, Movshon JA, Logothetis NK and Kiorpes L (November-2017) Development of visual cortical function in infant macaques: A BOLD fMRI study PLoS ONE 12(11) 1-29.
Mölbert SC, Thaler A, Streuber S, Black MJ, Karnath H-O, Zipfel S, Mohler B and Giel KE (November-2017) Investigating Body Image Disturbance in Anorexia Nervosa Using Novel Biometric Figure Rating Scales: A Pilot Study European Eating Disorders Review 25(6) 607–612.

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479. Hagberg A (November-5-2015) Invited Lecture: Il controllo di qualità nell’imaging funzionale, I Controlli di Qualitá nelle Procedure RM Avanzate, Brescia, Italy.
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478. Scheffler K (November-5-2015) Invited Lecture: The potential of ultra-high fields for brain imaging, 5th NIPS-CIN Joint Symposium, Okazaki, Japan.
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477. Yu X (November-4-2015) Invited Lecture: Probe light inside the rat brain for single-vessel fMRI under 14T, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Institute of Automation: Brainnetome Lecture Series, Beijing, China.
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476. Narayanan RT, Egger R, Johnson AS, Mansvelder HD, Sakmann B, de Kock CP and Oberlaender M (November-2015) Beyond Columnar Organization: Cell Type- and Target Layer-Specific Principles of Horizontal Axon Projection Patterns in Rat Vibrissal Cortex Cerebral Cortex 25(11) 4450-4468.
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473. Geuss MN, Stefanucci JK, Creem-Regehr SH, Thompson WB and Mohler BJ (November-2015) Effect of Display Technology on Perceived Scale of Space Human Factors 57(7) 1235-1247.
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470. Jiang X, Shen S, Cadwell CR, Berens P, Sinz F, Ecker AS, Patel S and Tolias AS (November-2015) Principles of connectivity among morphologically defined cell types in adult neocortex Science 350(6264) 1055: 1-10.
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469. Meilinger T, Frankenstein J, Watanabe K, Bülthoff HH and Hölscher C (November-2015) Reference frames in learning from maps and navigation Psychological Research 79(6) 1000-1008.
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468. Rerich E, Zaiss M, Korzowski A, Ladd ME and Bachert P (November-2015) Relaxation-compensated CEST-MRI at 7 T for mapping of creatine content and pH – preliminary application in human muscle tissue in vivo NMR in Biomedicine 28(11) 1402–1412.
CiteID: RerichZKLB2015
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