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Bisdas S, Chadzynski GL, Braun C, Schittenhelm J, Skardelly M, Hagberg GE, Ethofer T, Pohmann R, Shajan G, Engelmann J, Tabatabai G, Ziemann U, Ernemann U and Scheffler K (October-2016) MR spectroscopy for in vivo assessment of the oncometabolite 2-hydroxyglutarate and its effects on cellular metabolism in human brain gliomas at 9.4T Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 44(4) 823–833.
Hock A, Wilm B, Zandomeneghi G, Ampanozi G, Franckenberg S, Zoelch N, Wyss PO, De Zanche N, Nordmeyer-Maßner J, Kraemer T, Thali M, Ernst M, Kollias S and Henning A (October-2016) Neurochemical profile of the human cervical spinal cord determined by MRS NMR in Biomedicine 29(10) 1464–1476.
Meilinger T, Strickrodt M and Bülthoff HH (October-2016) Qualitative differences in memory for vista and environmental spaces are caused by opaque borders, not movement or successive presentation Cognition 155 77–95.

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84. Gündüz S, Power A, Maier ME, Logothetis NK and Angelovski G (March-2015) Synthesis and Characterization of a Biotinylated Multivalent Targeted Contrast Agent ChemPlusChem 80(3) 612–622.
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83. Butner JE, Gagnon KT, Geuss MN, Lessard DA and Story TN (March-2015) Utilizing Topology to Generate and Test Theories of Change Psychological Methods 20(1) 1-25.
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82. Lee I-S, Wallraven C, Kong J, Chang D-S, Lee H, Park H-J and Chae Y (March-2015) When pain is not only pain: Inserting needles into the body evokes distinct reward-related brain responses in the context of a treatment Physiology & Behavior 140 148–155.
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79. Li M, Demenscu R, Metzger C and Walter M (March-2015): Temporal Dynamics of Antidepressant Ketamine Effects On Glutamine Cycling Follow Regional Fingerprints of Ampa and Nmda Receptor Densities, 23rd European Congress of Psychiatry (EPA 2015), Wien, Austria, European Psychiatry, 30(Supplement 1) 723.
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78. Oberlaender M (February-18-2015) Invited Lecture: Reverse engineering sensory perception and decision making: bridging physiology, anatomy and behavior, Public Lectures Assistant Professorship with Tenure Track in Neurobiology, Zürich, Switzerland.
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77. de Winkel KN (February-6-2015) Invited Lecture: Causal inference in multisensory heading estimation, 25th Ocular Motor Meeting, München, Germany.
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76. Nooij SAE (February-6-2015) Invited Lecture: Heading perception during curves, 25th Ocular Motor Meeting, München, Germany.
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75. Meilinger T (February-2-2015) Invited Lecture: Navigation and the Brain. How We Know Where We Are and Where We Want To Be, ERES Stiftung: Stephan Huber World Atlas Exhibition: Lectures, Discussions, München, Germany.
CiteID: Meilinger2015_3
74. Zaiss M, Zu J, Xu J, Schuenke P, Gochberg DF, Gore JC, Ladd ME and Bachert P (February-2015) A combined analytical solution for chemical exchange saturation transfer and semi-solid magnetization transfer NMR in Biomedicine 28(2) 217–230.
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73. Ryll M, Bülthoff HH and Robuffo Giordano P (February-2015) A Novel Overactuated Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Modeling, Control, and Experimental Validation IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 23(2) 540-556.
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