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Bailey DL, Pichler BJ, Gückel B, Antoch G, Barthel H, Bhujwalla ZM, Biskup S, Biswal S, Bitzer M, Boellaard R, Braren RF, Brendle C, Brindle K, Chiti A, la Fougère C, Gillies R, Goh V, Goyen M, Hacker M, Heukamp L, Knudsen GM, Krackhardt AL, Law I, Morris CJ, Nikolaou K, Nuyts J, Ordonez AA, Pantel K, Quick HH, Riklund K, Sabri O, Sattler B, Troost EGC, Zaiss M, Zender L and Beyer T (October-2017) Combined PET/MRI: Global Warming: Summary Report of the 6th International Workshop on PET/MRI, March 27–29, 2017, Tübingen, Germany Molecular Imaging and Biology Epub ahead.
Chadzynski GL, Bause J, Shajan G, Pohmann R, Scheffler K and Ehses P (October-2017) Fast and efficient free induction decay MR spectroscopic imaging of the human brain at 9.4 Tesla Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 78(4) 1281–1295.
Fichtner ND, Giapitzakis I-A, Avdievich N, Mekle R, Zaldivar D, Henning A and Kreis R (October-2017) In vivo characterization of the downfield part of 1H MR spectra of human brain at 9.4T: Magnetization exchange with water and relation to conventionally determined metabolite content NeuroImage Epub ahead.

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516. Li H, Li K, Zhang X-Y, Jiang X, Zhu Z, Zaiss M, Gochberg DF, Gore JC and Xu J (December-2015) R1 correction in amide proton transfer imaging: indication of the influence of transcytolemmal water exchange on CEST measurements NMR in Biomedicine 28(12) 1655–1662.
515. van Dam L and Ernst MO (December-2015) Relative errors can cue absolute visuomotor mappings Experimental Brain Research 233(12) 3367–3377.
CiteID: vanDamE2015
514. Chang D-S, Burger F, Bülthoff HH and de la Rosa S (December-2015) The Perception of Cooperativeness Without Any Visual or Auditory Communication i-Perception 6(6) 1-6.
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513. Strickrodt M, O'Malley M and Wiener JM (December-2015) This Place Looks Familiar: How Navigators Distinguish Places with Ambiguous Landmark Objects When Learning Novel Routes Frontiers in Psychology 6(1936) 1-12.
CiteID: StrickrodtOW2015
512. Ortega PA and Braun DA (December-2015) What is epistemic value in free energy models of learning and acting? A bounded rationality perspective Cognitive Neuroscience 6(4) 215-216.
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511. Perrodin C, Kayser C, Abel TJ, Logothetis NK and Petkov CI (December-2015) Who is That? Brain Networks and Mechanisms for Identifying Individuals Trends in Cognitive Sciences 19(12) 783–796.
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510. Batistuzzo MC, Hoexter MQ, Costa FMA, Shavitt RG, Lopes AC, Cappi C, de Mathis A, Senço N, Henning A, Leite CC, Pastorello BF, Miguel EC and Otaduy MCG (December-2015): Myoinositol reduction in medial prefrontal cortex of obsessive compulsive disorder: a proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study, 54th Annual Meeting of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP 2015), Hollywood, FL, USA, Neuropsychopharmacology, 40(S1) S454-S455.
CiteID: BatistuzzoHCSLCdSHLPMO2015
509. Ramirez-Villegas JF, Logothetis NK and Besserve M (December-2015): Sharp wave-ripple complexes in a reduced model of the hippocampal CA3-CA1 network of the macaque monkey, Twenty-Fourth Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting (CNS*2015), Praha, Czech Republic, BMC Neuroscience, 16(Supplement 1) 24.
CiteID: RamirezVillegasLB2015
508. Bethge M (November-30-2015) Keynote Lecture: Perceiving Neural Networks, Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems Inauguration, Tübingen, Germany.
CiteID: Bethge2015_2
507. Schüz A (November-27-2015) Invited Lecture: Cortico-cortical long-range connectivity. Part 2: the human cortical white matter, NeuroMat Workshop: Random Graphs in the Brain, São Paulo, Brazil.
CiteID: Schuz2015_4
506. Schüz A (November-26-2015) Invited Lecture: Cortico-cortical long- and middle-range connectivity: anatomical data from mouse and monkey, NeuroMat Workshop: Random Graphs in the Brain, São Paulo, Brazil.
CiteID: Schuz2015_3
505. Schüz A (November-25-2015) Invited Lecture: Quantitative neuroanatomy as a tool to understand cortical function. Part 2: network structure and functional conclusions, NeuroMat Workshop: Random Graphs in the Brain, São Paulo, Brazil.
CiteID: Schuz2015_2
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