This file was created by the Typo3 extension sevenpack version 0.7.14 --- Timezone: CEST Creation date: 2017-05-23 Creation time: 10-48-34 --- Number of references 1 article MittmannWCHSLDK2011 Two-photon calcium imaging of evoked activity from L5 somatosensory neurons in vivo Nature Neuroscience 2011 8 14 8 1089-1093 Multiphoton imaging (MPI) is widely used for recording activity simultaneously from many neurons in superficial cortical layers in vivo. We combined regenerative amplification multiphoton microscopy (RAMM) with genetically encoded calcium indicators to extend MPI of neuronal population activity into layer 5 (L5) of adult mouse somatosensory cortex. We found that this approach could be used to record and quantify spontaneous and sensory-evoked activity in populations of L5 neuronal somata located as much as 800 μm below the pia. In addition, we found that RAMM could be used to simultaneously image activity from large (~80) populations of apical dendrites and follow these dendrites down to their somata of origin. Research Group Kerr 1038/nn.2879 wmittmannWMittmann dhwDJWallace czubaykoUCzubayko JTHerb ATSchaefer LLLooger WDenk jkerrJNDKerr