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Sepideh Sadaghiani

Position: Diploma Student  Unit: Alumni Bülthoff Alumni Noppeney

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Articles (2):

Sadaghiani S, Ugurbil K and Uludag K (October-2009) Neural activity-induced modulation of BOLD poststimulus undershoot independent of the positive signal Magnetic Resonance Imaging 27(8) 1030-1038.
Sadaghiani S, Maier JX and Noppeney U (May-2009) Natural, Metaphoric, and Linguistic Auditory Direction Signals Have Distinct Influences on Visual Motion Processing Journal of Neuroscience 29(20) 6490-6499.

Posters (2):

Sadaghiani S, Maier J and Noppeney U (July-2008): Natural, metaphoric and linguistic auditory-visual interactions, 9th International Multisensory Research Forum (IMRF 2008), Hamburg, Germany.
Sadaghiani S, Thielscher A, Ugurbil K and Uludag K (June-2006): Modulation of the post-stimulus undershoot of the BOLD signal independent of the positive response, Twelfth Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (HBM 2006), Firenze, Italy, Neuroimage, 31(Supplement 1) S47.

Talks (2):

Noppeney U, Adam R, Sadaghiani S, Maier JX, Lee HL, Werner S, Ostwald D, Lewis R and Conrad V (June-20-2012) Abstract Talk: Different classes of audiovisual correspondences are processed at distinct levels of the cortical hierarchy, 13th International Multisensory Research Forum (IMRF 2012), Oxford, UK, Seeing and Perceiving, 25(0) 69.
Sadaghiani S and Noppeney U (November-2007) Abstract Talk: Naturalistic, metaphoric and linguistic auditory-visual interactions, 37th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2007), San Diego, CA, USA(662.8).

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