Phillip Knirsch


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Phillip Knirsch

Position: IT Staff  Unit: Alumni Bülthoff

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Schölkopf B, Mika S, Burges CJC, Knirsch P, Müller K-R, Rätsch G and Smola AJ (September-1999) Input space versus feature space in kernel-based methods IEEE Transactions On Neural Networks 10(5) 1000-1017.

Conference papers (1):

Schölkopf B, Knirsch P, Smola AJ and Burges C (1998) Fast Approximation of Support Vector Kernel Expansions, and an Interpretation of Clustering as Approximation in Feature Spaces In: Mustererkennung 1998, , 20th DAGM-Symposium, Springer, Berlin, Germany, 125-132, Series: Informatik aktuell.

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