Fatima Oukhatar

Address: TTR, Paul-Ehrlich- Str. 15
72076 Tübingen
Room number: E.2.131
Fax: +49 7071 601 919


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Fatima Oukhatar

Position: PhD Student  Unit: Alumni Logothetis

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Oukhatar F, Meudal H, Landon C, Logothetis NK, Platas-Iglesias C, Angelovski G and Toth E (July-2015) Macrocyclic Gd3+ Complexes with Pendant Crown Ethers Designed for Binding Zwitterionic Neurotransmitters Chemistry - A European Journal 21(31) 11226–11237.
Oukhatar F, Même S, Même W, Szeremeta F, Logothetis NK, Angelovski G and Toth E (February-2015) MRI sensing of neurotransmitters with a crown-ether appended Gd3+ complex ACS Chemical Neuroscience 6(2) 219–225.

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