Matthias Rudolph

Address: Spemannstr. 41
72076 Tübingen
Room number: 4.B.06
Phone: +49 7071 601 928
Fax: +49 7071 601 702
E-Mail: Matthias.Rudolph


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Matthias Rudolph

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow  Unit: Scheffler

Ultra lowfield magnetic resonance imaging for the development of Hyperpolarized contrast agents

Newly developed Hyperpolarization techniques for MRI and NMR are working best at field strengths in the mT range. To investigate these newly developed techniques a NMR/MRI system operating at a static magnetic field in the mT range has to be developed.

The aims of this project are:

  • Development and construction of a low noise NMR/MRI setup using a SQUID sensor
  • Optimizing the dc SQUID sensor to increase the signal to noise ratio by a factor of 2 – 5 in comparison to a commercially available SQUID.
  • Optimizing hyperpolarized contrast agents to make them suitable for first in vivo tests



Study of physics at the university of Tübingen, Germany.

Diploma thesis on 'Asymmetric dc-SQUIDs'

since 2012

PhD thesis at the University of Tübingen on 'nano-SQUIDs for the investigation of small spin systems'

since 12.2014

Guest scientist at the Max-Planck Institute for biological Cybernetics on the 'Low Field Magnetic Resonance' project

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Articles (1):

Buckenmaier K, Rudolph M, Black C, Misztal T, Bommerich U, Fehling P, Koelle D, Kleiner R, Mayer HH, Scheffler K, Bernarding J and Plaumann M (October-2017) SQUID-based detection of ultra-low-field multinuclear NMR of substances hyperpolarized using signal amplification by reversible exchange Scientific Reports 7(13431) 1-9.

Posters (2):

Buckenmaier K, Rudolph M, Back C, Engelmann J, Rudin J, Misztal T, Bommerich U, Scheffler K, Koelle D, Kleiner R, Mayer H, Bernarding J and Plaumann M (April-27-2017): SQUID-based ultralow field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy using the para-H2 based hyperpolarization technique SABRE, 25th Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2017), Honolulu, HI, USA.
Buckenmaier K, Rudolph M, Tomasz M, Rudin J, Mayer H, Koelle D, Kleiner R and Scheffler K (March-9-2016): SQUID based magnetic resonance imaging for the investigation of hyperpolarized samples, 11th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Molecular Imaging (EMIM 2016), Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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