Dr.rer.nat.Dipl.-Phys. Michael Erb

Address: Max-Planck-Ring 11
72076 Tübingen
Room number: 3.B.03
Fax: +49 7071 601 702
E-Mail: Michael.Erb


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Michael Erb

Position: Guest Scientist  Unit: Scheffler

1983 -1985  Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics Tuebingen (Braitenberg)
1985-1986 University Hospital Tuebingen, Eye Clinic (Fahle)
1986-1990  Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics Tuebingen (Braitenberg)
1990 University Hospital Duesseldorf,  C. & O. Vogt Brain Research Institute (Palm)
1990-1995 University Marburg, Neurophysics (Reitboeck/Eckhorn)
1995-2011 University Hospital Tuebingen, Neuroradiology (Grodd)
since 2011 University Hospital Tuebingen, Biomedical MR (Scheffler)

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Brodt S, Gais S, Beck J, Erb M, Scheffler K and Schönauer M (November-2018) Fast track to the neocortex: A memory engram in the posterior parietal cortex Science 362(6418) 1045-1048.
Koch K, Stegmaier S, Schwarz L, Erb M, Reinl M, Scheffler K, Wildgruber D and Ethofer T (August-2018) Neural correlates of processing emotional prosody in unipolar depression Human Brain Mapping 39(8) 3419-3427.
Hornung J, Kogler L, Erb M, Freiherr J and Derntl B (May-2018) The human body odor compound androstadienone increases neural conflict coupled to higher behavioral costs during an emotional Stroop task NeuroImage 171 364–375.
Sahib AK, Erb M, Marquetand J, Martin P, Klamer S, Vulliemoz S, Scheffler K, Ethofer T and Focke NK (January-2018) Evaluating the impact of fast-fMRI on dynamic functional connectivity in an event-based paradigm PLoS ONE 13(1) 1-15.
Klamer S, Schwarz L, Krüger O, Koch K, Erb M, Scheffler K and Ethofer T (December-2017) Association between Neuroticism and Emotional Face Processing Scientific Reports 7(17669) 1-8.
Pavlova MA, Erb M, Hagberg GE, Loureiro J, Sokolov AN and Scheffler K (November-2017) "Wrong Way Up": Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of the Networks for Body Motion Processing at 9.4 T Cerebral Cortex 27(11) 5318–5330.
Loureiro JR, Hagberg GE, Ethofer T, Erb M, Bause J, Ehses P, Scheffler K and Himmelbach M (January-2017) Depth-dependence of visual signals in the human superior colliculus at 9.4 T Human Brain Mapping 38(1) 574–587.
Sahib AK, Mathiak K, Erb M, Elshahabi K, Klamer S, Scheffler K, Focke NK and Ethofer T (December-2016) Effect of temporal resolution and serial autocorrelations in event-related functional MRI Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 76(6) 1805–1813.
Fomina T, Lohmann G, Erb M, Ethofer T, Schölkopf B and Grosse-Wentrup M (November-2016) Self-regulation of brain rhythms in the precuneus: a novel BCI paradigm for patients with ALS Journal of Neural Engineering 13(6:066021) 1-14.
Beck Lidén C, Krüger O, Schwarz L, Erb M, Kardatzki B, Scheffler K and Ethofer T (July-2016) Neurobiology of knowledge and misperception of lyrics NeuroImage 134 12–21.
Klamer S, Rona S, Elshahabi A, Lerche H, Braun C, Honegger J, Erb M and Focke NK (June-2015) Multimodal effective connectivity analysis reveals seizure focus and propagation in musicogenic epilepsy NeuroImage 113 70–77.
Klamer S, Elshahabi A, Lerche H, Braun C, Erb M, Scheffler K and Focke NK (January-2015) Differences Between MEG and High-Density EEG Source Localizations Using a Distributed Source Model in Comparison to fMRI Brain Topography 28(1) 87-94.
Rauscher I, Bender B, Grözinger G, Luz O, Pohmann R, Erb M, Schick F and Martirosian P (November-2014) Assessment of T1, T1ρ, and T2 values of the ulnocarpal disc in healthy subjects at 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging 32(9) 1085–1090.
Sokolov AA, Erb M, Grodd W, Tatagiba MS, Frackowiak RSJ and Pavlova MA (October-2014) Recovery of biological motion perception and network plasticity after cerebellar tumor removal Cortex 59 146–152.
Sokolov AA, Erb M, Grodd W and Pavlova MA (March-2014) Structural Loop Between the Cerebellum and the Superior Temporal Sulcus: Evidence from Diffusion Tensor Imaging Cerebral Cortex 24(3) 626-632.
Bilalić M, Turella L, Campitelli G, Erb M and Grodd W (November-2012) Expertise modulates the neural basis of context dependent recognition of objects and their relations Human Brain Mapping 33(11) 2728–2740.
Rapp AM, Mutschler DE and Erb M (October-2012) Where in the brain is nonliteral language? A coordinate-based meta-analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging studies NeuroImage 63(1) 600–610.
Jacob H, Kreifelts B, Brück C, Erb M, Hösl F and Wildgruber D (July-2012) Cerebral integration of verbal and nonverbal emotional cues: Impact of individual nonverbal dominance NeuroImage 61(3) 738–747.
Turella L, Tubaldi F, Erb M, Grodd W and Castiello U (March-2012) Object presence modulates activity within the somatosensory component of the action observation network Cerebral Cortex 22(3) 668-679.
Sokolov AA, Erb M, Gharabaghi A, Grodd W, Tatagiba MS and Pavlova MA (February-2012) Biological motion processing: The left cerebellum communicates with the right superior temporal sulcus NeuroImage 59(3) 2824–2830.
Rapp AM, Erb M, Grodd W, Bartels M and Markert K (December-2011) Neural correlates of metonymy resolution Brain and Language 119(3) 196–205.
Reiterer SM, Hu X, Erb M, Rota G, Nardo D, Grodd W, Winkler S and Ackermann H (November-2011) Individual differences in audio-vocal speech imitation aptitude in late bilinguals: functional neuro-imaging and brain morphology Frontiers in Psychology 7(271) 1-12.
Chadzynski GL, Bender B, Groeger A, Erb M and Klose U (September-2011) Tissue specific resonance frequencies of water and metabolites within the human brain Journal of Magnetic Resonance 212(1) 55–63.
Weis S, Leube D, Erb M, Heun R, Grodd W and Kircher T (July-2011) Functional Neuroanatomy of Sustained Memory Encoding Performance in Healthy Aging and in Alzheimer's Disease International Journal of Neuroscience 121(7) 384-392.
Atique B, Erb M, Gharabaghi A, Grodd W and Anders S (April-2011) Task-specific activity and connectivity within the mentalizing network during emotion and intention mentalizing NeuroImage 55(4) 1899–1911.
Hu X, Erb M, Ackermann H, Martin JA, Grodd W and Reiterer SM (February-2011) Voxel-based morphometry studies of personality: Issue of statistical model specification-effect of nuisance covariates NeuroImage 54(3) 1994–2005.
Brendel B, Erb M, Riecker A, Grodd W, Ackermann H and Ziegler W (January-2011) Do we have a "mental syllabary" in the brain? An FMRI study Motor Control 15(1) 34-51.
Bilalić M, Kiesel A, Pohl C, Erb M and Grodd W (January-2011) It Takes Two–Skilled Recognition of Objects Engages Lateral Areas in Both Hemispheres PLoS ONE 6(1) 1-11.
Bilalić M, Langner R, Erb M and Grodd W (November-2010) Mechanisms and neural basis of object and pattern recognition: A study with chess experts Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 139(4) 728-742.
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Rapp AM, Mutschler DE, Wild B, Erb M, Lengsfeld I, Saur R and Grodd W (April-2010) Neural correlates of irony comprehension: The role of schizotypal personality traits Brain and Language 113(1) 1-12.
Brendel B, Hertrich I, Erb M, Lindner A, Riecker A, Grodd W and Ackermann H (April-2010) The contribution of mesiofrontal cortex to the preparation and execution of repetitive syllable productions: an fMRI study NeuroImage 50(3) 1219–1230.
Turella L, Erb M, Grodd W and Castiello U (July-2009) Visual features of an observed agent do not modulate human brain activity during action observation NeuroImage 46(3) 844–853.
Rota G, Sitaram R, Veit R, Erb M, Weiskopf N, Dogil G and Birbaumer N (May-2009) Self-regulation of regional cortical activity using real-time fMRI: The right inferior frontal gyrus and linguistic processing Human Brain Mapping 30(5) 1605–1614.
Leyhe T, Erb M, Milian M, Eschweiler CW, Ethofer T, Grodd W and Saur R (March-2009) Changes in Cortical Activation during Retrieval of Clock Time Representations in Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders 27(2) 117–132.
Gharabaghi A, Kunath F, Erb M, Saur R, Heckl S, Tatagiba M, Grodd W and Karnath H-A (March-2009) Perisylvian white matter connectivity in the human right hemisphere BMC Neuroscience 10(15) 1-6.
Hackley SA, Langner R, Rolke B, Erb M, Grodd W and Ulrich R (January-2009) Separation of phasic arousal and expectancy effects in a speeded reaction time task via fMRI Psychophysiology 46(1) 163–171.
Leube DT, Weis S, Freymann K, Erb M, Jessen F, Heun R, Grodd W and Kircher TT (November-2008) Neural correlates of verbal episodic memory in patients with MCI and Alzheimer's disease: a VBM study International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 30(11) 1114–1118.
Rapp AM, Wild B, Erb M, Rodden FA, Ruch W and Grodd W (November-2008) Trait cheerfulness modulates BOLD response in lateral cortical but not limbic brain areas: A pilot fMRI study Neuroscience Letters 445(3) 242–245.
Kircher T, Weis S, Leube D, Freymann K, Erb M, Jessen F, Grodd W, Heun R and Krach S (September-2008) Anterior hippocampus orchestrates successful encoding and retrieval of non-relational memory: an event-related fMRI study European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience 258(6) 363-372.
Wietek BM, Baron C, Erb M, Hinninghofen H, Badtke A, Kaps H-P, Grodd W and Enck P (May-2008) Cortical processing of residual ano-rectal sensation in patients with spinal cord injury: an fMRI study Neurogastroenterology & Motility 20(5) 488–497.
Sitaram R, Weiskopf N, Caria A, Veit R, Erb M and Birbaumer N (January-2008) fMRI Brain-Computer Interfaces: A tutorial on methods and applications IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 25(1) 95-106.
Gharabaghi A, Saur R, Kunath F, Heckl S, Erb M, Nägele T, Grodd W and Tatagiba M (December-2007) Implementierung und elektrophysiologische Validierung kombinierter fMRI- und DTI-Bildgebung zur Visualisierung kortiko-subkortikaler Konnektivität [Implementation and electrophysiological validation of combined fMRI and DTI imaging for visualization of cortico-subcortical connectivity] Zeitschrift für Medizinische Physik 17(4) 266-272.
Kreifelts B, Ethofer T, Grodd W, Erb M and Wildgruber D (October-2007) Audiovisual integration of emotional signals in voice and face: An event-related fMRI study NeuroImage 37(4) 1445–1456.
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Heun R, Freymann K, Erb M, Leube DT, Jessen F, Kircher TT and Grodd W (March-2007) Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and actual retrieval performance affect cerebral activation in the elderly Neurobiology of Aging 28(3) 404–413.
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Lindner A, Haarmeier T, Erb M, Grodd W and Thier P (November-2006) Cerebrocerebellar Circuits for the Perceptual Cancellation of Eye-movement-induced Retinal Image Motion Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 18(11) 1899-1912.
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