Hang Zeng

Address: Max-Planck-Ring 11
72076 Tuebingen
Room number: 3.B.01
Phone: +49 7071 601 1765
Fax: +49 7071 601 701
E-Mail: Hang.Zeng


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Hang Zeng

Position: PhD Student  Unit: Yu Scheffler

PhD student at MPI

to be completed!

Current position

I am now a Ph.d student in Dr. Xin Yu's group. We are the Translational Neuroimaging and Neural Control Group in the High-field Magnetic Resonance Department at Max Plant Institute.


2017.10- present
Ph.d Max Plant Institue for Biological Cybernetics
Major Neuroscience
M.S. Peking University (Beijing, China)
Major Pathogenic  Organisms
B.S. Shenyang Medical College (shenyang, China)
Major Clinical Laboratory Medicine

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