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Hamid Noori

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Hamid Noori received his PhDs in mathematics and physics from Universities of Heidelberg and Kaiserslautern and was honored with Venia Legendi from the Medical Faculty Mannheim of Heidelberg University as well. In 2008, he moved to Princeton University and focused his research on the interface of experimental and theoretical neurosciences. In the years 2013-2016, he worked as a group leader in the Central Institute of Mental Health. From 2016, he is the head of the independent research group Neuronal Convergence of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics. He also occupies guest-professorships at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques and Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences of New York University. He is a Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation and an awardee of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences. He also acts as the editor-in-chief of the SpringerNature Journal in silico pharmacology.

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Books (1):

Noori HR: Hysteresis phenomena in biology, 45, Springer, Heidelberg, Germany, (2014). ISBN: 978-3-642-38217-8, Series: Springer Briefs in Applied Sciences and Technology

Articles (38):

Noori HR, Mücksch C and Urbassek HM (July-2018) Ethanol-induced conformational fluctuations of NMDA receptors Molecular Physics Epub ahead.
Oberhofer J and Noori HR (December-2017) Quantitative evaluation of cue-induced reinstatement model for evidence-based experimental optimization Addiction Biology Epub ahead.
Fritze S, Spanagel R and Noori HR (September-2017) Adaptive dynamics of the 5-HT systems following chronic administration of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: a meta-analysis Journal of Neurochemistry 142(2) 747–755.
Foo JC, Noori HR, Yamaguchi I, Vengeliene V, Cosa-Linan A, Nakamura T, Morita K, Spanagel R and Yamamoto Y (August-2017) Dynamical state transitions into addictive behaviour and their early-warning signals Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 284(1860) 1-8.
Noori HR, Schöttler J, Ercsey-Ravasz M, Cosa-Linan A, Varga M, Toroczkai Z and Spanagel R (July-2017) A multiscale cerebral neurochemical connectome of the rat brain PLoS Biology 15(7) 1-23.
Noori HR, Mücksch C, Mukhtasimova N, Takahashi T, Vengeliene V, Spanagel R, Mosqueia M, Fink R, Sine S and Urbassek HM (July-2017) Molecular mechanisms of ethanol-induced Deficits in Muscle Strength Nature . submitted
Noori HR, Fritze S, Staudenmaier S, Gruhlke B, Durmus Ö, Schabel HH, Egenrieder L and Spanagel R (July-2017) Neurochemical fingerprints of psychiatric drugs Nature Reviews Drug Discovery . submitted
Vengeliene V, Bespalov A, Rossmanith M, Horschitz S, Berger S, Relo AL, Noori HR, Schneider P, Enkel T, Bartsch P, Schneider M, Behl B, Hansson AC, Schloss P and Spanagel R (April-2017) Towards trans-diagnostic mechanisms in psychiatry: Neurobehavioral profile of rats with a loss of function point mutation in the dopamine transporter gene Disease Models & Mechanisms 10(4) 451-461.
Hermann D, Hirth N, Reimold M, Batra A, Smolka MN, Hoffmann F, Kiefer F, Noori HR, Sommer WH, Reischl G, la Fougère C, Mann K, Spanagel R and Hansson AC (February-2017) Low μ-Opioid Receptor Status in Alcohol Dependence Identified by Combined Positron Emission Tomography and Post-Mortem Brain Analysis Neuropsychopharmacology 42(3) 606–614.
Noori HR, Cosa Linan A and Spanagel R (September-2016) Largely overlapping neuronal substrates of reactivity to drug, gambling, food and sexual cues: A comprehensive meta-analysis European Neuropsychopharmacology 26(9) 1419–1430.
Hadar R, Vengeliene V, Barroeta Hlusicke E, Canals S, Noori HR, Wieske F, Rummel J, Harnack D, Heinz A, Spanagel R and Winter C (June-2016) Paradoxical augmented relapse in alcohol-dependent rats during deep-brain stimulation in the nucleus accumbens Translational Psychiatry 6(6) 1-9.
Qin W-J, Wang Y-T, Li P-M, Wang X-X, Li J-X, Noori HR, Bernardi RE, Liang J-H and Zhang X-L (April-2016) Context- and time-dependent neurobiological and behavioral sensitization induced by a single morphine exposure in mice Psychopharmacology 233(7) 1147–1155.
Hirth N, Meinhardt MW, Noori HR, Salgado H, Torres-Ramirez O, Uhrig S, Broccoli L, Vengeliene V, Rossmanith M, Perreau-Lenz S, Köhr G, Sommer WH, Spanagel R and Hansson AC (March-2016) Convergent evidence from alcohol-dependent humans and rats for a hyperdopaminergic state in protracted abstinence Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113(11) 3024–3029.
Vengeliene V, Noori HR and Spanagel R (December-2015) Activation of Melatonin Receptors Reduces Relapse-Like Alcohol Consumption Neuropsychopharmacology 40(13) 2897–2906.
Noori HR and Spanagel R (February-2015) New regulations for animal research: a chance to shine for in silico approaches In Silico Pharmacology 3(1) 1.
Noori HR, Mücksch C and Urbassek HM (October-2014) A Structural Feature of the Non-Peptide Ligand Interactions with Mice Mu-Opioid Receptors Current Computer Aided-Drug Design 12(4) 354-360.
Spanagel R, Noori HR and Heilig M (April-2014) Stress and alcohol interactions: animal studies and clinical significance Trends in Neurosciences 37(4) 219–227.
Noori HR, Helinski S and Spanagel R (March-2014) Cluster and meta-analyses on factors influencing stress-induced alcohol drinking and relapse in rodents Addiction Biology 19(2) 225–232.
Brand I, Fliegel S, Spanagel R and Noori HR (December-2013) Global Ethanol-Induced Enhancements of Monoaminergic Neurotransmission: A Meta-Analysis Study Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 37(12) 2048–2057.
Noori HR and Spanagel R (December-2013) In silico pharmacology: drug design and discovery’s gate to the future In Silico Pharmacology 1(1) 1-2.
Spanagel R, Durstewitz D, Hansson A, Heinz A, Kiefer F, Köhr G, Matthäus F, Nöthen MM, Noori HR, Obermayer K, Rietschel M, Schloss P, Scholz H, Schumann G, Smolka M, Sommer W, Vengeliene V, Walter H, Wurst W, Zimmermann US, Stringer S, Smits Y and Derks EM (November-2013) A systems medicine research approach for studying alcohol addiction Addiction Biology 18(6) 883–896.
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Vengeliene V, Noori HR and Spanagel R (January-2013) The Use of a Novel Drinkometer System for Assessing Pharmacological Treatment Effects on Ethanol Consumption in Rats Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 37(Supplement 1) E322–E328.
Kuhrt H, Gryga M, Wolburg H, Joffe B, Grosche J, Reichenbach A and Noori HR (November-2012) Postnatal mammalian retinal development: Quantitative data and general rules Progress in Retinal and Eye Research 31(6) 605–621.
Noori HR, Fliegel S, Brand I and Spanagel R (October-2012) The impact of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors on the extracellular acetylcholine concentrations in the adult rat brain: A meta-analysis Synapse 66(10) 893–901.
Noori HR (September-2012) Multi-scale modeling of complex neuronal networks: a view towards striatal cholinergic pattern formations Journal of Biological Physics 38(4) 597–606.
Noori HR, Spanagel R and Hansson AC (September-2012) Neurocircuitry for modeling drug effects Addiction Biology 17(5) 827–864.
Noori HR (September-2012) The effects of the acute administration of low-dosage ethanol on the phasic neurochemical oscillations of the basal ganglia Mathematical Medicine and Biology 29(3) 231-244.
Perreau-Lenz S, Vengeliene V, Noori HR, Merlo-Pich EV, Corsi MA, Corti C and Spanagel R (August-2012) Inhibition of the Casein-Kinase-1-Epsilon/Delta Prevents Relapse-Like Alcohol Drinking Neuropsychopharmacology 37(9) 2121–2131.
Noori HR and Fornal CA (December-2011) The appropriateness of unbiased optical fractionators to assess cell proliferation in the adult hippocampus Frontiers in Neuroscience 5(140) 1-4.
Noori HR (September-2011) Substantial changes in synaptic firing frequencies induced by glial ATP hysteresis Biosystems 105(3) 238–242.
Noori HR (September-2011) The impact of the glial spatial buffering on the K+ Nernst potential Cognitive Neurodynamics 5(3) 285-291.
Almeida A, Celaymanian H, Seel N, Zak B and Noori HR (February-2011) Mathematical Modeling of the Neuronal Processes in Sugar Addiction Nature Precedings .
Noori HR and Jäger W (January-2010) Neurochemical Oscillations in the Basal Ganglia Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 72(1) 133–147.
Noori HR (September-2009) ATP Hysteresis in Tripartite Synapses Quantitative Biology . submitted
Noori HR (June-2009) The Predominance of Electric Transport in Synaptic Transmission Nature Precedings .
Noori HR (June-2009) Averaging Transformations of Synaptic Potentials on Networks - . submitted

Posters (5):

Savic T, Gambino G, Bokharaie V, Noori H, Logothetis NK and Angelovski G (September-13-2018): Monitoring of ischemic stroke with calcium-responsive MR contrast agents, 11th Annual World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC 2018), Seattle, WA, USA.
Vengeliene V, Noori HR and Spanagel R (October-2016): The alcohol deprivation effect model for studying relapse behaviour, e:Med Meeting 2016 on Systems Medicine, Kiel, Germany.
Noori HR, Mücksch C and Urbassek H (March-1-2016): Conformational Changes of the NMDA Receptors Associated with Ethanol-Induced Inhibition, 60th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society, Los Angeles, CA, USA, Biophysical Journal, 110(3, Supplement 1) 447a.
Noori HR (October-2011): Small fluctations of the Nernst membrane potentials caused by astrocytic spatial buffering in the rodent hippocampus, Computational Neuroscience & Neurotechnology Bernstein Conference & Neurex Annual Meeting 2011, Freiburg, Germany, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 5(Conference Abstract: BC11) 179-180.
Cleppien D, Sartorius A, Noori H, Zheng L and Weber-Fahr W (September-2011): High-resolution regional cerebral blood volume mapping by using pharmacological high-field magnetic resonance imaging, 24th European College Neuropsychopharmacology Congress (ECNP 2011), Paris, France, European Neuropsychopharmacology, 21(Supplement 3) S307–S308.

Theses (4):

Noori HR: Atomistic study of mechanisms of action of ethanol on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern: Fachbereich Physik, (2015). PhD thesis
Noori HR: In Silico Pharmacology: From Modeling to Experiments, Universität Heidelberg: Medizinische Fakultät, (2013). Habilitation thesis
Noori HR: Mathematical Modelling of the Neurochemical Processes in Schizophrenia, Universität Heidelberg: Mathematisches Institut, (August-2008). PhD thesis
Noori HR: Getwistet induzierte Darstellungen der Gruppe Gl(3,Qp), Universität Heidelberg: Mathematisches Institut, (2005). Master thesis

Popular Scientific Articles (14):

Noori HR: on "Consciousness inside and out : phenomenology, neuroscience, and the nature of experience", ACM Computing Reviews.
Noori HR: on "When too much usage is too much: exploring the process of IT addiction", ACM Computing Reviews.
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