Georg Schauer

Address: Max-Planck-Ring 8
72076 Tübingen
Fax: +49 7071 601 652
E-Mail: georg.schauer


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Georg Schauer

Position: PhD Student  Unit: Logothetis

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Articles (1):

Grassi PR, Schauer G and Dwarakanath A (October-2016) The Role of the Occipital Cortex in Resolving Perceptual Ambiguity Journal of Neuroscience 36(41) 10508-10509.

Posters (1):

Schauer G and Bartels A (November-7-2018): Parietal theta burst TMS does not modulate dominance durations of bistable perception: Evidence from three experiments across multiple stimuli, 48th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2018), San Diego, CA, USA.

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