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Reinhard Feiler

Position: IT Staff  Unit: Bülthoff

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Articles (9):

Kirschfeld K, Feiler R and Vogt K (July-1998) Evidence for a sensitizing pigment in the ocellar photoreceptors of the fly (Musca, Calliphora) Journal of Comparative Physiology A 163(4) 421-423.
Kirschfeld K, Feiler R and Wolf-Oberhollenzer F (April-1996) Cortical oscillations and the origin of express saccades. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 263(1369) 459-468.
Britt SG, Feiler R, Kirschfeld K and Zuker CS (July-1993) Spectral Tuning of Rhodopsin and Metarhodopsin In Vivo Neuron 11(1) 29-39.
Feiler R, Bjornson R, Kirschfeld K, Mismer D, Rubin GM, Smith DP, Socolich M and Zuker CS (October-1992) Ectopic expression of ultraviolet-rhodopsins in the blue photoreceptor cells of Drosophila: visual physiology and photochemistry of transgenic animals Journal of Neuroscience 12(10) 3862-3868.
Gewecke M, Kirschfeld K and Feiler R (October-1990) Identification of optic lobe neurons of locusts by video films Biological Cybernetics 63(6) 411–420.
Feiler R, Harris WA, Kirschfeld K, Wehrhahn C and Zuker CS (June-1988) Targeted misexpression of a Drosophila opsin gene leads to altered visual function Nature 333(6175) 737-741.
Kirschfeld K, Feiler R, Hardie R, Vogt K and Franceschini N (March-1983) The senitizing pigment in fly photoreceptors: Properties and candidates Biophysics of Structure and Mechanism 10(1-2) 81-92.
Kirschfeld K, Feiler R and Minke B (November-1978) The kinetics of formation of metarhodopsin in intact photoreceptors of the fly Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C 33(11-12) 1009-1010.
Kirschfeld K, Feiler R and Franceschini N (September-1978) A photostable pigment within the rhabdomere of fly photoreceptors no. 7 Journal of Comparative Physiology 125(3) 275-284.

Conference papers (1):

Gewecke M, Kirschfeld K and Feiler R (1995) Identification of optic lobe neurons of locusts using video films In: Biology and phylogeny of Curculionoidea, , XVIII International Congress of Entomology 1988, Entomological Society of Washington, Washington, DC, USA, 111, Series: Memoirs of the Entomological Society of Washington ; 14.

Posters (3):

Schaerer S, Feiler R and Kirschfeld K (May-1996): Object perception in goldfish, 24th Göttingen Neurobiology Conference: Brain and Evolution, Göttingen, Germany.
Schaerer S, Feiler R and Kirschfeld K (February-1996): Motion sensitivity to large-field stimuli in goldfish measured in a closed-loop paradigm, 1. Kongress der Neurowissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany, Neuroforum, 2(Sonderausgabe) 194.
Gewecke M, Kirschfeld K, Feiler R, Hartwieg E, Hengstenberg R and Lenz G (1987): Heuschrecken "sehen" Video-Filme, 15th Göttingen Neurobiology Conference, Göttingen, Germany, New Frontiers in Brain Research 148.

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