Christoph Lippert

Address: Spemannstr. 41
72076 Tübingen
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Fax: +49 7071 601 552


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Christoph Lippert

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Articles (3):

Lippert C, Listgarten J, Liu Y, Kadie CM, Davidson RI and Heckerman D (October-2011) FaST linear mixed models for genome-wide association studies Nature Methods 8(10) 833–835.
Cao J, Schneeberger K, Ossowski S, Günther T, Bender S, Fitz J, Koenig D, Lanz C, Stegle O, Lippert C, Wang X, Ott F, Müller J, Alonso-Blanco C, Borgwardt K, Schmid KJ and Weigel D (October-2011) Whole-genome sequencing of multiple Arabidopsis thaliana populations Nature Genetics 43(10) 956–963.
Lippert C, Ghahramani Z and Borgwardt KM (April-2010) Gene function prediction from synthetic lethality networks via ranking on demand Bioinformatics 26(7) 912-918.

Conference papers (2):

Stegle O, Lippert C, Mooij J, Lawrence N and Borgwardt K (January-2012) Efficient inference in matrix-variate Gaussian models with iid observation noise In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 24, , Twenty-Fifth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2011), Curran, Red Hook, NY, USA, 630-638.
Lippert C, Stegle O, Ghahramani Z and Borgwardt KM (April-2009) A kernel method for unsupervised structured network inference, Twelfth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS 2009), International Machine Learning Society, Madison, WI, USA, 368-375, Series: JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings ; 5.

Posters (2):

Lippert C, Stegle O, Nickisch H, Borgwardt K and Weigel D (July-2010): Experimental design for genome-wide association studies, 18th Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB 2010), Boston, MA, USA, F1000Posters, 2010(1) 324.
Lippert C, Stegle O, Jegelka S, Altun Y and Borgwardt KM (September-2009): Predicting related traits from SNP markers by multi-task learning, German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB 2009), Halle, Germany.

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