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Christoph Lange

Position: PhD Student  Unit: Alumni Bülthoff Alumni Ernst

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Articles (1):

Ernst MO, Lange C and Newell FN (September-2007) Multisensory Recognition of Actively Explored Objects Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology 61(3) 242-253.

Conference papers (1):

Lange C, Klatzky RL and Ernst MO (June-2004) Bimanual Size Estimation: No Automatic Integration of Information across the Hands, 4th International Conference EuroHaptics 2004, Institute of Automatic Control Engineering, München, Germany, 520-523.

Posters (2):

Newell FN, Lange C, Bülthoff HH and Ernst MO (March-2006): Haptic Exploration Behavior During Bimodal Object Recognition, 9th Tübingen Perception Conference (TWK 2006), Tübingen, Germany.
Lange C and Ernst MO (February-2005): Judging Size by Hand: No Benefit for Bimanual Estimates, 8th Tübingen Perception Conference (TWK 2005), Tübingen, Germany.

Theses (1):

Lange C: Aspekte motorischen Lernens beim Maschineschreiben, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Institut fuer Bilogie, Chemie, Pharmazie -- Verhaltensbiologie, Berlin, (April-2002). Diplom thesis

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