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Schweikert G, Zien A, Zeller G, Behr J, Dieterich C, Ong CS, Philips P, De Bona F, Hartmann L, Bohlen A, Krüger N, Sonnenburg S and Rätsch G (November-2009) mGene: Accurate SVM-based gene finding with an application to nematode genomes Genome Research 19(11) 2133-2143.

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Ong CS, Hartmann L, Bohnert R, Krüger N, Bohlen A and Rätsch G (July-20-2007) Abstract Talk: Bootstrapping the alternative splicing annotation of newly sequenced genomes, Alternative Splicing: Special Interest Group Meeting (AS-SIG) at ISMB 2007, Wien, Austria 33-35.

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