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Bärbel Hengstenberg

Position: Research Technician  Unit: Alumni Bülthoff

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Articles (4):

Krapp HG, Hengstenberg B and Hengstenberg R (April-1998) Dendritic structure and receptive-field organization of optic flow processing interneurons in the fly. Journal of Neurophysiology 79(4) 1902-1917.
Hengstenberg R, Sandeman DC and Hengstenberg B (May-1986) Compensatory head roll in the blowfly Calliphora during flight Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 227(1249) 455-482.
Hengstenberg R, Hausen K and Hengstenberg B (June-1982) The number and structure of giant vertical cells (VS) in the lobula plate of the blowfly Calliphora erythrocephala Journal of Comparative Physiology 149(2) 163-177.
Götz KG, Hengstenberg B and Biesinger R (November-1979) Optomotor control of wing beat and body posture in drosophila Biological Cybernetics 35(2) 101–112.

Contributions to books (3):

Hengstenberg R, Krapp HG and Hengstenberg B: Visual sensation of self-motion in the blowfly Calliphora., 53-70. (Ed) C.Taddei-Ferretti, World Scientific Publishers, 5 Tuh Tuck Link, 596224 Singapore, (1998).
Hengstenberg R, Bülthoff HH and Hengstenberg B: Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Stereoscopic Display of Neurons in the Fly Visual System, 183-205. In: Functional neuroanatomy, (Ed) N.J. Strausfeld, Springer, Berlin, Germany, (1983).
Hengstenberg R and Hengstenberg B: Intracellular Staining of Insect Neurons with Procion Yellow, 307-324. In: Neuroanatomical Techniques: insect nervous system, (Ed) N.J. Strausfeld, Springer, Berlin, Germany, (1980).

Posters (2):

Krapp HG, Hengstenberg B and Hengstenberg R (1994): Correspondence of dendritic field structure, receptive field organization and specific optic flow patterns in visual interneurons of the blowfly Calliphora.(In:Sensory Transduction, Vol 2, ed. by Elsner,N.,Breer,H.).
Hengstenberg R, Hausen K and Hengstenberg B (1988): Cobalt pathways from haltere mechanoreceptors to inter-and motoneurons controlling head posture and flight steering in the blowfly Calliphora, 16. Göttinger Neurobiologentagung, Göttingen, Germany, Sense organs: interfaces between environment and behaviour 129.

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