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Aline Bompas

Position: Research Scientist  Unit: Alumni Bülthoff Alumni Ernst

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Articles (3):

Bompas A and Chapin JK (February-2006) More evidence for sensorimotor adaptation in color perception Journal of Vision 6(2) 145-153.
Bompas A and ORegan K (January-2006) Evidence for a role of action in color perception Perception 35(1) 65-78.
Wolfe J, Oliva A, Todd H, Butcher S and Bompas A (December-2002) Segmentation of objects from backgrounds in visual search tasks Vision Research 42(38) 2985-3004.

Posters (6):

Bompas A and Ernst MO (August-2006): Perceptual similarity between grey levels depends on learnt sensorimotor correlation between grey levels and eye movements, 29th European Conference on Visual Perception, St. Petersburg, Perception, 35(ECVP Abstract Supplement) 88.
Bompas A (March-2006): Sensorimotor Adaptation in Colour, 9th Tübingen Perception Conference (TWK 2006), Tübingen, Germany.
Bompas A and ORegan K (2005): Color adaptation contingent on eye saccades, ICVS.
Bompas A and ORegan K (2004): Induced dependence of colour perception on eye-movements, Perception, 33 100.
Bompas A and O'Regan JK (September-2003): A sensory-motor approach of colour perception, 26th European Conference on Visual Perception, Paris, France, Perception, 32(ECVP Abstract Supplement) 64.
Bompas A, Clark JJ and O'Regan JK (August-2002): Colour perception in the sensorimotor contingency theory, 25th European Conference on Visual Perception, Glasgow, UK, Perception, 31(ECVP Abstract Supplement) 100.

Talks (2):

Bompas A and O'Regan JK (June-27-2004) Abstract Talk: The role of action in sensation: evidence from colour perception, 8th Annual Meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC 2004), Antwerpen, Belgium 46.
O'Regan K, Clark JK and Bompas A (August-2001) Abstract Talk: Implications of a sensorimotor theory of vision for scene perception and colour sensation, Twenty-fourth European Conference on Visual Perception, Kuşadasi, Turkey, Perception, 30(ECVP Abstract Supplement) 94.

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