Dr. Anke Henning

Address: Max-Planck-Ring 11
72076 Tübingen
Room number: 1.B.02
Phone: +49 7071 601 723
Fax: +49 7071 601 702
E-Mail: Anke.Henning


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Anke Henning

Position: Research Group Leader  Unit: Henning Scheffler

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) allows for non-invasive and non-ionizing determination of tissue concentrations and metabolic turn-over rates of various metabolites and compounds in animals or humans. MRS is hence applied for clinical diagnostics and has established as an important tool for physiological research. The focus of this research group is MRS methods development exploiting the advantages of ultra-high field strength and applications in the areas of psychiatric imaging and spinal cord pathologies.


06.2012 – now

Research Group Leader

Max-Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen, Germany

06.2011 – 09.2011

Visiting scientist

University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands

05.2008 - now

Project leader

Institute for Biomedical Engineering, University and ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

04.2004 - 04.2008

Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)

10.1996 – 04.2002 Master of Physics

Technical University Chemnitz, Chemnitz, Germany

09.1999 - 05.2000

Exchange year

State University of New York in Binghamton, USA



Herder-Gymnasium Stralsund, Germany

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Nassirpour S, Chang P, Avdievitch N and Henning A (December-2018) Compressed sensing for high‐resolution nonlipid suppressed 1H FID MRSI of the human brain at 9.4T Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 80(6) 2311-2325.
Nassirpour S, Chang P and Henning A (December-2018) MultiNet PyGRAPPA: Multiple neural networks for reconstructing variable density GRAPPA (a 1H FID MRSI study) NeuroImage 183 336-345.
Pfrommer A and Henning A (November-2018) The ultimate intrinsic signal-to-noise ratio of loop- and dipole-like current patterns in a realistic human head model Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 80(5) 2122-2138.
Aghaeifar A, Mirkes C, Bause J, Steffen T, Avdievitch N, Henning A and Scheffler K (October-2018) Dynamic B0 shimming of the human brain at 9.4 T with a 16-channel multi-coil shim setup Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 80(4) 1714-1725.
Giapitzakis I-A, Borbath T, Murali‐Manohar S, Avdievich N and Henning A (October-2018) Investigation of the influence of macromolecules and spline baseline in the fitting model of human brain spectra at 9.4T Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Epub ahead.
Nassirpour S, Chang P, Kirchner T and Henning A (October-2018) Over‐discretized SENSE reconstruction and B0 correction for accelerated non‐lipid‐suppressed 1H FID MRSI of the human brain at 9.4 T NMR in Biomedicine Epub ahead.
Avdievich NI, Giapitzakis IA, Pfrommer A, Shajan G, Scheffler K and Henning A (September-2018) Decoupling of a double‐row 16‐element tight‐fit transceiver phased array for human whole‐brain imaging at 9.4 T NMR in Biomedicine 31(9) 1-13.
Gärtner M, Ghisu ME, Scheidegger M, Bönke L, Fan Y, Stippl A, Herrera-Melendez AL, Metz S, Winnebeck E, Fissler M, Henning A, Bajbouj M, Borgwardt K, Barnhofer T and Grimm S (August-2018) Aberrant working memory processing in major depression: evidence from multivoxel pattern classification Neuropsychopharmacology 43(9) 1972-1979.
Giapitzakis IA, Avdievich NI and Henning A (August-2018) Characterization of macromolecular baseline of human brain using metabolite cycled semi-LASER at 9.4T Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 80(2) 462-473.
Chang P, Nassirpour S, Eschelbach M, Scheffler K and Henning A (August-2018) Constrained optimization for position calibration of an NMR field camera Magnetic Resonance Imaging 80(1) 380-390.
Wyss PO, Bianchini C, Scheidegger M, Giapitzakis IA, Hock A, Fuchs A and Henning A (August-2018) In vivo estimation of transverse relaxation time constant (T2) of 17 human brain metabolites at 3T Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 80(2) 452-461.
Chang P, Nassirpour S, Avdievich N and Henning A (August-2018) Non-water-suppressed 1H FID-MRSI at 3T and 9.4T Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 80(2) 442-451.
Fichtner ND, Giapitzakis I-A, Avdievich N, Mekle R, Zaldivar D, Henning A and Kreis R (June-2018) In vivo characterization of the downfield part of 1H MR spectra of human brain at 9.4T: Magnetization exchange with water and relation to conventionally determined metabolite content Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 79(6) 2863-2873.
Zoelch N, Hock A and Henning A (May-2018) Quantitative magnetic resonance spectroscopy at 3T based on the principle of reciprocity NMR in Biomedicine 31(5) 1-17.
Giapitzakis IA, Shao T, Avdievich NI, Mekle R, Kreis R and Henning A (April-2018) Metabolite-cycled STEAM and semi-LASER localization for MR spectroscopy of the human brain at 9.4T Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 79(4) 1841-1850.
Schreiner SJ, Kirchner T, Narkhede A, Wyss M, Van Bergen JMG, Steininger SC, Gietl A, Leh SE, Treyer V, Buck A, Pruessmann KP, Nitsch RM, Hock C, Henning A, Brickman AM and Unschuld PG (March-2018) Brain amyloid-burden and cerebrovascular disease are synergistically associated with neurometabolism in cognitively unimpaired older adults Neurobiology of Aging 63 152-161.
Nassirpour S, Chang P and Henning A (March-2018) High and ultra-high resolution metabolite mapping of the human brain using 1H FID MRSI at 9.4T NeuroImage 168 211-221.
Scully C, Rudd A, Mezincescu A, Wilson H, Srinivasan J, Horgan G, Broadhurst P, Newby DE, Henning A and Dawson DK (March-2018) Persistent Long-Term Structural, Functional, and Metabolic Changes After Stress-Induced (Takotsubo) Cardiomyopathy Circulation 137(10) 1039-1048.
Henning A (March-2018) Proton and multinuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the human brain at ultra-high field strength: A review NeuroImage 168 181-198.
Nassirpour S, Chang P, Fillmer A and Henning A (February-2018) A comparison of optimization algorithms for localized in vivo B0 shimming Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 79(2) 1145–1156.
Avdievich NI, Giapitzakis IA, Pfrommer A, Borbath T and Henning A (February-2018) Combination of surface and "vertical" loop elements improves receive performance of a human head transceiver array at 9.4 T NMR in Biomedicine 31(2) 1-13.
Avdievich NI, Giapitzakis I-A, Pfrommer A and Henning A (February-2018) Decoupling of a tight-fit transceiver phased array for human brain imaging at 9.4T: Loop overlapping rediscovered Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 79(2) 1200–1211.
Chang P, Nassirpour S and Henning A (January-2018) Modeling real shim fields for very high degree (and order) B0 shimming of the human brain at 9.4 T Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 79(1) 529–540.
Giapitzakis I-A, Borbath T, Murali-Manohar S, Avdievich N and Henning A (January-2018) Neurochemical Profile of Occipital and Left Parietal Lobes of Human Brain at 9.4 T: Investigation of the Influence of Macromolecular and Spline Baseline in the Fitting Model Magnetic Resonance in Medicine . in revision
Fillmer A, Hock A, Cameron D and Henning A (December-2017) Non-Water-Suppressed 1H MR Spectroscopy with Orientational Prior Knowledge Shows Potential for Separating Intra- and Extramyocellular Lipid Signals in Human Myocardium Scientific Reports 7(16898) 1-14.
Avdievich N, Pfrommer A, Giapitzakis IA and Henning A (October-2017) Analytical modeling provides new insight into complex mutual coupling between surface loops at ultrahigh fields NMR in Biomedicine 30(10) 1-13.
Holst SC, Sousek A, Hefti K, Saberi-Moghadam S, Buck A, Ametamey SM, Scheidegger M, Franken P, Henning A, Seifritz E, Tafti M and Landholt HP (October-2017) Cerebral mGluR5 availability contributes to elevated sleep need and behavioral adjustment after sleep deprivation eLife 6 1-23.
Zoelch N, Hock A, Heinzer-Schweizer S, Avdievitch N and Henning A (August-2017) Accurate determination of brain metabolite concentrations using ERETIC as external reference NMR in Biomedicine 30(8) 1-16.
Fichtner ND, Henning A, Zoelch N, Boesch C and Kreis R (July-2017) Elucidation of the downfield spectrum of human brain at 7 T using multiple inversion recovery delays and echo times Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 78(1) 11-19.
Pfrommer A and Henning A (May-2017) On the Contribution of Curl-Free Current Patterns to the Ultimate Intrinsic Signal-to-Noise Ratio at Ultra-High Field Strength NMR in Biomedicine 30(5) 1-16.
Avdievich NI, Hoffmann J, Shajan G, Pfrommer A, Giapitzakis IA, Scheffler K and Henning A (February-2017) Evaluation of transmit efficiency and SAR for a tight fit transceiver human head phased array at 9.4 T NMR in Biomedicine 30(2) 1-12.
Ernst J, Hock A, Henning A, Seifritz E, Boeker H and Grimm S (January-2017) Increased pregenual anterior cingulate glucose and lactate concentrations in major depressive disorder Molecular Psychiatry 22(1) 113–119.
Kirchner T, Fillmer A and Henning A (January-2017) Mechanisms of SNR and line shape improvement by B0 correction in overdiscrete MRSI reconstruction Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 77(1) 44–56.
Schreiner SJ, Kirchner T, Wyss M, Van Bergen JMG, Quevenco FC, Steiniger SC, Griffith EY, Meier I, Michels L, Gietl A, Leh SE, Brickman AM, Hock C, Nitsch RM, Pruessmann KP, Henning A and Unschuld PG (December-2016) Low episodic memory performance in cognitively normal elderly subjects is associated with increased posterior cingulate gray matter N-acetylaspartate: A 1H MRSI Study at 7 Teslas Neurobiology of Aging 48 195–203.
Avdievich NI, Giapitzakis IA and Henning A (November-2016) Novel splittable N-Tx/2N-Rx transceiver phased array to optimize both signal-to-noise ratio and transmit efficiency at 9.4T Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 76(5) 1621-1628.
Hock A, Wilm B, Zandomeneghi G, Ampanozi G, Franckenberg S, Zoelch N, Wyss PO, De Zanche N, Nordmeyer-Maßner J, Kraemer T, Thali M, Ernst M, Kollias S and Henning A (October-2016) Neurochemical profile of the human cervical spinal cord determined by MRS NMR in Biomedicine 29(10) 1464–1476.
Henning A, Koning W, Fuchs A, Raaijmakers A, Bluemink JJ, van den Berg CAT, Boer VO and Klomp DWJ (September-2016) 1H MRS in the human spinal cord at 7 T using a dielectric waveguide transmitter, RF shimming and a high density receive array NMR in Biomedicine 29(9) 1231–1239.
Hoffmann J, Henning A, Giapitzakis IA, Scheffler K, Shajan G, Pohmann R and Avdievich NI (September-2016) Safety testing and operational procedures for self-developed radiofrequency coils NMR in Biomedicine 29(9) 1131–1144.
Lehmann M, Seifritz E, Walter M, Böker H, Henning A, Scheidegger M and Grimm S (August-2016) Differential effects of rumination and distraction on ketamine induced modulation of resting state functional connectivity and reactivity of regions within the default-mode network Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 11(8) 1227-1235.
Soeiro-de-Souza MG, Pastorello BF, da Costa Leite C, Henning A, Moreno RA and Garcia Otaduy MC (August-2016) Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Lactate and Glutathione Levels in Euthymic Bipolar I Disorder: 1H-MRS Study International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology 19(8) 1-8.
Scheidegger M, Henning A, Walter M, Lehmann M, Kraehenmann R, Boeker H, Seifritz E and Grimm S (May-2016) Ketamine administration reduces amygdalo-hippocampal reactivity to emotional stimulation Human Brain Mapping 37(5) 1941–1952.
Hock A and Henning A (April-2016) Motion correction and frequency stabilization for MRS of the human spinal cord NMR in Biomedicine 29(4) 490–498.
Fillmer A, Vannesjö SJ, Pavan M, Scheidegger M, Pruessmann KP and Henning A (March-2016) Fast Iterative Pre-Emphasis Calibration Method Enabling Third-Order Dynamic Shim Updated fMRI Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 75(3) 1119–1131.
Scheidegger M, Henning A, Walter M, Boeker H, Weigand A, Seifritz E and Grimm S (January-2016) Effects of ketamine on cognition-emotion interaction in the brain NeuroImage 124(Part A) 8-15.
Hulka LM, Scheidegger M, Vonmoos M, Preller KH, Baumgartner MR, Herdener M, Seifritz E, Henning A and Quednow BB (January-2016) Glutamatergic and neurometabolic alterations in chronic cocaine users measured with 1H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy Addiction Biology 21(1) 205–217.
Soeiro-de-Souza MG, Henning A, Machado-Vieira R, Moreno RA, Pastorello BF, da Costa Leite C, Vallada H and Garcia Otaduy MC (December-2015) Anterior cingulate Glutamate-Glutamine cycle metabolites are altered in euthymic bipolar I disorder European Neuropsychopharmacology 25(12) 2221–2229.
Dawson DK, Neil CJ, Henning A, Cameron D, Jagpal B, Bruce M, Horowitz J and Frenneaux MP (August-2015) Tako-tsubo Cardiomyopathy: A Heart Stressed out of Energy? JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging 8(8) 985–987.
Fillmer A, Kirchner T, Cameron D and Henning A (April-2015) Constrained image-based B0 shimming accounting for "local minimum traps" in the optimization and field inhomogeneities outside the region of interest Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 73(4) 1370–1380.
Kirchner T, Fillmer A, Tsao J, Pruessmann KP and Henning A (February-2015) Reduction of voxel bleeding in highly accelerated parallel 1H MRSI by direct control of the spatial response function Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 73(2) 469–480.
Riese R, Gietl A, Zölch N, Henning A, O’Gorman R, Kälin AM, Leh SE, Buck A, Warnock G, Edden RAE, Luechinger R, Hock C, Kollias S and Michels L (January-2015) Posterior cingulate γ-aminobutyric acid and glutamate/glutamine are reduced in amnestic mild cognitive impairment and are unrelated to amyloid deposition and apolipoprotein E genotype Neurobiology of Aging 36(1) 53–59.
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