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Nassirpour S, Chang P, Fillmer A und Henning A (Februar-2018) A comparison of optimization algorithms for localized in vivo B0 shimming Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 79(2) 1145–1156.
Thaler A, Geuss MN, Mölbert SC, Giel KE, Streuber S, Romero J, Black MJ und Mohler BJ (Februar-2018) Body size estimation of self and others in females varying in BMI PLoS ONE 13(2) 1-24.
Wang M, He Y, Sejnowski TJ und Yu X (Februar-2018) Brain-state dependent astrocytic Ca2+ signals are coupled to both positive and negative BOLD-fMRI signals Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115(7) E1647-E1656.
Avdievich NI, Giapitzakis IA, Pfrommer A, Borbath T und Henning A (Februar-2018) Combination of surface and "vertical" loop elements improves receive performance of a human head transceiver array at 9.4 T NMR in Biomedicine 31(2) 1-13.
Bailey DL, Pichler BJ, Gückel B, Antoch G, Barthel H, Bhujwalla ZM, Biskup S, Biswal S, Bitzer M, Boellaard R, Braren RF, Brendle C, Brindle K, Chiti A, la Fougère C, Gillies R, Goh V, Goyen M, Hacker M, Heukamp L, Knudsen GM, Krackhardt AL, Law I, Morris CJ, Nikolaou K, Nuyts J, Ordonez AA, Pantel K, Quick HH, Riklund K, Sabri O, Sattler B, Troost EGC, Zaiss M, Zender L und Beyer T (Februar-2018) Combined PET/MRI: Global Warming: Summary Report of the 6th International Workshop on PET/MRI, March 27–29, 2017, Tübingen, Germany Molecular Imaging and Biology 20(1) 4–20.


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Artikel (132):

12402. Olivari M, Pretto P, Venrooij J und Bülthoff HH (Dezember-2017) Defining the Kinematic Requirements for a Theoretical Driving Simulator Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour Epub ahead. im Druck
CiteID: OlivariPVB2017_2
12401. Bülthoff I, Mohler BJ und Thornton IM (Dezember-2017) Face recognition of full-bodied avatars by active observers in a virtual environment Vision Research Epub ahead. im Druck
CiteID: BulthoffMT2017
12400. Pavlova MA, Erb M, Hagberg GE, Loureiro J, Sokolov AN und Scheffler K (November-2017) "Wrong Way Up": Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of the Networks for Body Motion Processing at 9.4 T Cerebral Cortex 27(11) 5318–5330.
CiteID: PavlovaEHLSS2017
12399. Chang P, Nassirpour S, Eschelbach M, Scheffler K und Henning A (November-2017) Constrained optimization for position calibration of an NMR field camera Magnetic Resonance Imaging Epub ahead.
CiteID: ChangNESH2017
12398. Mölbert SC, Klein L, Thaler A, Mohler BJ, Brozzo C, Martus P, Karnath H-, Zipfel S und Giel KE (November-2017) Depictive and metric body size estimation in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa: A systematic review and meta-analysis Clinical Psychology Review 57 21–31.
CiteID: MolbertKTMBMKZG2017
12397. Van Grootel TJ, Meeson A, Munk MHJ, Kourtzi Z, Movshon JA, Logothetis NK und Kiorpes L (November-2017) Development of visual cortical function in infant macaques: A BOLD fMRI study PLoS ONE 12(11) 1-29.
CiteID: VanGrootelMMKMLK2017
12396. Mölbert SC, Thaler A, Streuber S, Black MJ, Karnath H-O, Zipfel S, Mohler B und Giel KE (November-2017) Investigating Body Image Disturbance in Anorexia Nervosa Using Novel Biometric Figure Rating Scales: A Pilot Study European Eating Disorders Review 25(6) 607–612.
CiteID: MolbertTSBKZMG2017_2
12395. Neves RM, van Keulen S, Yang M, Logothetis NK und Eschenko O (November-2017) Locus Coeruleus phasic discharge is essential for stimulus-induced gamma oscillations in the prefrontal cortex Journal of Neurophysiology Epub ahead.
CiteID: NevesvYLE2017
12394. Eschenko O, Mello-Carpes PB und Hansen N (November-2017) New Insights into the Role of the Locus Coeruleus-Noradrenergic System in Memory and Perception Dysfunction Neural Plasticity 2017(4624171) 1-3.
CiteID: EschenkoMH2017
12393. Scully C, Rudd A, Mezincescu A, Wilson H, Srinivasan J, Horgan G, Broadhurst P, Newby DE, Henning A und Dawson DK (November-2017) Persistent Long-Term Structural, Functional, and Metabolic Changes After Stress-Induced (Takotsubo) Cardiomyopathy Circulation Epub ahead.
CiteID: ScullyRMWSHBNHD2017
12392. Jung W, Bülthoff I und Armann RGM (November-2017) The contribution of foveal and peripheral visual information to ensemble representation of face race Journal of Vision 17(13:11) 1-12.
CiteID: JungBA2017
12391. Caneda-Martínez L, Valencia L, Fernández-Pérez I, Regueiro-Figueroa M, Angelovski G, Brandariz I, Esteban-Gómez D und Platas-Iglesias C (November-2017) Toward Inert Paramagnetic Ni(II)-Based Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer MRI Agents Dalton Transactions 46(43) 15095-15106.
CiteID: CanedaMartinezVFRABEP2017
12390. Bungert A, Antunes A, Espenhahn S und Thielscher A (November-2017) Where does TMS Stimulate the Motor Cortex? Combining Electrophysiological Measurements and Realistic Field Estimates to Reveal the Affected Cortex Position Cerebral Cortex 27(11) 5083–5094.
CiteID: BungertAET2016
12389. Avdievich N, Pfrommer A, Giapitzakis IA und Henning A (Oktober-2017) Analytical modeling provides new insight into complex mutual coupling between surface loops at ultrahigh fields NMR in Biomedicine 30(10) 1-13.
CiteID: AvdievichPGH2017
12388. Holst SC, Sousek A, Hefti K, Saberi-Moghadam S, Buck A, Ametamey SM, Scheidegger M, Franken P, Henning A, Seifritz E, Tafti M und Landholt HP (Oktober-2017) Cerebral mGluR5 availability contributes to elevated sleep need and behavioral adjustment after sleep deprivation eLife 6 1-23.
12387. Chadzynski GL, Bause J, Shajan G, Pohmann R, Scheffler K und Ehses P (Oktober-2017) Fast and efficient free induction decay MR spectroscopic imaging of the human brain at 9.4 Tesla Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 78(4) 1281–1295.
CiteID: ChadzynskiBSPSE2016_2
12386. Kirschfeld K (Oktober-2017) How we perceive our own retina Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 284(1865) 1-6.
CiteID: Kirschfeld2017
12385. Fichtner ND, Giapitzakis I-A, Avdievich N, Mekle R, Zaldivar D, Henning A und Kreis R (Oktober-2017) In vivo characterization of the downfield part of 1H MR spectra of human brain at 9.4T: Magnetization exchange with water and relation to conventionally determined metabolite content Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Epub ahead.
CiteID: FichtnerGAMZHK2017_3
12384. Rojas-Piloni G, Guest JM, Egger R, Johnson AS, Sakmann B und Oberlaender M (Oktober-2017) Relationships between structure, in vivo function and long-range axonal target of cortical pyramidal tract neurons Nature Communications 8(870) 1-11.
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12383. Nonnenmacher M, Behrens C, Berens P, Bethge M und Macke JH (Oktober-2017) Signatures of criticality arise from random subsampling in simple population models PLoS Computational Biology 13(10) 1-23.
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12379. Ferstl Y, Bülthoff HH und de la Rosa S (September-2017) Action recognition is sensitive to the identity of the actor Cognition 166 201–206.
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12376. Kambeitz J, Cabral C, Sacchet MD, Gotlib IH, Zahn R, Serpa MH, Walter M, Falkai P und Koutsouleris N (September-2017) Detecting Neuroimaging Biomarkers for Depression: A Meta-analysis of Multivariate Pattern Recognition Studies Biological Psychiatry 82(5) 330-338.
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pdfCiteID: ZhaoB2016_4
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CiteID: deWinkelNAB2017
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