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Artikel (9):

Wehrhahn C und Westheimer G (Januar-1993) Temporal asynchrony interferes with vernier acuity Visual Neuroscience 10(1) 13-19.
CiteID: 1366

Poster (2):

Rapf D und Wehrhahn C (August-1993): From temporal order to motion perception through repeated presentation: Improvement in performance is specifically manifested by ON pathway stimulation, Sixteenth European Conference on Visual Perception, Edinburgh, UK, Perception, 22(ECVP Abstract Supplement) 92-93.
CiteID: RapfW1993
Wachtler T und Wehrhahn C (August-1993): Long-range interactions in perception of lightness and colour induced by local changes of luminance, Sixteenth European Conference on Visual Perception, Edinburgh, UK, Perception, 22(ECVP Abstract Supplement) 60-61.
CiteID: WachtlerW1993


Artikel (9):

Wagner H und Takahashi T (Dezember-1992) Influence of temporal cues on acoustic motion-direction sensitivity of auditory neurons in the owl Journal of Neurophysiology 68(6) 2063-2076.
CiteID: WagnerT1992
Nalbach H-O (Dezember-1992) Translational head movements of pigeons in response to a rotating pattern: characteristics and tool to analyse mechanisms underlying detection of rotational and translational optical flow Experimental Brain Research 92(1) 27–38.
CiteID: Nalbach1992
Antkowiak B und Kirschfeld K (November-1992) Enflurane is a potent inhibitor of high conductance Ca2+-activated K+' channels of Chara australis FEBS Letters 313(3) 281–284.
CiteID: AntkowiakK1992
Feiler R, Bjornson R, Kirschfeld K, Mismer D, Rubin GM, Smith DP, Socolich M und Zuker CS (Oktober-1992) Ectopic expression of ultraviolet-rhodopsins in the blue photoreceptor cells of Drosophila: visual physiology and photochemistry of transgenic animals Journal of Neuroscience 12(10) 3862-3868.
CiteID: 1308
Sandler C und Kirschfeld K (September-1992) Light-induced changes in extracellular calcium concentration in the compound eye of Calliphora, Locusta and Apis Journal of Comparative Physiology A 171(5) 573–581.
CiteID: SandlerK1992
Kröger RHH (September-1992) Methods to estimate dispersion in vertebrate ocular media Journal of the Optical Society of America A 9(9) 1486-1490.
CiteID: Kroger1992
Schaeffel F und Wagner H (Juni-1992) Barn owls have symmetrical accommodation in both eyes, but independent pupillary responses to light Vision Research 32(6) 1149–1155.
CiteID: SchaeffelW1992
Wehrhahn C und Rapf D (Juni-1992) ON- and OFF-pathways form separate neural substrates for motion perception: psychophysical evidence Journal of Neuroscience 12(6) 2247-2250.
CiteID: 1368
Kirschfeld K (Mai-1992) Oscillations in the insect brain: do they correspond to the cortical gamma-waves of vertebrates? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 89(10) 4764–4768.
CiteID: Kirschfeld1992_2

Beiträge zu Tagungsbänden (1):

Kirschfeld K (Juni-1992) Wie wird im Verlaufe der Evolution optimiert? "Erfindungen" im Komplexauge der Stubenfliege In: Technische Biologie und Bionik 1, , 1. Bionik-Kongress, G. Fischer, Stuttgart, Germany, 39-52.
CiteID: Kirschfeld1992

Vorträge (1):

Lee BB, Westheimer G, Wehrhahn C und Kremers J (September-1992) Abstract Talk: Detection of edge displacement by primate ganglion cells and human observers, Fifteenth European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP 1992), Pisa, Italy, Perception, 21(Supplement 2) 4.
CiteID: LeeWWK1992


Artikel (5):

Kirschfeld K (Dezember-1991) An optomotor control system with automatic compensation for contrast and texture Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 246(1317) 261-268.
CiteID: Kirschfeld1991
Kirschfeld K (Dezember-1991) Synchronized Activity in the Insect Brain Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung C 46(11-12) 1134-1136.
CiteID: Kirschfeld1991_2
Wagner H und Schaeffel F (November-1991) Barn owls (Tyto alba) use accommodation as a distance cue Journal of Comparative Physiology A 169(5) 515–521.
CiteID: WagnerS1991
Sandler C und Kirschfeld K (September-1991) Light-induced extracellular calcium and sodium concentration changes in the retina of Calliphora: involvement in the mechanism of light adaptation Journal of Comparative Physiology A 169(3) 299–311.
CiteID: SandlerK1991
Fahle M und Wehrhahn C (September-1991) Motion perception in the peripheral visual field Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 229(5) 430-436.
CiteID: 1369

Verschiedenes (1):

Kirschfeld K: Eine Zelle ist noch kein Mensch, Die Zeit(August-1991) 1991, 1-5.
CiteID: 6258


Artikel (11):

Wagner H (November-1990) Receptive Fields of Neurons in the Owl's Auditory Brainstem Change Dynamically European Journal of Neuroscience 2(11) 949-959.
CiteID: Wagner1990
Gewecke M, Kirschfeld K und Feiler R (Oktober-1990) Identification of optic lobe neurons of locusts by video films Biological Cybernetics 63(6) 411–420.
CiteID: GeweckeKF1990
Wehrhahn C, Heide G und Petersen D (Oktober-1990) Long-range color interactions in human visual cortex Clincal Vision Sciences 5(4) 401-406.
CiteID: 1371
Wagner H und Takahashi T (September-1990) Neurons in the midbrain of the barn owl are sensitive to the direction of apparent acoustic motion Naturwissenschaften 77(9) 439-442.
CiteID: WagnerT1990
Wolf-Oberhollenzer F und Kirschfeld K (Juni-1990) Temporal frequency dependence in motion-sensitive neurons of the accessory optic system of the pigeon Science of Nature 77(6) 296–298.
CiteID: WolfOberhollenzerK1990
Wehrhahn C und Westheimer G (Mai-1990) How vernier acuity depends on contrast Experimental Brain Research 80(3) 616-618.
CiteID: 1372
Wagner H (Mai-1990) Theta motion: A new psychophysical paradigm indicating two levels of visual motion perception Naturwissenschaften 77(5) 243–246.
CiteID: Wagner1990_2
Wehrhahn C, Westheimer G und Abulencia A (April-1990) Binocular summation in temporal-order detection Journal of the Optical Society of America A 7(4) 731-732.
CiteID: 1373
Nalbach H-O, Wolf-Oberhollenzer F und Kirschfeld K (April-1990) The pigeon's eye viewed through an ophthalmoscopic microscope: Orientation of retinal landmarks and significance of eye movements Vision Research 30(4) 529–540.
CiteID: NalbachWK1990
Kirschfeld K (Februar-1990) Genetisch manipulierte Sehfarbstoffe von Drosophila Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau 43(2) 55-61.
CiteID: Krschfeld1990
Hausen K und Wehrhahn C (Januar-1990) Neural circuits mediating visual flight control in flies II: Separation of two control systems by microsurgical brain lesions Journal of Neuroscience 10(1) 351-360.
CiteID: 1375

Poster (1):

Rapf D und Wehrhahn C (September-1990): Detection of the temporal order of onset and offset of adjacent visual stimuli, Thirteenth European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP 1990), Paris, France, Perception, 19(3) 388.
CiteID: RapfW1990


Artikel (5):

Hausen K und Wehrhahn C (November-1989) Neural circuits mediating visual flight control in flies I: Quantitative comparison of neural and behavioural response characteristics Journal of Neuroscience 9(11) 3828-3836.
CiteID: 1377
Wehrhahn C (November-1989) Neural Darwinism: The Theory of Neuronal Group Selection by Gerald M. EdelmanNeural Darwinism American Scientist 77(6) 582-583.
CiteID: 1393
Nalbach H-O, Nalbach G und Forzin L (September-1989) Visual control of eye-stalk orientation in crabs: vertical optokinetics, visual fixation of the horizon, and eye design Journal of Comparative Physiology A 165(5) 577–587.
CiteID: NalbachNF1989
Kirschfeld K (August-1989) Automatic gain control in movement detection of the fly: Implications for optomotor responses Naturwissenschaften 76(8) 378–380.
CiteID: Kirschfeld1989
Hardie R, Vogt K und Rudolph A (Mai-1989) The compound eye of the tsetse fly (Glossina morsitans morsitans and Glossina palpalis palpalis) Journal of Insect Physiology 35(5) 423-431.
CiteID: HardieVR1989


Artikel (7):

Kirschfeld K (September-1988) The influence of general anesthetics on neurons sensitive to motion in the visual system of the fly Naturwissenschaften 75(9) 468–470.
CiteID: Kirschfeld1988
Kirschfeld K (August-1988) The Role of Dorsal Rim Ommatidia in the Bee's Eye Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C 43(7-8) 621-623.
CiteID: Kirschfeld1988_2
Kirschfeld K, Hardie R, Lenz G und Vogt K (Juli-1988) The pigment system of the photoreceptor 7 yellow in the fly, a complex photoreceptor Journal of Comparative Physiology A 162(4) 421–433.
CiteID: KirschfeldHLV1988
Kirschfeld K (Juni-1988) Navigation and compass orientation by insects according to the polarization pattern of the sky Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C 43(5-6) 467-469.
CiteID: Kirschfeld1988_3
Feiler R, Harris WA, Kirschfeld K, Wehrhahn C und Zuker CS (Juni-1988) Targeted misexpression of a Drosophila opsin gene leads to altered visual function Nature 333(6175) 737-741.
CiteID: 1307
Sandler C und Kirschfeld K (Mai-1988) Light intensity controls extracellular Ca2+ concentration in the blowfly retina The Science of Nature 75(5) 256–258.
CiteID: SandlerK1988
Kirschfeld K und Baier-Rogowski V (Januar-1988) The neuronal basis of the anesthetic state: A comparative physiological approach: II. The influence of anesthetics on various reactions in flies Biological Cybernetics 58(1) 1–11.
CiteID: KirschfeldB1988


Artikel (5):

Kirschfeld K (Juni-1987) The action of volatile anesthetics on the resting and receptor potential in insect photoreceptors Naturwissenschaften 74(6) 290–292.
CiteID: Kirschfeld1987
Hardie RC (März-1987) Is histamine a neurotransmitter in insect photoreceptors? Journal of Comparative Physiology A 161(2) 201–213.
CiteID: Hardie1987
Kirschfeld K und Baier-Rogowski V (Februar-1987) Die neuronale Grundlage des Zustandes der Narkose: ein vergleichend-physiologischer Ansatz Biological Cybernetics 55(5) 345-354.
CiteID: 3763
Wolf-Oberhollenzer F (Januar-1987) A study of the centrifugal projections to the pigeon retina using two fluorescent markers Neuroscience Letters 73(1) 16–20.
CiteID: WolfOberhollenzer1987
Ribi WA (Januar-1987) Anatomical identification of spectral receptor types in the retina and lamina of the Australian orchard butterfly, Papilio aegeus aegeus D. Cell and Tissue Research 247(2) 393–407.
CiteID: Ribi1987


Artikel (3):

Kirschfeld K (Dezember-1986) The Effect of Volatile Anesthetics on Giant Neurons in the Lobula Plate in the Fly Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C 41(11-12) 1137–1138.
CiteID: Kirschfeld1986
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