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Zhao M, Hayward WG und Bülthoff I (Dezember-2014) Holistic processing, contact, and the other-race effect in face recognition Vision Research 105 61–69.
Lee I-S, Lee A-R, Lee H, Park H-J, Chung S-Y, Wallraven C, Bülthoff I und Chae Y (Dezember-2014) Psychological distress and attentional bias toward acne lesions in patients with acne Psychology, Health & Medicine 19(6) 680-686.
Volkova E, de la Rosa S, Bülthoff HH und Mohler B (Dezember-2014) The MPI Emotional Body Expressions Database for Narrative Scenarios PLoS ONE 9(12) 1-28.
Linkenauger SA, Geuss MN, Stefanucci JK, Leyrer M, Richardson BH, Proffitt DR, Bülthoff HH und Mohler BJ (November-2014) Evidence for Hand-Size Constancy: The Dominant Hand as a Natural Perceptual Metric Psychological Science 25(11) 2086-2094.
Schecklmann M, Giani A, Tupak S, Langguth B, Raab V, Polak T, Várallyay C, Harnisch W, Herrmann MJ und Fallgatter AJ (November-2014) Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Probe State- and Trait-Like Conditions in Chronic Tinnitus: A Proof-of-Principle Study Neural Plasticity 2014(894203) 1-8.
Olivari M, Nieuwenhuizen F, Bülthoff HH und Pollini L (November-2014) Pilot Adaptation to Different Classes of Haptic Aids in Tracking Tasks Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics 37(6) 1741-1753.
Zhao M, Cheung S-H, Wong AC-N, Rhodes G, Chan EKS, Chan WWL und Hayward WG (November-2014) Processing of configural and componential information in face-selective cortical areas Cognitive Neuroscience 5(3-4) 160-167.
Meilinger T, Frankenstein J und Bülthoff HH (November-2014) When in doubt follow your nose: a wayfinding strategy Frontiers in Psychology 5(1363) 1-7.
Browatzki B, Tikhanoff V, Metta G, Bülthoff HH und Wallraven C (Oktober-2014) Active In-Hand Object Recognition on a Humanoid Robot IEEE Transactions on Robotics 30(5) 1260-1269.
Campos JL, Butler JS und Bülthoff HH (Oktober-2014) Contributions of visual and proprioceptive information to travelled distance estimation during changing sensory congruencies Experimental Brain Research 232(10) 3277-3289.
Chae Y, Lee I-S, Jung W-M, Chang D-S, Napadow V, Lee H, Park H-J und Wallraven C (Oktober-2014) Decreased Peripheral and Central Responses to Acupuncture Stimulation following Modification of Body Ownership PLoS ONE 9(10) 1-10.
Heinrich A, de la Rosa S und Schneider BA (Oktober-2014) The role of stimulus complexity, spectral overlap, and pitch for gap-detection thresholds in young and old listeners Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 136(4:1797) 1-11.
Venrooij J, van Paassen MM, Mulder M, Abbink DA, van der Helm FCT und Bülthoff HH (September-2014) A Framework for Biodynamic Feedthrough Analysis Part I: Theoretical Foundations IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 44(9) 1686-1698.
Venrooij J, van Paassen MM, Mulder M, Abbink DA, Mulder M, van der Helm FCT und Bülthoff HH (September-2014) A Framework for Biodynamic Feedthrough Analysis Part II: Validation and Application IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 44(9) 1699-1710.
Esins J, Schultz J, Wallraven C und Bülthoff I (September-2014) Do congenital prosopagnosia and the other-race effect affect the same face recognition mechanisms? Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8(759) 1-14.
Esins J, Schultz J, Bülthoff I und Kennerknecht I (September-2014) Galactose uncovers face recognition and mental images in congenital prosopagnosia: The first case report Nutritional Neuroscience 17(5) 239-240.
Piryankova IV, Stefanucci JK, Romero J, de la Rosa S, Black MJ und Mohler BJ (August-9-2014) Can I recognize my body's weight? The influence of shape and texture on the perception of self ACM Transactions on Applied Perception 11(3: Special Issue SAP 2014) 1-18.
Zhao M, Hayward WG und Bülthoff I (August-2014) Face format at encoding affects the other-race effect in face memory Journal of Vision 14(9:6) 1-13.
Lee H und Noppeney U (August-2014) Music expertise shapes audiovisual temporal integration windows for speech, sinewave speech, and music Frontiers in Psychology 5(868) 1-9.
Piryankova IV, Wong HY, Linkenauger SA, Stinson C, Longo MR, Bülthoff HH und Mohler BJ (August-2014) Owning an Overweight or Underweight Body: Distinguishing the Physical, Experienced and Virtual Body PLoS ONE 9(8) 1-13.
Wallraven C, Bülthoff HH, Waterkamp S, van Dam L und Gaissert N (August-2014) The eyes grasp, the hands see: Metric category knowledge transfers between vision and touch Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 21(4) 976-985.
Venrooij J, Abbink DA, Mulder M, van Paassen MM, van der Helm FCT und Bülthoff HH (Juli-2014) A Biodynamic Feedthrough Model Based on Neuromuscular Principles IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 44(7) 1141-1154.
Brielmann AA, Bülthoff I und Armann R (Juli-2014) Looking at faces from different angles: Europeans fixate different features in Asian and Caucasian faces Vision Research 100 105–112.
Venrooij J, Mulder M, Abbink DA, van Paassen MM, Mulder M, van der Helm FCT und Bülthoff HH (Juli-2014) Mathematical Biodynamic Feedthrough Model Applied to Rotorcraft IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 44(7) 1025-1038.
Dobs K, Bülthoff I, Breidt M, Vuong QC, Curio C und Schultz J (Juli-2014) Quantifying human sensitivity to spatio-temporal information in dynamic faces Vision Research 100 78–87.
Volkova EP, Mohler BJ, Dodds TJ, Tesch J und Bülthoff HH (Juni-2014) Emotion categorization of body expressions in narrative scenarios Frontiers in Psychology 5(623) 1-11.
David N, Schultz J, Milne E, Schunke O, Schöttle D, Münchau A, Siegel M, Vogeley K und Engel AK (Juni-2014) Right Temporoparietal Gray Matter Predicts Accuracy of Social Perception in the Autism Spectrum Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 44(6) 1433-1446.
Caiti A, Calabrò V, Geluardi S, Grammatico S und Munafò C (Mai-2014) Switching control of an underwater glider with independently controllable wings Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part M: Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment 228(2) 136-145.
Browatzki B, Bülthoff HH und Chuang LL (April-2014) A comparison of geometric- and regression-based mobile gaze-tracking Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8(200) 1-12.
von Lassberg C, Beykirch KA, Mohler BJ und Bülthoff HH (April-2014) Intersegmental Eye-Head-Body Interactions during Complex Whole Body Movements PLoS ONE 9(4) 1-15.
de la Rosa S und Bülthoff HH (April-2014) Motor-visual neurons and action recognition in social interactions Behavioral and Brain Sciences 37(2) 197-198.
Parise CV, Knorre K und Ernst MO (April-2014) Natural auditory scene statistics shapes human spatial hearing Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111(16) 6104–6108.
Nesti A, Beykirch KA, MacNeilage PR, Barnett-Cowan M und Bülthoff HH (April-2014) The importance of stimulus noise analysis for self-motion studies PLoS ONE 9(4) 1-8.
Mayer KM, Di Luca M und Ernst MO (März-2014) Duration perception in crossmodally-defined intervals Acta Psychologica 147 2-9.
Meilinger T, Riecke BE und Bülthoff HH (März-2014) Local and global reference frames for environmental spaces Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 67(3) 542-569.
Senna I, Maravita A, Bolognini N und Parise CV (März-2014) The Marble-Hand Illusion PLoS ONE 9(3) 1-6.
Thornton IM, Bülthoff HH, Horowitz TS, Rynning A und Lee S-W (Februar-2014) Interactive Multiple Object Tracking (iMOT) PLoS ONE 9(2) 1-19.
Reichenbach A, Thielscher A, Peer A, Bülthoff HH und Bresciani JP (Januar-2014) A key region in the human parietal cortex for processing proprioceptive hand feedback during reaching movements NeuroImage 84 615–625.
Son HI, Jung H, Lee DY, Cho JH und Bülthoff HH (Januar-2014) A psychophysical evaluation of haptic controllers: viscosity perception of soft environments Robotica 32(1) 1-17.
Nesti A, Barnett-Cowan M, MacNeilage PR und Bülthoff HH (Januar-2014) Human sensitivity to vertical self-motion Experimental Brain Research 232(1) 303-314.
de la Rosa S, Streuber S, Giese M, Bülthoff HH und Curio C (Januar-2014) Putting Actions in Context: Visual Action Adaptation Aftereffects Are Modulated by Social Contexts PLoS ONE 9(1) 1-10.

Beiträge zu Tagungsbänden (23):

Gutekunst M, Geuss M, Rauhoeft G, Stefanucci JK, Kloos U und Mohler B (Dezember-9-2014) A Video Self-avatar Influences the Perception of Heights in an Augmented Reality Oculus Rift, International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence, 19th Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments (ICAT-EGVE 2014), Eurographics Association, Aire-la-Ville, Switzerland, 9-12.
Venrooij J, Mulder M, Abbink DA, van Paassen MM, Mulder M, van der Helm FCT und Bülthoff HH (Oktober-2014) Admittance-adaptive model-based cancellation of biodynamic feedthrough, IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC 2014), IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 1946-1951.
Olivari M, Nieuwenhuizen FM, Bülthoff HH und Pollini L (Oktober-2014) Identifying Time-Varying Neuromuscular System with a Recursive Least-Squares Algorithm: a Monte-Carlo Simulation Study, IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC 2014), IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 3573-3578.
Cognetti M, Oriolo G, Peliti P, Rosa L und Stegagno P (September-2014) Cooperative Control of a Heterogeneous Multi-Robot System based on Relative Localization, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2014), IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 350-356.
Scheer M, Bülthoff HH und Chuang LL (September-2014) Is the novelty-P3 suitable for indexing mental workload in steering tasks?, 12th Biannual Conference of the German Cognitive Science Society (KogWis 2014), Springer, Berlin, Germany, Cognitive Processing, 15(Supplement 1), S135-S137.
Pretto P, Nesti A, Nooij S, Losert M und Bülthoff HH (September-2014) Variable Roll-rate Perception in Driving Simulation In: New Developments in Driving Simulation Design and Experiments, , Driving Simulation Conference Europe (DSC 2014), INRETS, Bron, France, 40.1-40.7.
Yüksel B, Secchi C, Bülthoff HH und Franchi A (Juli-2014) A nonlinear force observer for quadrotors and application to physical interactive tasks, IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM 2014), IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 433-440.
Stegagno P, Massidda C und Bülthoff HH (Juni-1-2014) Object Recognition in Swarm Systems: Preliminary Results, Workshop on the Centrality of Decentralization in Multi-Robot Systems: Holy Grail or False Idol? (IEEE ICRA 2014), 1-3.
Stegagno P, Basile M, Bülthoff HH und Franchi A (Juni-2014) A Semi-autonomous UAV Platform for Indoor Remote Operation with Visual and Haptic Feedback, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2014), IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 3862-3869.
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