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Heydrich L , Dodds TJ Person, Aspell JE , Herbelin B , Bülthoff HH Person, Mohler BJ Person und Blanke O (Dezember-2013) Visual capture and the experience of having two bodies: evidence from two different virtual reality techniques Frontiers in Psychology 4(946) 1-15.
Soyka F Person, de Winkel KN Person, Barnett-Cowan M Person, Bülthoff HH Person, Groen EL und Werkhoven PJ (November-2013) Integration of visual and inertial cues in the perception of angular self-motion Experimental Brain Research 231(2) 209-218.
Redcay E , Dodell-Feder D , Mavros PL , Kleiner M Person, Pearrow MJ , Triantafyllou C , Gabrieli JD und Saxe R (Oktober-2013) Atypical brain activation patterns during a face-to-face joint attention game in adults with autism spectrum disorder Human Brain Mapping 34(10) 2511–2523.
Engel D Person und Curio C Person (Oktober-2013) Detectability Prediction for Increased Scene Awareness IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine 5(4) 146-157.
Barnett-Cowan M Person und Bülthoff HH Person (Oktober-2013) Human path navigation in a three-dimensional world Behavioral and Brain Sciences 36(5) 544-545.
Meilinger T Person, Frankenstein J Person und Bülthoff HH Person (Oktober-2013) Learning to navigate: Experience versus maps Cognition 129(1) 24–30.
von Lassberg C , Rapp W , Mohler B Person und Krug J (Oktober-2013) Neuromuscular onset succession of high level gymnasts during dynamic leg acceleration phases on high bar Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 23(5) 1124–1130.
Bieg H-J Person, Bresciani J-P Person, Bülthoff HH Person und Chuang LL Person (Oktober-2013) Saccade reaction time asymmetries during task-switching in pursuit tracking Experimental Brain Research 230(3) 271-281.
Zhao M Person und Bülthoff I Person (Oktober-2013) The other-race effect in face recognition is sensitive to face format at encoding Visual Cognition 21(6) 722-725.
de la Rosa S Person, Mieskes S Person, Bülthoff HH Person und Curio C Person (Oktober-2013) View dependencies in the visual recognition of social interactions Frontiers in Psychology 4(752) 1-10.
Quaranta G , Masarati P und Venrooij J Person (September-2013) Impact of pilots’ biodynamic feedthrough on rotorcraft by robust stability Journal of Sound and Vibration 332(20) 4948–4962.
Franchi A Person, Oriolo G und Stegagno P Person (September-2013) Mutual Localization in Multi-Robot Systems using Anonymous Relative Measurements International Journal of Robotics Research 32(11) 1302-1322.
Meilinger T Person und Bülthoff HH Person (September-2013) Verbal Shadowing and Visual Interference in Spatial Memory PLoS ONE 8(9) 1-9.
Conrad V Person, Kleiner M Person, Bartels A Person, Hartcher O'Brien J Person, Bülthoff HH Person und Noppeney U Person (August-2013) Naturalistic Stimulus Structure Determines the Integration of Audiovisual Looming Signals in Binocular Rivalry PLoS ONE 8(8) 1-8.
Takahashi K , Meilinger T Person, Watanabe K und Bülthoff HH Person (August-2013) Psychological influences on distance estimation in a virtual reality environment Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7(580) 1-7.
Lee D , Franchi A Person, Son HI Person, Ha CS , Bülthoff HH Person und Robuffo Giordano P Person (August-2013) Semiautonomous Haptic Teleoperation Control Architecture of Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics 18(4) 1334-1345.
Erdeniz B , Rohe T Person, Done J und Seidler RD (Juli-2013) A simple solution for model comparison in bold imaging: the special case of reward prediction error and reward outcomes Frontiers in Neuroscience 7(116) 1-6.
Soyka F Person, Bülthoff HH Person und Barnett-Cowan M Person (Juli-2013) Temporal processing of self-motion: modeling reaction times for rotations and translations Experimental Brain Research 228(1) 51-62.
Linkenauger SA Person, Leyrer M Person, Bülthoff HH Person und Mohler BJ Person (Juli-2013) Welcome to Wonderland: The Influence of the Size and Shape of a Virtual Hand On the Perceived Size and Shape of Virtual Objects PLoS ONE 8(7) 1-16.
Nieuwenhuizen FM Person und Bülthoff HH Person (Juni-2013) The MPI CyberMotion Simulator: A Novel Research Platform to Investigate Human Control Behavior Journal of Computing Science and Engineering 7(2) 122-131.
Bonev B , Chuang LL Person und Escolano F (Mai-2013) How do image complexity, task demands and looking biases influence human gaze behavior? Pattern Recognition Letters 34(7) 723–730.
Nieuwenhuizen FM Person, Mulder M , van Paassen MM und Bülthoff HH Person (Mai-2013) Influences of Simulator Motion System Characteristics on Pilot Control Behavior Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics 36(3) 667-676.
Wallraven C Person, Whittingstall L Person und Bülthoff HH Person (Mai-2013) Learning to recognize face shapes through serial exploration Experimental Brain Research 226(4) 513-523.
Ruddle RA Person, Volkova E Person und Bülthoff HH Person (Mai-2013) Learning to Walk in Virtual Reality ACM Transactions on Applied Perception 10(2:11) 1-11.
Berthoz A , Bles W , Bülthoff HH Person, Correia Gracio BJ , Feenstra P , Filliard N , Huhne R , Kemeny A , Mayrhofer M , Mulder M , Nusseck HG Person, Pretto P Person, Reymond G , Schlüsselberger R , Schwandtner J , Teufel H , Vailleau B , van Paassen MM , Vidal M Person und Wentink M (Mai-2013) Motion Scaling for High-Performance Driving Simulators IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems 43(3) 265-276.
Schultz J Person, Brockhaus M Person, Bülthoff HH Person und Pilz K Person (Mai-2013) What the Human Brain Likes About Facial Motion Cerebral Cortex 23(5) 1167-1178.
Piryankova IV Person, de la Rosa S Person, Kloos U , Bülthoff HH Person und Mohler BJ Person (April-2013) Egocentric distance perception in large screen immersive displays Displays 34(2) 153–164.
Son HI Person, Franchi A Person, Chuang LL Person, Kim J Person, Bülthoff HH Person und Robuffo Giordano P Person (April-2013) Human-Centered Design and Evaluation of Haptic Cueing for Teleoperation of Multiple Mobile Robots IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 43(2) 597-609.
Zaal PMT , Nieuwenhuizen FM Person, van Paassen MM und Mulder M (April-2013) Modeling Human Control of Self-Motion Direction With Optic Flow and Vestibular Motion IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 43(2) 544-556.
Censi A , Franchi A Person, Marchionni L und Oriolo G (April-2013) Simultaneous Calibration of Odometry and Sensor Parameters for Mobile Robots IEEE Transaction on Robotics 29(2) 475-492.
Robuffo Giordano P Person, Franchi A Person, Secchi C und Bülthoff HH Person (März-2013) A Passivity-Based Decentralized Strategy for Generalized Connectivity Maintenance International Journal of Robotics Research 32(3) 299-323.
Kim H-S , Kim Y-J , Lee H-J , Kim S-Y , Lee H , Chang D-S Person, Lee H , Park H-J und Chae Y (März-2013) Development and Validation of Acupuncture Fear Scale Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2013 1-8.
Cho JH , Son HI Person, Bhattacharjee T , Lee DG und Lee DY (März-2013) Gain-Scheduling Control of Teleoperation Systems Interacting With Soft Tissues IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 60(3) 946-957.
Chang D-S Person, Kim Y-J , Lee S-H , Lee H , Lee I-S , Park H-J , Wallraven C Person und Chae Y (März-2013) Modifying Bodily Self-Awareness during Acupuncture Needle Stimulation Using the Rubber Hand Illusion Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2013 1-7.
De Luca A , Mattone R , Robuffo Giordano P Person, Ulbrich H , Schwaiger M , van Bergh M , Koller-Meier E und van Gool L (März-2013) Motion Control of the CyberCarpet Platform IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 21(2) 410-427.
Schultz J Person und Bülthoff HH Person (März-2013) Parametric animacy percept evoked by a single moving dot mimicking natural stimuli Journal of Vision 13(4:15) 1-19.
Wallis G Person und Tichon J (März-2013) Predicting the Efficacy of Simulator-based Training Using a Perceptual Judgment Task Versus Questionnaire-based Measures of Presence Presence 22(1) 67-85.
Wallraven C Person und Dopjans L Person (März-2013) Visual experience is necessary for efficient haptic face recognition NeuroReport 24(5) 254–258.
Venrooij J Person, Mulder M , Abbink DA , van Paassen MM , van der Helm FCT und Bülthoff HH Person (Februar-2013) A New View on Biodynamic Feedthrough Analysis: Unifying the Effects on Forces and Positions IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics 43(1) 129-142.
Huberle E Person und Lutzenberger W (Februar-2013) Temporal properties of shape processing by event-related MEG adaptation NeuroImage 67 119–126.
Nieuwenhuizen FM Person, van Paassen MM , Stroosma O , Mulder M und Bülthoff HH Person (Januar-2013) Cross-platform Validation for a Model of a Low-cost Stewart Platform Journal of Modeling, Simulation, Identification, and Control 1(1) 1-23.
Zhao M Person und Hayward WG (Januar-2013) Integrative processing of invariant aspects of faces: Effect of gender and race processing on identity analysis Journal of Vision 13(1:15) 1-18.
de la Rosa S Person, Giese MA Person, Bülthoff HH Person und Curio C Person (Januar-2013) The contribution of different cues of facial movement to the emotional facial expression adaptation aftereffect Journal of Vision 13(1:23) 1-15.
Krimmel M , Kluba S , Breidt M Person, Bacher M , Müller-Hagedorn S , Dietz K , Bülthoff HH Person und Reinert s (Januar-2013) Three-Dimensional Assessment of Facial Development in Children With Unilateral Cleft Lip With and Without Alveolar Cleft Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 24(1) 313–316.

Beiträge zu Tagungsbänden (30):

Spedicato S Person, Notarstefano G , Bülthoff HH Person und Franchi A Person (Dezember-2013) Aggressive maneuver regulation of a quadrotor UAV 16th International Symposium on Robotics Research (ISRR 2013), 1-16.
Franchi A Person, Stegagno P Person, Basile M Person und Bülthoff HH Person (November-7-2013) RGB-D based Haptic Teleoperation of UAVs with Onboard Sensors: Development and Preliminary Results IEEE/RSJ IROS'13 International Workshop on Vision-based Closed-Loop Control and Navigation of Micro Helicopters in GPS-denied Environments, 1-4.
Franchi A Person (November-3-2013) Towards Autonomous-collaborative and Haptic-tele-operated UAVs with Fully-onboard State Estimation and Physical Interaction Capabilities IEEE/RSJ IROS'13 Workshop: From Remotely Controlled to Autonomous-Collaborative Robots, 1-4.
Grabe V Person, Bülthoff HH Person und Robuffo Giordano P Person (November-2013) A comparison of scale estimation schemes for a quadrotor UAV based on optical flow and IMU measurements IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2013), IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 5193-5200.
Spica R Person, Robuffo Giordano P Person, Ryll M Person, Bülthoff HH Person und Franchi A Person (November-2013) An Open-Source Hardware/Software Architecture for Quadrotor UAVs 2nd Workshop on Research, Education and Development of Unmanned Aerial Systems (RED-UAS 2013), International Federation of Automatic Control, New York, NY, USA, 198-205.
Antonelli G , Cataldi E Person, Robuffo Giordano P Person, Chiaverini S und Franchi A Person (November-2013) Experimental validation of a new adaptive control scheme for quadrotors MAVs IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2013), IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 2439-2444.
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