Dr. Axel Thielscher

Adresse: Max-Planck-Ring 11
72076 Tübingen
Tel.: 07071 601 907
Fax: 07071 601 702
E-Mail: Axel.Thielscher


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Axel Thielscher

Position: Wissenschaftler  Abteilung: Alumni Scheffler

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Eschelbach M, Loktyushin A, Chang P, Handwerker J, Anders J, Henning A, Thielscher A und Scheffler K (Mai-10-2016) Abstract Talk: A Comparison of 19F NMR Field Probes and an Optical Camera System for Motion Tracking, 24th Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2016), Singapore(0340).
Thielscher A (April-16-2016) Invited Lecture: To what extent can we invert source imaging methods to calculate electrode positions for tACS or tDCS?, 8th Workshop on Biomedical Engineering (WBME 2016), Lisboa, Portugal.
Kühne M, Ergin MA, Klare S, Eschelbach M, Aghaeifar A, Thielscher A und Peer A (Mai-2015) Abstract Talk: Towards an MR-compatible Haptic Interface with Seven Actuated Degrees of Freedom, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2015), Seattle, WA, USA.
Thielscher A (Oktober-2013) Invited Lecture: TMS field modelling-status and next steps, 5th International Conference on Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NBS 2013), Leipzig, Germany, Clinical Neurophysiology, 124(19) e40.
Thielscher A, Opitz A, Will S und Windhoff M (September-17-2012) Abstract Talk: Electric field calculations in brain stimulation: The importance of geometrically accurate head models, 46. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomedizinische Technik (BMT 2012), Jena, Germany, Biomedical Engineering / Biomedizinische Technik, 57(Supplement 1) 312.
Thielscher A (Juni-24-2011) Invited Lecture: What can be gained by combining TMS with (f)MRI?, Centre for Vision Research: York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Thielscher A (März-28-2011) Invited Lecture: What can be gained by combining TMS with (f)MRI?, Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance, Hvidovre, Denmark.
Thielscher A (September-3-2010) Invited Lecture: Assessing the effects of TMS on brain activity in a quantifiable fashion by interleaved TMS/CASL (continuous arterial spin-labeling): Comparison of different rTMS protocols, International Symposium Brain Stimulation and Brain Repair Mechanisms: Behavioural and Clinical Effects, Greifswald, Germany.
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