Prof. Dr. Klaus Scheffler

Adresse: Spemannstr.
72076 Tübingen
Raum Nummer: 4.B.01
Tel.: 07071 601-701
Fax: 07071 601-702
E-Mail: Klaus.Scheffler


Bild von Scheffler, Klaus, Prof. Dr.

Klaus Scheffler

Position: Max Planck Fellow  Abteilung: Scheffler





1)    DFG (German Federal Research Foundation)


2002    SCHE 658. K. Scheffler, J. Hennig. Development and test of contrast modified TrueFISP sequences.

            Support: 2 years BAT2a + 1 year BAT2a/2


2002    HE 1875/12-1. J. Hennig , K. Scheffler. Theorie des Kernresonanzsignals in lebendem Gewebe.

            Support: 2 years BAT2a


2011     DFG CIN Pool Project Application. Berg,  K. Scheffler. Magnetic resoncance spectroscopy imaging MRSI: substantianigra: Parkinson´s disease.

            Support Postdoc stipend for 12 month (about EUR 16.000)

2012     DFG SCHE 658/2-1  K. Scheffler. Advanced biochemical Magnetic Resonance Imaging on high and ultrahigh magnetic field strength (3 and 7 Tesla): Visualization of early degenerative cartilage disease in the knee joint by means of noncontrast glycosaminogylcan specific multi-parametric MR imaging.

            Support EUR 115.290)


2013    DFG SCHE 658/5-1  K. Scheffler. VR-System zur visuohaptischen Stimulation bei fMRT Untersuchungen

            Support EUR 187.866 for 3 years


2014     DFG SCHE 658/7-1  K. Scheffler. Messung neuronaler Aktivität mit kombinierten, multifunktionalen Mikro NMR Proben und Mikroelektroden.

           Support EUR 223.200 for 3 years


2014     INST 2388/53/1 FUGG, Forschungsgrossgerät nach Art. 91b GG K. Scheffler. 3T Siemens Prisma scanner.

              Support EUR 2.250.000 for 5 years (50% DFG, 50% State of Baden-Würtemberg)


2017     Reinhart Koselleck-Projekt DFG SCHE 658/12 K. Scheffler. TrueBOLD: Detection of brain activity with TrueFISP.

              Support EUR 1.220.000 for 5 years.


2017     DFG SCHE 658/13-1  K. Scheffler. Ein neuartiges Shimsystem optimiert für die Anatomie des menschlichen Kopfes.

              Support EUR 83.050 for 1 year.


2)    Helmholtz-BMBF

2012     ICEMED-HA314. K. Scheffler, J. Hennig. Imaging and Curing Environmental Metabolic Diseases

            Support: EUR 525.000 for 5 years


2017     MR-Implant. Förderantrag im Rahmen der Richtlinie: "Neue Elektroniksysteme für intelligente Medizintechnik (Smart Health)".

              M. Schüttler, M. Ortmans, K. Scheffler, F. Ohnhäuser.

              Support:  EUR 2.138.880 for 3 years.


2017     Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (CNRS). Deciphering the laminar-specific functional connectivity and its vascular and neural correlates. B. Biswal, X. Yu, K. Scheffler.

               Support: EUR 721.121.40 for 3 years


3)    SNSF (Swiss national science foundation)

2000     SNF 3100-056477.99/1. D. Bilecen, E.W. Radü, K. Scheffler, E. Seifritz, R. Probst. Functional MR imaging of the human auditory system.

            Support: CHF 140.000

2000     SNF 3200-059202.99/1. M. Rausch, E.W. Radü, M. Rudin, K. Scheffler. Delineation of infarct and penumbra after ischemic brain injuries by visualization of macrophage activity and perfusion with magnetic resonance imaging in human and rats.

            Support CHF 140.000

2002     SNF 3200-066634.01. S. Wetzel, K. Scheffler, E.W. Radü. Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion in carotid steno-occlusive disease: Assessment with MR imaging.

            Support CHF 133.400

2003     SNF PP0B-68783/1. K. Scheffler. Förderungsprofessur des Schweizerischer Nationalfonds SNF. Magnetic resonance imaging for non-invasive characterization of living tissue using parametric and steady-state free precession (SSFP) approaches.

            Support CHF 1.239.433/4 years


2003     SNF 3100A0-100633/1. D. Bilecen, E.W. Radü, K. Scheffler, E. Seifritz, R. Probst. BOLD-fMRI of the Human Auditory Cortex.

            Support CHF 127.000


2006     SNF 3200B0-113897. P. Weber, IK Penner, K. Scheffler, J. Lütschg. Functional networks of working memory in children with epilepsy in frontal or extra-frontal regions and combined attention deficit /hyperactivity disorder in comparison to children with developmental attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

            Support CHF 260.000


2006     SNF 320000-113492. S. Wetzel, P. Lyrer, K. Scheffler. Assessment of Intracranial Arterial Hemodynamics with Flow Sensitized 4D MRI.

            Support CHF 191.000


2007     SNF 32500-118377. K. Scheffler, O. Bieri. Development of new magneic resonance acquisition concepts for magnetization transfer and oscillating steady state imaging.

            Support CHF 283.300


2009     SNF CR23I2_125406. B. Müller, M. Müller-Gerbl,  K. Scheffler , Ph. Cattin Franz Pfeiffer. High-resolution 3D imaging of the human brain post mortem.

Support CHF 312'968


2009     SNF CR32I3_125499. Ch. Becker, K. Scheffler, S. Terraz, Ph. Cattin, R. Salomir.  Experimental and clinical validation of a fully integrated platform of MRI guided focused ultrasound thermotherapy in moving organs

Support CHF 500’000


2009     Sinergia . Cattin, R. Salomir, K. Scheffler, S. Terraz, Ph.  Evaluation and Validation of Ultrasound for the Management of Organ Motion in Tumour Therapy.

Support CHF 800’000


2009     SNF 320030_127079 . Haller S., K. Scheffler.  Clinical applications of real time functional magnetic resonance imaging (rtfMRI) biofeedback.

Support CHF 291’988


2009     R’EQUIP SNF 316030_128818 . K. Scheffler, C. Stippich, C. Beglingen, A. Gass.  Multi Nucleus Support and RF Coils for 3T Magnetic Resonance Scanner.

Support CHF 150’000


2009     NCCR CO-ME . Zeilhofer, Vetter, Cattin, Scheffler, Mazza, Gross, Reyes, Baur.  Computer aided and image guided medical interventions.

Support CHF 1'550'720 (own (CHF 190'000)


2010     SNF 310030_130689. Ch. Cajochen, K. Scheffler. Cerebral mechanisms underlying the influence of age-related changes in circadian and homeostatic processes on cognition: a functional neuroimaging approach.

Support CHF 528'954


2010     SNF CR31I3_130672. Jhooti P, Torpuls J, Tuch A,  K. Scheffler. The use of biofeedback for user-centeredapproaches in MRI

Support CHF 167'005


2010     SNF 325230_132906. Bieri O,  K. Scheffler Development of fast quantitative diffusion and transverse relaxation time magnetic resonance steady state imaging concepts for living tissues

Support CHF 294'604


2011     SNF 320030E-134474 DACH. S. Trattnig,  K. Scheffler Advanced biochemical Magnetic Resonance Imaging on high and ultrahigh magnetic field strength (3 and 7 Tesla): Visualization of early degenerative cartilage disease in the knee joint by means of noncontrast glycosaminogylcan specific multi-parametric MR imaging.

Support CHF 60'000


 4)    EU

2006     EU FP6-2004-NEST-C-1 Grant 028433. , J. Hennig, K. Scheffler, J. Korvink, S. Popovic, A. Jasinski, H. Post. MICRO-MR: Development of Magnetic Resonance Measurement System for the Examination, Characterisation and in vitro- and in vivo Observation of Probes on a Micrometer Scale

Support total EUR 1.799.000


2009     EU-Bildungsprogrammes "Leonardo da Vinci” StudEx den Stipendium

Support CHF 4.500


2009     EU-Bildungsprogrammes "Leonardo da Vinci” StudEx den Stipendium

Support CHF 4.500


2009     EU FP7 Cooperation Health, ENCITE, European Network for Cell Imaging and Tracking Expertise, Grant 201842.

Support total EUR 11.997.000


2015     H2020-PHC-2014,  Advancing bioinformatics to meet biomedical and clinical needs CDS-QUAMRI, A. Henning, G. Lohmann, K. Borgwardt, MJ van Osch, C WheelerlKingshott, S Grimm, G CrelierEuropean Network for Cell Imaging and Tracking Expertise, Grant 634541.

Support total EUR 2.168.125


2015         H2020-PHC-11-2015, GLINT: GlucoCEST Imaging of Neoplastic Tumours. X. Golay, G. Navon, S. Aime, K. Scheffler, O. Axesson, A. Mitulescu, S Grimm, G Crelier. Grant 667510-2.

                 Support total: EUR 6.454.612, (own support EUR 637.537)


5)    Trinational grant

2003     NEUREX/Eltem Exchange PhD grant. K. Scheffler, J. Hennig. Mapping of (neuronal) currents be means of T1r-sensitive magnetic resonance imaging.

            Support CHF 84.000


6)    Internal University of Tübingen Grants

2010     CIN1 Intramural Research Grant: Investigations of biomolecular changes within the substantia nigra in patients with Parkinson's diseases using 3D MRSI Gröger, Berg, Scheffler.

            Support EUR 32.760


2011     CIN1 Intramural Research Grant: Multimodal spike localization in non-lesional focal epilepsies and correlation to cognitive deficits. Lerche, Preissl, Scheffler.

            Support EUR 40.810


2012     CIN2 Intramural Research Grant: Functional neuroimaging of the human tectum at 9,4 T. Himmelbach, Ethofer, Hagberg.

            Support 1 PhD stipend for 2 years plus EUR 7100


2012     CIN2 Intramural Research Grant: Functional imaging laminar and columnar functional organization of higj-level visual motion processing areas in humans. Bartels, Scheffler

            Support PhD stipend for 2 years plus EUR 16460


2012     CIN2 Intramural Research Grant: Evalating voxel.based functional connectivity measures in epilepsy Focke, Scheffler

            Support PhD stipend for 2 years plus EUR 5500


2013    Fortüne-Antrag Nr. 2197-0-0 A novel approach to assess an extended biochemical profile of the human brain by the means of fast and efficient in-vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging at 9.4T

            Support 2 Jahre E13


7)    Nachwuchsförderungsprogramm des Bundes, Bern

2002     Assistant Professor ship in Medical Physics. Position No 1305. K. Scheffler

            Support 2 years

8)    Foundation

2004    Schweizerische Stiftung für Neuropsychiatrische Forschung. K Cattapan-Ludewig, E. Seifritz Scheffler K. Scheffler. Music in the brain: Neuronal plasticity and intersubject synchronization - A
functional and structural MRI study with musicians and non-musicians

            Support CHF 180.000


2005    Fonds zur Förderung von Lehre und Forschung. K. Scheffler.

            Support CHF 52.900


2008    Fonds zur Förderung von Lehre und Forschung. K. Scheffler.

            Support CHF 50.000


2010    Gottfried und Julia Bangerter-Rhyner-Stiftung. K. Scheffler.

            Support CHF 27.500


9)         SOCIETIES

2009     Swiss MS Society. Entwicklung eines standardisierten Verfahrens für die Vergleichbarkeit von MR Magnetisierungstransfer Aufnahmen verschiedener Gerätetypen. O. Bieri, S. Wetzel, K. Scheffler.

            Support CHF 55.000


2011     Swiss MS Society. Advanced MR techniques (Quantitative Magnetization Transfer and Diffusion Tensor Imaging) for increased image sensitivity in Multiple Sclerosis. Garcia M, Lenz C, Gloor M, Bieri O, Scheffler K, Stippich Ch, Kappos L, Radü EW.

            Support CHF 50.000 for 2 years


10)       KTI/CTI

2005     MR-compatible, synthetic guide wire in cooperation with Siemens Medical Solution and Biotronik AG. D. Bilecen, E. Hofmann, H. Schmid, K. Scheffler.

            Support: CHF 210.000


11)   Industry

2003     Cooperation Siemens Medical Solution. K. Scheffler. Installation of a 1.5 T MR scanner for research.

            MR scan time: 4 days/week for MR-Physik


2003     Cooperation Siemens Medical Solution. K. Scheffler. Development if interventional MR techniques.

            Support EUR 90.000


2004     Cooperation Novartis. K. Scheffler.

            Support EUR 6.000


2005     Cooperation Siemens Medical Solution. K. Scheffler. Installation of a 3T research MR scanner.

            MR scan time: 2 days/week for MR-Physik


2004     Cooperation Novartis. K. Scheffler. Financial support for 3T MR scanner.

            Pro rata support EUR 133.000


2005     Cooperation Siemens Medical Solution. K. Scheffler. Development if interventional MR and move during scan techniques.

            Support EUR 95.000


2005     Cooperation GE-Amersham. K. Scheffler.

            Support EUR 22.000


2007     Cooperation Novartis. K. Scheffler. Magnetization Transfer Imaging.

            Support CHF 275.000


2007     Cooperation Siemens Medical Solution. K. Scheffler.

            Support CHF 810.000


2009     Cooperation Novartis. K. Scheffler. CSF flow imaging.

            Support CHF 55.000


2009     Cooperation Novartis. K. Scheffler. CBAF312A2201.

            Support CHF 41.159


2009     Cooperation Siemens. K. Scheffler. CSF flow imaging.

            Support CHF 124.000


2010     Cooperation Novartis. K. Scheffler, P. Buser Non-invasive Measurement of Pulmonary Artery Pressure with Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Method Evaluation Study.

            Support CHF 198.000


2010     Cooperation Siemens. K. Scheffler. Projektvertrag 5

            Support CHF 64.000


2010     Cooperation Roche Diabetes. K. Scheffler Machbarkeitsstudie um die Verteilung von subkutan injizierten Flüssigkeiten über die Magnetresonanztomographie festzuhalten.

            Support CHF 13.665







Klaus Scheffler, PhD

Present position


Department of Biomedical Magnetic Resonance,

Medical Faculty,

University of Tübingen

Max Planck Fellow

Head of MRC Department

Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

Academic Degree

Prof. Dr. phil.

Professor (W3 chair) of Neuroimaging and

MR Physics at the Medical Faculty

of the University of Tübingen

Laboratory address

MRC Department

Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

Spemannstrasse 41

72076 Tübingen, Germany




+49 7071 601 701 / 702




Kepler-Gymnasium, Tübingen, Germany


Emergency Medical Technician

20 month obligatory Federal Civilian Service, Tübingen, Germany


Dipl. Phys.

(Master in Physics)

Physics Department of the University of Freiburg, Germany.

Diploma-Thesis in Theoretical Physics: “Inverse Probleme in der Bildverarbeitung”. Supervisor: Prof. J. Honerkamp


Dr. phil. II

(PhD in Biophysical Chemistry)

Department of Biochphysical Chemsitry, Biozentrum, University of Basel.

PhD-Thesis in Biophysical Chemistry: “Optimierung modulierter Hochfrequenzpulse und Reguläre und stochastische k-Raum Trajektorien in der Kernresonanz-Bildgebung“. Summa Cum Laude.

Supervisor: Prof. J. Seelig, Basel and Prof. J. Hennig, Freiburg,Germany


Habil. Med. Phys.

Habilitation in Medical Physics at the Medical Faculty of the University of Freiburg, Germany


Habil. Med. Phys.

Habilitation in Medical Physics at the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel

Postdoctoral training


Department of Biochphysical Chemsitry, Biozentrum and MR-Zentrum, University of Basel


Section of Medical Physics, Department of Radiology, University of Freiburg, Germany

Academic appointments


Assistant Professor in Medical Physics at the University of Basel. (Nachwuchsförderungsprogramm des Bundes)


Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Award Professor, Department of Medical Radiology, University of Basel, University Hospital.


Visiting Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MA


Visiting Professor, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN


Appointment to Full Professor of Radiological Physics at the University of Basel


Max Planck Fellow, MPI for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen


Full Professor (W3 Chair) of Neuroimaging, University of Tübingen

Institutional appointments


Senior Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant, MR-Zentrum (Prof. J. Seelig), Biozentrum at the University of Basel


Senior Research Associate, Section of Medical Physics (Prof. J. Hennig), University of Freiburg, Germany


Head MR-Physics Reseaqrch Group, Department of Medical Radiology, University Hospital and University of Basel


Director of Division of Radiological Physics, University Hospital Basel


Head of MRZ Department at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen


Director of the Department of Neuroimaging, Werner Reichardt Center for Integrative Neurosciences, University of Tübingen.

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