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Jeremy Hill

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Hill NJ (März-30-2010) Invited Lecture: Machine-Learning Methods for Decoding Intentional Brain States, 17th International Conference on Biomagnetism (Biomag 2010), Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Hill NJ (Dezember-10-2009) Invited Lecture: Machine Learning for Brain-Computer Interfaces, Mini-Symposia on Assistive Machine Learning for People with Disabilities at NIPS 2009 (AMD 2009), Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Hill NJ (Oktober-15-2009) Invited Lecture: Event-Related Potentials in Brain-Computer Interfacing, Bachelor & Masters Course: Introduction to Brain-Computer Interfacing, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Hill NJ (Oktober-1-2009) Invited Lecture: BCI2000 and Python, 5th International BCI2000 Workshop, Bolton Landing, NY, USA.
Hill NJ und Mellinger J (Oktober-1-2009) Invited Lecture: Implementing a Signal Processing Filter in BCI2000 Using C++, 5th International BCI2000 Workshop, Bolton Landing, NY, USA.
Hill NJ, Schreiner T, Puzicha C und Farquhar J (Dezember-12-2008) Abstract Talk: BCPy2000, NIPS 2008 Workshop: Machine Learning Open-Source Software, Whistler, BC, Canada.
Hill NJ (November-30-2007) Keynote Lecture: Challenges in Brain-Computer Interface Development: Induction, Measurement, Decoding, Integration, Launch of BrainGain, the Dutch BCI Research Consortium, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Hill NJ (Juli-27-2007) Keynote Lecture: Thinking Out Loud: Research and Development of Brain Computer Interfaces, Max Planck Society PhD-Net Workshop 2007, Frankfurt, Germany.
Hill NJ und Raths C (Juni-2007) Invited Lecture: New BCI approaches: Selective Attention to Auditory and Tactile Stimulus Streams, PASCAL Workshop on Methods of Data Analysis in Computational Neuroscience and Brain Computer Interfaces, Berlin, Germany.
Martens SMM, Hill J, Farquhar J und Schölkopf B (Mai-2007) Invited Lecture: Impact of target-to-target interval on classification performance in the P300 speller, Scientific Meeting 2007 "Applied Neuroscience for Healthy Brain Function", Nijmegen, Netherlands.
Hill NJ und Farquhar J (Februar-2007) Invited Lecture: New Margin- and Evidence-Based Approaches for EEG Signal Classification, FaSor Jahressymposium 2007, Berlin, Germany.
Farquhar J, Hill J und Schölkopf B (Dezember-2006): Learning Optimal EEG Features Across Time, Frequency and Space, NIPS 2006 Workshop on Current Trends in Brain-Computer Interfacing, Whistler, BC, Canada.
Hill NJ, Bensch M, Bogdan M, Lal TN, Rosenstiel W, Schölkopf B und Schröder M (Juni-16-2005) Abstract Talk: Machine-Learning Approaches to BCI in Tübingen, Third International Meeting on Brain–Computer Interface Technology (BCI 2005): Making a Difference, Rensselaerville, NY, USA.
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