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Jason Farquhar

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Artikel (3):

Martens SMM, Mooij JM, Hill NJ, Farquhar J und Schölkopf B (Januar-2011) A graphical model framework for decoding in the visual ERP-based BCI speller Neural Computation 23(1) 160-182.
Martens SMM, Hill NJ, Farquhar J und Schölkopf B (April-2009) Overlap and refractory effects in a Brain-Computer Interface speller based on the visual P300 Event-Related Potential Journal of Neural Engineering 6(2) 1-9.
Hofmann M, Steinke F, Scheel V, Charpiat G, Farquhar J, Aschoff P, Brady M, Schölkopf B und Pichler BJ (Oktober-2008) MRI-Based Attenuation Correction for PET/MRI: A Novel Approach Combining Pattern Recognition and Atlas Registration Journal of Nuclear Medicine 49(11) 1875-1883.

Beiträge zu Tagungsbänden (4):

Hill J, Farquhar J, Martens SMM, Biessmann F und Schölkopf B (Juni-2009) Effects of Stimulus Type and of Error-Correcting Code Design on BCI Speller Performance In: Advances in neural information processing systems 21, , Twenty-Second Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2008), Curran, Red Hook, NY, USA, 665-672.
Wu M und Farquhar J (Januar-2007) A Subspace Kernel for Nonlinear Feature Extraction, International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-07), AAAI Press, Menlo Park, CA, USA, 1125-1130.
Farquhar J, Hill NJ, Lal TN und Schölkopf B (September-2006) Regularised CSP for Sensor Selection in BCI, 3rd International Brain-Computer Interface Workshop and Training Course 2006, Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz, Graz, Austria, 14-15.
Hill NJ, Farquhar J, Lal TN und Schölkopf B (September-2006) Time-Dependent Demixing of Task-Relevant EEG Signals, 3rd International Brain-Computer Interface Workshop and Training Course 2006, Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz, Graz, Austria, 20-21.

Poster (1):

Farquhar J, Hill NJ und Schölkopf B (November-2006): Optimizing Spatial Filters for BCI: Margin- and Evidence-Maximization Approaches, MAIA Workshop 2006: Challenging Brain-Computer Interfaces: Neural Engineering Meets Clinical Needs in Neurorehabilitation, Roma, Italy.

Vorträge (4):

Hill NJ, Schreiner T, Puzicha C und Farquhar J (Dezember-12-2008) Abstract Talk: BCPy2000, NIPS 2008 Workshop: Machine Learning Open-Source Software, Whistler, BC, Canada.
Martens SMM, Hill J, Farquhar J und Schölkopf B (Mai-2007) Invited Lecture: Impact of target-to-target interval on classification performance in the P300 speller, Scientific Meeting 2007 "Applied Neuroscience for Healthy Brain Function", Nijmegen, Netherlands.
Hill NJ und Farquhar J (Februar-2007) Invited Lecture: New Margin- and Evidence-Based Approaches for EEG Signal Classification, FaSor Jahressymposium 2007, Berlin, Germany.
Farquhar J, Hill J und Schölkopf B (Dezember-2006): Learning Optimal EEG Features Across Time, Frequency and Space, NIPS 2006 Workshop on Current Trends in Brain-Computer Interfacing, Whistler, BC, Canada.

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