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Devika Narain

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Humans can generalize successfully and rapidly after observing just a few training examples. Recent work has attributed this kind of inductive learning to the inference of structure among variable relationships in the world. This means that humans can isolate low dimensional maps that guide and constrain their search in higher-dimensional spaces. This framework is referred to as structure learning. We study how humans abstract information about the structure of variables in the world and how they infer underlying models. We develop generative algorithms for how model hypothesis are extracted by humans from noisy observations and what computational mechanism underlie their inference behavior

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Narain D, Smeets JB, Mamassian P, Brenner E und van Beers RJ (September-2014) Structure learning and the Occam's razor principle: A new view of human function acquisition Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 8(121) 1-13.
Narain D, Mamassian P, van Beers RJ, Smeets JBJ und Brenner E (April-2013) How the Statistics of Sequential Presentation Influence the Learning of Structure PLoS ONE 8(4) 1-7.
Narain D, van Beers RJ, Smeets JBJ und Brenner E (März-2013) Sensorimotor priors in nonstationary environments Journal of Neurophysiology 109(5) 1259-1267.

Poster (3):

Narain D, van Dam L und Ernst MO (August-2009): Learning times do not alter adaptation rates in rapid reaching tasks, 9th Annual Meeting of the Vision Sciences Society (VSS 2009), Naples, FL, USA, Journal of Vision, 9(8) 1154.
Narain D, Müller H und Shi Z (Juli-2008): What happens when you unexpectedly collide with a moving wall?, Second International Symposium on Visual Search and Selective Attention (VSSA 2008), Fribourg, Switzerland.
Narain D und Hegenloh M (März-12-2008): Natural movements for chess-playing robots, 3rd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2008), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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